Sue Johnson of St. Louis, MO shares part of her Cumberland County, NC research with us. Hope you find this helpful. Thanks, Sue.   Posted by Myrtle Bridges  January 29th, 2000


Page 180:
Will of Robert HOWARD, 11 Feb. 1757..."my well beloved wife Ruth HOWARD", eldest son Thomas.

Page 180-181:
Will of John CAMPBELL, no date given....eldest son Alexander, younger son Matthew, my daughter Sarah.

Page 181:
Will of John FREDERICK, 23 April Sarah my beloved wife, son Thomas FREDERICK, beloved grandchild Sarah FREDERICK, well beloved grandchildren John FREDERICK, Thomas FREDERICK, and Alexander FREDERICK

Page 212:
Will of Timothy CLEVEN (?), 27 October 1757....sole estate to executors John STEWART, Thomas ARMSTRONG, Hector McNEILL

Page 228-229:
Will of Matthew(?) Matheis (?) RAYFORD, 21 July eldest son Mathew(?), my daughter Mary, my daughter Anne, my daughter Mourning(?), my daughter Rebecca-formerly married to Silvester SEARS, my youngest son Philip RAYFORD, son William, son Robert, my loving wife Mourning, trusty friend Isaac BUSH, unidentified Grace, unidentified Drusilla

Page 230:
Will of David SMITH, 19 January brother Hugh SMITH, my son Robert SMITH, who is an executor along friends Thomas GIBSON, James NICHOLS

Page 241:
will of James MUSE, 30 March 1758.....wife Sophia, my son James MUSE, my daughter Leddy CEAL(?), my son Thomas MUSE, son Daniel, daughter Anne, daughter Anna Carbury MUSE(?), daughter Sophia Pope RUNNELS(?)...her son (Sophia's) William Ceal Muse..... executors are wife, son James MUSE, Charles CEAL

Page 334-335:
Will of William AINSWORTH(?), 30 December beloved son William AINSWORTH, my beloved son Leven AINSWORTH, my beloved son James Patterson AINSWORTH, my beloved wife Jeannette(?) AINSWORTH.......will proved January 1760 by oath of Thomas COLLINS

Page 343-344:
An inventory of estate of Mathew RAIFORD, Esq'r, deceased...July Court 1759

Page 345:
Estate inventory of James NICHOLS, deceased....October Court 1759

Page 345:
Estate inventory of Andrew CRAWFORD, dec......October Court 1759

Page 346: Estate inventory of John CAMPBELL, dec......October Court 1759

Page 349: Estate inventory of William HOLTON, dec......August Court 1760

Page 360:
Will of Edward CONNOR, 16 March 1760.....son Thomas CONNOR (under 21?), wife Lucretia (?)......executors Stephen PHILIPS, John SMITH

Page 384-385:
Will of Robert DICKINSON, 10 December beloved wife Mary DICKINSON, son James, son Michael, son Willis(?) (under age), daughter Charity (?) could be Chanty(?)(under 18), daughter Sarah (under 18), son Robert (under age)......executors are wife Mary, son Michael, Thomas COLLINS

Page 397:
Estate inventory of Edward CONNOR, 22 November 1760

Source: Family History Center Library Film Number 0316626 / transcribed by Sue Johnson, St. Louis MO.

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