Fayetteville Observer, Thursday November 26, 1835

Posted November 18, 2009 by Myrtle Bridges

At a corn shucking, in the county of Surry, at the house of Leonard Scott, Sen., a few days since, a son and grandson 
of Mr. Scott, also a son of Mr. Sprinkle, a neighbor, and a negro man belonging to Mr. Sprinkle, were suddenly killed 
by the fall of a crib, into which they were throwing corn. The house was quite narrow, and high, and the wind blew it 
over and caught them under it; they were all dead before they could be extricated. Six other persons were caught and 
wounded, some of them seriously, but we are glad to hear that they are all considered out of danger. What seems a 
little singular is that the danger of their situation had been observed, and spoken of, but not sufficiently appreciated. 
Salisbury Watchman

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