The article on this page was published January 11, 1860 in the Weekly Standard, a Raleigh, North Carolina newspaper. W. W. Holden, Editor.     Extracted by Myrtle Bridges March 10, 2003

Monday morning last, a man who gave his name as Reuben G. Williams, hired a horse and buggy of me for 
three hours, as he said, which he has absconded with. He is a young man, good countenance, with dark bushy 
hair, and had on a cap and a dark coat. The horse is perfectly black, medium size, in good condition, blind 
in his left eye, and about eight years old; the buggy is open top, made by A. A. McKethan.
	Any person who will arrest the fellow, so I can get my property, and have him brought to justice, will 
be liberally rewarded by me. W. C. Troy, Fayetteville, NC. January 04, 1860 Weekly Standard - Raleigh

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