Grays Creek, Cumberland County, NC
Surveyed by Lori Mason     Posted May 28, 2008 by Myrtle Bridges

The Tolar-Hall Cemetery is in Gray's Creek, Cumberland County. It is beside the road on Hwy. 87. It seems to be on private land.
TOLAR (lge. Headstone) "Faithful onto death"
Mary Catherine Crumpler        Hiram Lee Tolar
B. 3-10-1870                   B. 5-4-1872
D.1-18-1952                    D. 2-3-1960

George Troy Hall
B. 7-7-1885
D. 6-2-1905

Malisa C. Hall
B. 11-6-1852
D. 6-12-1915

Marshall H. Hall
B. 11-5-1851
D. 9-24-1899

Katie A. Hall
B. 9-16-1872
D. 8-2-1898

Lonnie R. Hall
B. 7-1-1875
D. 12-1-1903

Ethel Faison Hall
B. 3-11-1890
D. 10-2-1945
"Christ is my hope" 

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