Fayetteville Observer September 15, 1856

Myrtle Bridges   October 8, 2009

Seeing mention of the Charter Oak a few days since, brought to our mind the remembrance of the "Tory Pine." In 
the lower part of Sampson County, NC, almost in sight of Treadwell's Cross Roads, stands a large pine, known as 
the "Tory Pine." This notable tree stands in a swamp surrounded by a very dense undergrowth, and can only be seen 
by the exercise of some trouble and patience, and the endurance of a few brier scratches. During the Revolutionary 
War there were a few Tories in that region of country lying between Black River and Moore's Creek. These Tories 
found themselves at one time in so critical a condition as to make concealment necessary, so they encamped in the 
swamp and built their fires by the side of this large pine. There they concealed themselves for months, and lived 
by what game they could capture in the woods, and the assistance of their female relatives, who met them at stated 
times. The "Tory Pine " is doubtless the monarch of many centuries, and still looks green and flourishing. It is 30 
feet in circumference 3 feet above the ground. The scar made by fire is 5 feet broad and 7 feet high, and this hollow 
has often served as a shelter for hunters and persons working in the adjacent woods. Long may the old tree live, as a 
testimony that the Tories of the Revolution found it more expedient to hide than to fight. (Clinton Independent)

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