Grantor Kinchen P. Tyson    Grantee John Ferrell Dec 11/15 - Nov 16/16
Submitted by Judith Tyson Raymond     Posted July 25, 2002 by Myrtle Bridges.

Jones County Deed Book H
Page 407 & 408
Grantor Kinchen P. Tyson		Grantee John Ferrell	Dec 11/15 - Nov 16/16
[Brother is selling lot to sister's husband that I believe is the lot referred 
to on Cumberland Co.'s 1815 Tax List as Heirs of Job Tyson.] ½ acre

This Indenture made the Eleventh day of December, in the year of
our Lord, One thousand Eight hundred and fifteen.  Between
Kinchen P. Tyson of the County of JoneS and State of Georgia, of the
one part, and John Ferrell of the County of the County of WilkinSon and State of
Georgia of the other part.  Witnessith that the said Kinchen P. (Tison marked out)
Tyson for and in consideration of the Sum of One hundred and fifty dollars
to him in hand paid by the said John Ferrell, at and before the Sealing and
Signing of these presentS the receipt and payment whereof is hereby acknow=
ledged and the said Kinchen P. Tison for himSelf and heirs doth hereby bargain
Sell, alien, release and confirm unto him the said John Ferrell his heirs
ExecutorS and assigns forever a certain piece or parcel of land laying in the
State of North Carolina Cumberland County Situate lying and being aS
followS in the Town of Fayettville on the (marked thru section = North East side 
of) N.E. Side of Russells Street beginning at a Stone (also marked thru Peterson 
Street) on said street (marked thru N 20 E 5 Ch) and (4? Stone Thence S 70 & 2 
Ch to a Stone on Rusells Street) and & PeterSon's Street thence as PeterSonS Street 
N. 20 E. 5 Ch. to a Stone Thence S 70 E. 2 Ch. to a Stone, Thence S 20 W 5 
Chs to a Stone on Rusells Street.  Thence the course of said No70 W. 2 Chs. 
to the beginning containing one acre, which said piece or parcel of land, with 
all ways woods, waterS and every other appurtinanceS thereunto belonging of 
appertaining the said Kinchen P. Tison, for himself his heirS, ExecutorS and 
administratorS hath hereby Sold, Set over, conveyed, Release and confirmed in 
open market to the said John Ferrell his heirS ExecutorS administratorS and 
assignS, and he the said Kinchen P. Tyson for himself his heirs, ExecutorS, and 
administratorS doth hereby covenant promise to and with the said John Ferrell 
his heirs ExecutorS administratorS or assignS that the said Kinchen P. Tyson 
his heirs, ExecutorS and administratorS shall and will warrant and forever 
defend the said piece or parcel of land with all and every of its memberS and 
appertaincy free from all lawful claims of any person or personS whatsoever 
unto the said John Ferrell his heirs, ExecutorS and administratorS and assigns 
forever.  In UL whereof the said Kinchen K. TySon hath hereunto set my hand & 
Seal the day and year above written
Signed, Sealed and delivered
In the presents of us-
Jas P. Tison	[James S. Tyson brother	]				Kinchen P. Tison Seal
Isaac Dixon?
Daniel Hightower J.P.
Duncan Gregs by J.P.

Georgia			Clerks= office Superior Court Recorded
Jones County			the 16 thday of November A.D. 1816
				and in the Fortyfirst year of the Indepen
				=dence of the United States of America

				-----------------Gregory Clk
				(with many swirls and flourishes)
[Transcription above has been taken from a xerox copy of the original in the 
deed books of Jones County, Gray, Georgia by Judith Tyson Raymond]

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