Extracts from Cumberland County Will Books
Contributed by Larry and Juanita McClintick
August 13, 2005

Elliott, George                            WB  A: 100 - 108                     Arch.
__?___/  Dec. 1807
Wife Mary Elliott  share, 88 a. Whereon I now live as per Gilbert Eccles' deed dated 24 Oct. 1791, 
and 300 a. purchased of Thomas Armstrong, dated 27 Nov. 1801, and another tract called Sutton's 
plantation---320 a. purchased at public sale from Thomas Armstrong's estate. Sons Henry (not 21) 
 of land not already conveyed. Alexander, second son, will be 18, 14 June 1818. Dau. Jean.  
Five youngest:  Alexander; Christian; George; and John.  Execes. Isaac Williams, John Smith, 
James and Wm Campbell.  "Sisters of the half blood" Betsey Turner and Amy Turner, two daus. of my 
wife by John Turner, her former husband. Younger sons, George and John.  Asks that my mills and 
farm and  business general carried on as is has heretofore been until Alexander becomes of age.

Elliott, Henry                            WB C: 341 -  345                       Arch.
1 June 1855/ Dec. 1855
Wife Isabella 160 a. , 185a. , 920 a. , s. side Lower Little River,  400 a. n. side Lower Little River.  
Brothers Alexander Elliott and John Elliott. Nephews Robert W. Smith $2000, and Jesse George Shepherd 
$2000 to educate his children.  Mentions:  Sardis Church;  P. McRae;  John Black; Duncan M. McRae, 
Alexander Williams,  H. Elliott,  Eccles' line and Mary Elliott,  Isabella McSwain.

Emmet, James, of Fayetteville    NR                                              Arch.
5 May 1786/ July 1787
Wife Margaret Emmet,  real and personal estate for life and then to Mary Mallet, eldest dau. of Peter 
Mallett,  Merchant in Wilimington.  Thomas Rowan, third son of Col.  Robert Rowan of Fayetteville.  
Ancient mother in London-----"name and residence to be seen on back of this instrument." (Note: But 
they weren't.)  Execs.   Mr. Peter mallet and wife Margaret. Wits.  Tho. Murley,   __?  Bernard P Mallett.  
(WM. Hill,  Esq.  proves signature of Thos. Murley,  decd.)   Provened by oath of John Ingram, Esq.

Emmet, Margaret                   WB A:  85                                         Arch.
28 Oct. 1805/ Jan. 1806
Charlotte Neiroth (or Niroth), under 21,  whole of estate if parents do not maintain and if moved from 
Fayetteville, then estate to my friend,  Mary Jones,  wife of Edward Jones,  Esq. of Chatham Co. , in 
this state.  Robinson Mumford, Jr. , appointed guardian of Charlotte Nicroth.  Mary Jones also to have 
estate if Charlotte dies.  Exec.   Robinson Mumford, Jr. of Fayetteville.  Wits.  Edwin Jay Osborne,  
Caroline Mary Mallett,  Eliza Murley Mumford.

Martenlear, John                       WB C:   Listed in index, no page no.                  Arch.
2_______nery 17(75?)/  April 1775   
Dau.  Elizabeth?  And Peggey.   Sons.  John and George  the land and plantation whereon I now live.   
Exec.  Son John martenlear and friend John Pope.  Wits.  David Smith,  ann Loften and Sarah Strawhon.

Mason,  Dorthy                            WB C:  353-354                               Arch.
12 June 1852/ NPDF
Eldest son Joshua Mason.   Son Levy Mason.  Two sons Hugh and David
Exec.  Hugh McCormick.   Wits.  Foster Mason,   Hugh McCormick.

Mason, Foster,  Senr.            WB C:  35-36                   Arch.
24 July 1843/ Sept. 1843
Two youngest sons Daniel and John Mason the place and land I now reside at mother's death.  James and 
Ralph named as sons.  Two daus.  Nancy and Elizabeth Mason, a tract of land in Cumberland Co.  on Cape 
Fear River joining lands of Bolton Bell and others.  Youngest dau.  Archadia Mason a tract in Cumberland 
Co. on Anderson Cr. Joining lands of Benjamin Mason and others.  Wife (not named).  Sons Foster Mason 
and Henry Mason.   Exec.   Sons Henry and Daniel Mason.  Wits. A. A.  Mcdougald and Archebald J. Mason.    

Massie (Massey) (Massy) , Drury D.  (Planter)  WB C: 42-43   Arch. (Not Original. Two Copies)
27 Feb. 1820/ Dec. 1843
Wife Barbara lend cleared land and dwelling house.  Sons Drury W. Massie Jr. and Warren Massie, Jr and 
Warren Massie and Needham Massie. Daus.  Mary Ross, Elizabeth Algier.  Grandchild Lucinda.  Exec. Sons 
Drury W. Massie and Warren Massie.  Wits. John Shaw and Angus Shaw. 

Massie, Drewry W.                  WB: C   207-208          Not found
17, Nov.  1851/ Dec. 1851
Wife Sophia Massie,  niece Christella Ann Massie and nephew Duncan G. W. Massie, adopted as my dau. And 
son.  Exec.  Dr. John McKay  Wits: Farq.  Campbell and Alexander B. Campbell.

Matthews, Amos                     WB C:   276-277                    Arch.
6 Dec.  1836/ March 1837
Wife Sarah Matthews, house and plantation.  Five sons:  William Matthews two tracts of land:  1st to begin 
at Dry Creek and run East-branch that is Zacharias line and second tract beginning Morgan's line where it 
crosses Morgan's Spring Branch-to-Niel's Creek.  Jacob Mathews line mentioned. Son Lazarus Matthews rest 
of land after mother's death. Rest of ( Do not have the last page of this estate)

Shaw, Mary                      WB A:   224                        Arch.
16 Nov. 1812/ Dec. 1815
Sisters Nancy, Elizabeth, Sally and Catherine Shaw  (the last two are the youngest sisters). Uncle Neil 
Clark.  Exec.  Uncle Neil Clark.   Wits. D. McLean and Malcolm Clark.

Shaw, Norman                     WB A: 160                       Not found.
10 Nov. 1810/ NPDF
Wife not named.  Youngest son Malcom.  Exec.  Wife and two friends  John Shaw and Thomas Davis.  
Wits.  John__?__,  Philip Wilkinson and John McPherson.

Shaw, Rachel                              WB B:   145-146-                       Arch.
28 March 1826/ June 1826
Two sisters Mrs. Eliza Wright and Mrs. Charlotte Lawson, both of Duplin Co.  Nephew William B. Wright 
of Duplin Co., Brickhouse and lot on east side of Ramsey St. in Fayetteville where I now live and all 
my books except family bible ( which went to Eliza).  Niece Miss Mary Burden,  doz. Teaspoons give to
 me by Joseph Everit, Mrs. Namcy Kornega and her dau. Caroline Kornega, Miss Flora Ann King, Miss Margaret 
Black, John Black my husband's wearing clothes and Mason aprons.  Exec.  William B. Wright and John Black.  
Wits. Benj. Robinson,  Hiram Robinson.  Nephew: William Ochiltree.

Shaw, Samuel                        WB C:  84                                 Arch.
10 Jan. 1845/ Dec. 1845
Brother Charles C Shaw, sisters Catharine of South Carolina, Elizabeth, widow of John Campbell of 
Mississippi, and Nancy.  Mother still living.  Exec. Not named.  Wits.  Alexander Campbell and Duncan 
R Shaw.

Shepherd, Andrew, planter            WB  NR                        Arch.
7 May 1773/ ? 1774
Wife not named. Son John, land on Leak Creek, lot in Camelton.  Daus. Sarah, land in Chatham Co.,  
Agg__?_ land on Bush Creek in Cumberland co., dau. Elen land on Donelley Creek in Cumberland Co.,  
Sister Ann land on Cape Fear.  Col. Thomas Rutherford; his son Andrew Shepherd named; as was James 
Givens.  My nephew Andrew Bo__?___,  dau. Mary. Also named Margareat Un-----Wood,  -----McDonald, 
-----beth Shepherd,  William Brown and John Shepherd.  Exce.  Nor witnesses not named.

Simms, Isaac                              WB B:  54-57                          Arch.
14 Aug. 1819/ April 1821
Plantation lying on the N.W. side of Cape Fear River---300 a. to be sold.  Son Isaac Simms,  Jun.  
deceased. My daus.  Abigail Willis 200 a. both sides of Gaulberry Swamp including the Far Ford and 
mill seat with the privilege of raising a head of cattle on land formerly deeded to Alexander McArthur
---Jeremiah Willis---lot of land willed to Mary Simms and ( do not have other pages)

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