Will of William Redding - 1820
Contributed by Grant L Faulkner
May 10, 2002

"I thought this will might be of interest. William Searcy & Rowland Faulkner are from Cumberland Co."    Grant

William Redding Will Baldwin County, GA Will Book A, Pages 184 & 185 Georgia Baldwin County 19th January 1820

In the name of god amen! I William Redding Senr being in health And of Sound mind Blessed be god Knowing that man 
is mortal and must die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, and do hereby disannul all former wills 
and testaments whatsoever and only acknowledge this to be my last will and Testament in manner following Viz:

First - I desire that all my Just debts be paid out of my estate. Item - I do give and bequeath unto my beloved 
grand Children (children of my son Charles Redding Archer, Patsey, Ezekiel, Rebecca, John, Sally and Parham the 
sum of one hundred dollars each.

Item - I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Anderson Redding my two negroes Jack and Sarah to be his right & 

Item - I give and bequeath to my beloved Son Arthur my two negroes Sam, and Davy to be Right & property. Further 
I desire that my Land and all my stock of every kind together with all my effects of every Kind together with all 
be equally divided between my two sons Anderson and Arther to be their right and property. Note: together with 
all was struck out. And I do hereby appoint and ordain my Two sons Anderson and Arthur my Executors, desiring 
them to take care of their Mother. William Redding (seal)

Signed, sealed, in presence of William Searcy, Salley Searcy, Rowland (his X mark) Folkner

Proven in open Court by the oaths of William and Sally Searcy who also saw Rowland Folkner assign the same as a
Witness it is therefore ordered to be recorded The 28th October 1822. Recorded 29th Oct. 1822

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