Linden, NC.

Directions: From Erwin, NC take NC 217 south, go 6 miles to Linden, NC. In Linden NC217 will turn right. As NC217 turns right, you will stay straight and it will become Colliers Chapel Road. Go 1/2 mile and turn right on Durant Nixon Road. Go 1.9 miles and take a right on Hawkins Road. Go 2/10 of a mile and you will be at a gate on the right side of the road. The land is posted and you will have to walk around the gate. It's right beside the 2nd house trailer on your right. Once you start walking, the cemetery is in the stand of woods to your left. Go between the woods and the lake and you will find the graves on your right. Am trying to contact the owner to get permission for everyone to go on the posted land. I have photo's of 95% of the cemetery. If you would like any, email Dallas   Posted by Myrtle Bridges January 2, 2002

Berline Denning  b. March 2, 1940 d. unknown  Daughter of David Henry Denning & Rachel Parker Denning 

William Carey Daughod  B. 1843  D.  1906  Husband of Sarah C. Colvin

Sarah C. Colvin  B.  1848 D.  1929   Wife of William Carey Daughod

Aetha A. Eason B. 10-20-1885 D.  4-7-1922 Daughter of JC & SC Eason

Stella May Eason B. 10-3-1915 D.  10-9-1915 Daughter of HA & NA Eason

Betsy Goodman  B.  1828  D.  2-5-1908

Emey Hair  B.  2-17-1871 D.  10-16-1937   Wife of William Hair 

Florence Denning Hair  (Dates unknown) wife of William Wilson Hair, daughter of Aldrige Denning & Eldora Wood Denning 

Martha Hair  B.  1813  D.  7-22-1901  at 88 years

Mary Liza Mason  B.  5-17-1881  D.  12-22-1955  Wife of Arthur Reynold Wood

Effie Monds  B.  1891  D.  4-16-1901  at 10 Years

John William Monds   B. Jul 188?  D.  Jul ????  Son of Archie & Anna Monds

Malcom Cornelious Monds  B.  6-7-1901   D.  12-2-1906   Son of AW & Anna Monds

William Lester Monds B.  4-13-1900   D.  6-19-1900  Son of Archie & Anna Monds

Edna Parker B.  10-1-1899 D.  9-12-1925  Wife of Elijah Parker 

George Parker B.  ?   D.  1-20-1911

G. W. Williams B.  9-8-1878  D. 8-14-1919

Sarah Ann Wilson    B. 12-12-1825   D.  8-15-1902 Wife of Henry Hawkins Wood

Henry Hawkins Wood  B. 12-19-1821  D.  5-11-1908  Husband of Sarah Ann Wilson

John Wood  B.  3-13-1837 D.  4-15-1914  Husband of Elizabeth "Besty" Ann Howell

Elizabeth "Besty"  Ann Howell B. 3-13-1838  D. 4-6-1898  Wife of John Wood

Paschal Sanders Wood  B.  3-15-1855  D.  12-6-1939  Husband of Jennette Ann Key

Jennette Ann Key  B. 6-1-1857 D.  11-17-1901 Wife of Paschal S. Wood

John Paskel Wood  B.  7-11-1906  D.  11-17-1936   Son of Paschal S. Wood

Maxie Wood B.  8-12-1881  D.  3-27-1924 Daughter of Paschal S. Wood

Perlien Wood  B. 9-2-1914 D.  9-20-1918  Daughter of David & Emely Wood

W. Chester Wood  B. 5-17-1908  D.  10-17-1977

There were three graves that had the metal funeral home tags and they were all rusted and not readable.

There were about six graves marked by a big stone.

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