Wounded of the 51st Reg't N.C.T.

The article on this page was published in the Weekly Standard, a Raleigh, North Carolina newspaper June 29, 1864 Issue Issue. W. W. Holden, Editor.     Transcribed by Myrtle Bridges February 18, 2003
We had the pleasure yesterday forenoon of seeing Col. McKethan of the 51st Reg't N.C.T. (Clingman's Brigade) 
on his way to Fayetteville, he having been severely, but we trust not dangerously wounded in the face in the 
action near Petersburg on the evening of Friday the 17th instant. In that action Clingman's brigade behaved 
with the most conspicuous gallantry, as did also other portions of our troops. We have General Clingman's  
testimony to the marked services of Col. McKethan and his regiment. Lt. Col. W. S. Devane of the 61st fell 
about the same time with Col. McKethan, while rendering most gallant and valuable service. His wound is 
through the shoulder, a severe wound, but not, it is believed, dangerous. We could ill afford to lose such 
a man as Col. Devane. Captain Frank Roberts, of Fayetteville, a noble soldier, fell instantly killed.

Lieutenant McKethan of the same regiment, shot through the thigh, also accompanied his brother, the Colonel 
to their home in Fayetteville. We trust that both will soon be restored to health and usefulness.

The great loss sustained for a time by our North Carolina Troops was due to the giving way of some brigades 
or parts of brigades on their right-not North Carolinians. Where they hailed from we prefer not to state. Our 
readers may draw their inference by never finding their names in the Virginia papers.-Wilmington Journal

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