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David A. Yarborough
the son of Matthew Yarborough, and father of Sarah Elizabeth Yarborough was born in the part of Cumberland County that became Harnett County in 1862. He was a member of the Confederate Army and is buried at Cool Springs Methodist Church.

John B. Yarborough, Sr. circa 1926-27
November 1908 - May 1966

Florence Webster Yarborough
July 1877 - December 1956

(Left) Minnie Hart. (Right) Florence W. Yarborough, widow of Elias Gaston Yarborough. Photo made about 1945

Angus Archie West
August 9, 1869 - February 21, 1940.

James Matthew Yarborough, 1867 - 1944 & Amanda Wilkes Yarborough. Photo made about 1888. James is buried in Raeford Cemetery, Bus. 401, Raeford, NC.

Theodore Yarborough (1876 - 1956), wife Nora Yarborough (1881 - 1968) and two of their children, Ruby Yarborough (back) and Raymond Yarborough (front). Photo made about 1912

Theodore Yarborough
Jan 19, 1876 - Mar 25, 1957

John B. Yarborough Jr. born 1933. Photo made 1935.

Flossie Elmore West (Jan 1, 1889 - May 24, 1951) wife of Neil Archie West. Photo made c. 1950

Neil Archie West
Mar 20, 1891 - Oct 27, 1966

On left is Dewey D. Morrison (1898-1955) husband of Lula Yarborough. On horseback Duncan D. Morrison their son (1931-1966). On right Walter West Pvt. WWI (1896-1984) son of A. A. West

Left: Lula Yarborough Morrison wife of Dewey Morrison (1903-1984; Right: Florence Webster Yarborough (1877-1956) wife of E. G. Yarborough

Walter West Pvt. WWI (1896-1984)

William Clifford West Tec 5 WWII (1917-1984)

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