Franklin County Research Information and Lookup Volunteers

Here you will find a listing of Volunteers to do Lookups in certain books or records. In addition, there are also a number of Resources listed on our Research Links page as well as on each of our individual index pages reached from the Homepage which you may wish to check out, too. To request a lookup from any of the below references, click on the name of the Owner or Researcher. Please limit requests to two at a time, and be specific about what you need including a name and timeframe at the very least, also stating which Resource you wish to be checked, so as not to overwhelm our volunteers. Please note that our Lookup Volunteers cannot do your research for you, they can only check for one or two names for limited information from the referenced materials as indicated below and NOT as a general lookup service for your research.  If you need Professional help, please check the Resources listed below.  If you own or have easy access to any kind of reference material for Franklin County, and are willing to do lookups, please contact me and I will gladly add your name to this page.





Franklin County Will Book A, 1785-1797:Wills, Estate Records, Guardian Accounts Published by GoldenWest Mktg. Genealogy Deloris Williams
Franklin County Will Book B, 1794-1804:Wills, Estate Records, Guardian Accounts Published by GoldenWest Mktg. Genealogy Deloris Williams
Franklin County, Original Wills, Vol. 1: 1780-1861 Dr. Stephen E. Bradley Jr. Deloris Williams
Franklin County, Original Wills, Vol. 2: 1862-1900 Dr. Stephen E. Bradley Jr. Deloris Williams
Books We Own- Lookup Genealogical Resource Various Research Help BWO-North Carolina
Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK) List of North Carolina Lookups RAOGK-NC




The following are some organizations which offer professional genealogy research for a fee; we are providing the names as a courtesy to our visitors only, you must contact the organizations directly to negotiate costs of their services:

Association of Professional Genealogists: North Carolina

Board of Certified Genealogists

Genealogy Freelancers

List of NC Researchers on Cyndi's List


Researching Information

Are you new to researching and don't know how to get started? Check with our Beginning Your  Genealogy Research page for instructions.

Do you need help in getting started in your African American research? This is a must-see online interactive resource from the folks at
Beginners Guide to African American Research

Need further tips on researching Slave ancestors? A very informative article by some of the foremost African American researchers in the country:
Jumping Chasms


FamilySearch offers free online videos with step-by-step instructions on how to research; an amazing resource that all beginners should view:

FamilySearch Learning Center

One of the best ways to help connect to other researchers, is to post messages on public forums. We suggest that you subscribe to the Franklin County Mailing List on, or to the Message Boards on Rootsweb, Genforum, or other forums of your choice. The following are links to those sites where you will find lists or boards for State, County, Surname and many other Topics of interest to aid in your research.

Rootsweb Mailing Lists-Index Page

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Franklin County Rootsweb Message Board

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GenForum is now just an archived Genealogy Message board, but it does contain a lot of good information posted in their old queries. Check them out.



Tips on Posting Messages

Remember that when posting a message to either a Mailing List or Message Board, you should be clear and concise as to what you are looking for. In the Subject line, you should always include the Name, Location, and a Time Frame at the very least, then in the Body of the message, a more detailed description of the individual and/or family saying what other records you have looked through and where, will better enable others to help you in your research. Never ask for "all the records that you have..." or similar wording when requesting research help, one should always be specific and courteous in any message posted on a public forum, and you will get much better results because researchers are more likely to read through a well-worded message than one that gives little or no details.


Tips on Copyright Laws

This is something that every researcher needs to be aware of, especially when they are considering posting information or submitting materials to an online website.  The NCGenWeb does not accept copyrighted materials without the specific written permission (not email) from the original author or their authorized estate representative, if the person is deceased.  Do not submit materials you copy from a copyrighted source.  If you have questions on what is considered copyrighted materials, please visit our Copyright Questions and Answers pages.



Obtaining Copies of Historical Documents

The North Carolina State Archives has copies of Franklin County records starting from its establishment in 1779, to see a complete listing of the records available for each County visit the Guide to Research Materials in the North Carolina State Archives, and  select the County of your choice.   The Archives currently charges $20 for Requests from Out-of-State Residents, please visit their Requesting Records by Mail page for full details.

The Franklin County Register of Deeds and the Franklin County Court Clerk also have a number of records available to the public from their offices and should be contacted to verify which records they have and what their prices are for obtaining them.  Note that most of the originals of the older records have been transferred to the State Archives and that the records contained at the County level are usually hand copied into the County Books.  Generally, it is much more cost effective to get documents on the County level rather than through the Archives, so you may want to first check with the County Registrar or County Court Clerk for the records you are in search of. 

Remember to always be as specific as possible when requesting information from any of these locations, this will give you a better chance of locating the document that you are looking for with the least chance of wasting their time and your money.

These records are available from:
Births from: 1913 located at: FC Register of Deeds office
Deaths from: 1913 located at: FC Register of Deeds office
Marriage Bonds from: 1779 located at: N.C. Archives
Marriage Licenses from: 1869 located at: FC Register of Deeds office
Property Deeds from: 1776 located at: FC Register of Deeds office
Wills from: 1780 located at: County Courthouse

 Please Read: Contacting the North Carolina State Archives

Family History Centers are located throughout the United States to help researchers by providing a number of genealogical resources including records on microfilm & microfiche, CDs, published reference sources for the area of interest, genealogies, histories, gazetteers, atlases & maps, etc. A nominal fee may be charged for microfilm not housed at the local FHC, and some of the smaller centers require that you make an appointment since they have limited staff who are all volunteers. It is suggested that you plan ahead for what you will be looking for so you may also want to read about some of their online courses about the kinds of records available by visiting the FamilySearch homepage. You may Click Here to locate a Family History Center in your area.

Keep in mind, too, that many of these records are now available online for researchers.  FamilySearch has free images of North Carolina Deaths 1906-1930, North Carolina Marriages 1762-1979, as well as transcribed Indexes for other Vital Records; Check here for current links to these Collections. Images of Probate (Wills) Records and Estate Records are also available from FamilySearch.

ADDRESSES and LINKS to State and County Websites mentioned above:

North Carolina State Archives
4614 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-4614
Physical Address:
109 E. Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Franklin County Clerk of Superior Court

102 S. Main Street
Louisburg, NC 27549

Franklin County Register of Deeds

P.O. Box 545
113 S. Main Street
Louisburg, NC 27549
Tar River Connections Genealogical Society
All correspondence:
Traci Thompson, MLIS, CG
Local History/Genealogy Librarian

Braswell Memorial Library

727 N. Grace St.
Rocky Mount, NC 27804