Baldie Lynch Family Cemetery

Essex, Halifax County, North Carolina

Directions: From Roanoke Rapids take Highway 158 west to Littleton, make a left turn onto Highway 561 south to Essex. At the crossroad in Essex, make left turn onto Lynch Road, go one mile and make a left turn onto Lynch Cemetery Road and the cemetery will be 1/4 mile on the left.

Surveyed by Tony Copeland, 2007


Beauford Lynch Harper February-13-1905 June-13-1996 Wife Of Macco Harper
Macco Harper May-16-1904 April-15-1996 Husband Of Beauford Lynch
Ethel Mae Lynch Burgess May-8-1904 December-26-1992 Wife Of William Tasker Burgess
William Tasker Burgess August-8-1898 July-26-1987 Husband Of Ethel Lynch
Douglas S. Lynch May-15-1931 July-6-1981 
Wesley A. Lynch November-12-1906 August-4-1959 
Fletcher F. Lynch October-5-1902 December-10-1984 
Annie Laura R. Lynch January-6-1907 March-21-1991 
Elnora Green October-26-1900 June-5-1987 Wife Of Claudie A. Harris
Claudie A. Harris August-26-1899 July-7-1979 Husband Of Elnora Green
Joe Oliver Richardson January-29-1909 November-16-1954 
Elmira M. Silver July-3-1909 October-14-1993 
Helena Silver March-19-1919 January-6-1981 
Major Lloyd Silver January-28-1928 November-4-1997 
Viola Hedgepeth June-22-1903 August-6-1948 
Rejoina Hedgepeth Lynch August-5-1915 June-27-1982 Wife Of Thurston Allen Lynch
Thurston Allen Lynch May-3-1915 August-27-1953 Husband Of Rejoina Hedgepeth
Bessie Warette Lynch August-8-1880 January-7-1948 Wife Of Norman S. Lynch
Norman S. Lynch 18801935 Husband Of Bessie Warette Lynch
Burmon Burgess March-3-1905 February-19-1986 Husband Of Millie L. Burgess
Millie L. Burgess July-9-1908 June-11-1989 Wife Of Burmon Burgess
William W. Lynch November-23-1919 May-30-1980 
Ervin R. Lynch April-30-1928 January-25-1992 
Mark Lynch June-12-1874 September-11-1950 Husband Of Lucinda A. Fitts
Lucinda G.Fitts May-10-1875 November-3-1925 Wife Of D. Mark Lynch
Major L. Silver December-1-1895 June-20-1929 
Lenza L. Silver November-10-1873 November-9-1935 Wife Of William Walter Silver
William Walter Silver July-6-1872 November-10-1939 Husband Of Lenza L. Silver
Mattie Mae Richardson July-11-1898 March-3-1973 
Ollie Anstead April-21-1895 November-20-1974 
Esther T. Anstead 18961974  
John Allen Green January-30-1868 April-2-1915 
Lillie H. Green January-10-1880 April-22-1969 
Adlean W. Lynch February-16-1869 November-24-1906 
Dudley S. Lynch April-17-1850 March-5-1923 
Lillie B. Lynch January-23-1895 August-18-1980 
Archable Davis Lynch September-20-1875 June-17-1955 
Epsie L. Richardson July-26-1879 1910 
Ineta Lynch Hines March-15-1918 September-29-2007 
Tracy Hines 19151999  
Mable H. Williams February22-1919 February-24-1983 
Gid Lynch 18611940  
Lavinia Lynch    Daughter Of Gid Lynch
Anthony Lynch June-22-1907 January-13-1996 Husband Of Roberta R. Lynch
Roberta R. Lynch September-2-1912 April-30-2002 Wife Of Anthony Lynch
Merzie M. Hedgepeth May-1-1911 June-29-2002 Husband Of Vernetta Lynch
Vernetta Lynch March-17-1913 December-27-1991 Wife Of Merzie M. Hedgepeth
Velma Howard Burgess September-22-1918 March-1-1982 Wife Of Elliott Wesley Burgess
Elliott Wesley Burgess March-13-1922 December-31-1977 Husband Of Velma Howard Burgess
Marvin L. Burgess January-15-1970 March-25-2007 
Geraldine Harper Holms January-9-1931 June-28-1997 
Willie May Anstead January-17-1937 March-7-1998 
Randolph Green June-13-1945 August-15-2003 Husband Of Julia Ann Burgess
Julia Ann Burgess Green January-14-1947 March-24-1993 Wife Of Randolph Green
Alton C. Burgess April-21-1955 October-19-1973 
Elvira Richardson May-9-1942 January-31-2006 
Jarman Gay Lynch October-6-1937 January-29-1959 
Frank Abarigo Luis August-3-1920 February-22-2004 Husband Of Dorothy Unell
Daniel Burgess August-16-1934 August-28-1961 
Gyendolyn B. Anstead June-26-1932 December-4-1966 
Linwood R. Anstead May-1-1930 May-15-1981 
Rudolph Forrest Burgess October-30-1930 December-19-1991 
Bennie Ray Anstead October-16-1950 October-8-1996 
Larry Wayne Anstead December-10-1953 September-21-2006 
Darrell Anstead December-5-1959 March-28-2007 
Michael R. Richardson March-3-1968 May-25-2001 
Corine L. Anstead Cotober-14-1933 June-17-1990 
Morris G. Anstead April-25-1937 October--1962 
Thurman A. Anstead September-17-1917 August--1946 
Doris Wendell Hines February-21-1953 September-30-1989 
Maeola H. Warner January-2-1935 April-29-1987 
Shirley V. Richardson August-22-1939 April-16-1998 
Christina Richardson September-19-1971 June-14-1991 
Thelbert Morris Richardson April-6-1945 March-4-2004 
James E. Hines September-26-1914 May-23-1952

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