Thanks to Windy Gales Leach for sharing this partial Harnett County census of 1870. If you have Harnett County Census records, please consider sharing them with us. Contact Myrtle Bridges.    March 09, 2003

21 July 1870  Johnsonville Township  (partial)

Families numbered in the order of visitation: 47

Kelly, Joe        35    Male     White    Occupation: Do  
Kelly, Nancy      23    Female   White              : Keeping House
Kelly, Rosanna    5/12  Female   White
Greince, L.R.     24    Male     White                : Works in Sawmill

Rayner, Ned       22    Male     White                : Do

Derden, Wm        18    Male     White                : Do

Gale, Harrison    72    Male     White                : Do
Gale, Mary        68    Female   White          

McLean, Hiram     16    Male     Black                : Works in Sawmill

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