Thanks to Shirley Akins Brown for sharing this partial Harnett County census of 1870. If you have Harnett County Census records, please consider sharing them with us. Contact Myrtle Bridges.    November 15th, 2001

Coffield, Zack, age 55, male, white, farmer
             Nancy, age 46, female, white, keeping house
             Ann C., age 9, female, white
Aikins, Sarah J., age 21, female, white
            James A., age 16, male, white, works on farm

Truelove, J. A., age 24, males, white, farmer
              N. A., age 20, female, white, housekeeping
              N. F., , age 10 momonths, male, white

Truelove, A.R., age 27, male, white, farmer
              B.A., age 18, female, white, housekeeping

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