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Will John Stewart  26 Feb 1873
Book 1 pp 16 - 17

I , John Stewart, of the County of Harnett and State of North Carolina, being of sound mind and memory but 
considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence do make and declare this my last Will and Testament in 
manner and form following that is to say
First.  That my executors hereinafter named shall provide for my body a decent burial suitable to the wishes 
of my relations and friends and pay all funeral expenses together with my just debts howsoever and to whomsoever 
owing out of the monies that may first come into his hands as a part or parcel of my estate.
Item.  I give and devise to my nephew John K. Stewart all my real estate land where I now reside and all other 
land that I may own at my death.
Item.  I give and devise to my said nephew John K. Stewart all of my stock of cattle, Horses and Hogs sheep &c 
and Household and Kitchen furniture.
Item.  I give and devise also to my said nephew John K. Stewart all of my personal property that I may have at 
my death consisting provisions crops of any kind that I may have on hand at my death.
Item.  It is my will that whatever money I may have on hand at my death be severally divided among my Brother 
James Stewart and his son the said John K. Stewart and my sisters two children William A. Turlington and Elizabeth 
Turlington that is to say divide my monies I may have on hand at my death into four parts between James Stewart 
John K Stewart William A Turlington and Elizabeth Turlington equally share & share alike.
And lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my nephew John K Stewart my lawful executor to Execute this my last 
Will and testament according to the true intent and meaning of the same.
In witness whereof I the said John Stewart do hereunto set my hand & seal this 26 Feb 1872.
	/s/ John Stewart
Signed sealed published and declared by the said John Stewart to be his last Will & Testament in the presence of 
us or acknowledged before us who at his request and in his presence subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.
/s/  A. F. Shaw
/s/  Mary [her mark] Stewart
/s/  John G Woodall
/s/  Isham Woodall

A true copy from the original on file in this office March 19, 1890.  J. A. Cameron c/c of Harnett Co

North Carolina
Harnett County
	The foregoing, being a certified copy of the last Will and Testament of John Stewart decd, it is  on [---ion] 
	of John Stewart the Executor therein named, ordered to be filed and recorded as of the original.  The original 
	having been destroyed by fire on Oct 15, 1893.  
	/s/ Geo. E. Prince c/c

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