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I George W. Rising of Harnett County North Carolina being by the grace of God to whom all  powers be given of 
sound mind and disposing memory do make and prove this my last will and testament to which I will and bequeath 
unto my dear and beloved wife Elizabeth McDougald Rising that tract or parcel of land lying in the township of 
Upper Little River, county of Harnett and state of North Carolina on the waters of  Walker's Creek near as the 
Ben Bishop Land adjoining the lands of W W Sampson John Ray and other containing about twenty tow acres more or 
less and upon which we now reside- to have and to hold the same with himself having his natural wife and after 
her death I do will and bequeath the above described land with my step son William Jarman, he being the youngest 
son of my former wife Celia Jarman Rising to have to hold the same unto himself and his heirs and assigns in fee 
simple forever. 
I do will and bequeath with my said dear and beloved wife all my personal property of every name claim and description 
to have and to hold to use and to enjoy the same after my death living her natural life and after her death I will 
and bequeath whatever may be left of said personal property unto my above describes William Morrison him into dispose 
of all personal property of which I shall die seize or owner of at my death. 
I do hereby constitute and appoint James H. Brown of Upper Little River Township Harnett County, North Carolina as 
the sole Executor of this my last will and testament and May God bless and prosper them Amen. Witness my hand and seal here:

George Rising

The said George W. Rising of the residence of James H. Brown in Harnett County North Carolina on this the 18th day of 
November 1895 signed and sealed this witness as above and probated and declared the same as -for his last will James H. Brown 
witness his said Rising name of his inquiry and said Rising also making his mark witness and we of his request unto this his 
presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto witness our names as such being witness..
James F. O'Quinn and Niven Ray
North Carolina in the Superior Court before the clerk
Harnett County

A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of George W. Rising deceased is exhibited before me the 
undersigned Clerk of the Superior Court for said County by James H. Brown, the Executor thus named and the due execution 
thereof by the said George W. Rising is found by the work and examination of James J. O'Quinn and Niven Ray the subscribing 
witness thereto who being duly sworn doth defend and say and each for himself deposed and swore that he is the subscribing 
witness to the paper writing now shown him purporting to be the last will and testament of George W. Rising . That the said 
George W. Rising is the presence of these deponents, subscribed his name by marking his mark at the end of said paper writing 
more -as aforesaid and which bears the date of the 18th day of November 1895 and these deponents found, said that the said 
George W. Rising testator aforesaid did by the time of subscribing his name as aforesaid declare the said paper writing as 
subscribed by him and examined as his last will and testament and these deponents there upon subscribed their names at the 
end of said will as attesting witness of the receipt and in the presence of the said testator and these deponents found each 
that of them 
The said testators subscribed his name to the said to the said last will as aforesaid and by name of these despondent 
subscribing their names as attesting sworn statements as aforesaid the said George W. Rising was of sound mind and memory 
of full age to contract a will and was not under any restraints to the knowledge, information or testify of these deponents 
and further deponents say not.

J.F. O'Quinn  Nivan Ray     seal

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