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MORRIS / GAMBLE   June 27, 2002
My grandmother Martha Valley MORRIS was born in 1900 in Harnett Co. N C. Her mother was Sally Gamble MORRIS but I do not know when she was born, probaly in the 1870's. Would you know how to find the name of Sally Gamble Morris husband. Of course his last name was MORRIS, but I do not know what his first name was. Also would you have any records of when and where they died and where they are buried? Thank you. Ross Smith

STEPHENSON / FORSYTH    June 17, 2002
I am trying to find out about my great grandfather, Herbert Everett STEPHENSON, who was born and raised in Kinnebec in Harnett County, North Carolina. He had moved on to Durham to seek employment. He was married to a Lucy FORSYTH (I think I have her last name right). I saw her briefly as a very young child. He died in Durham in either the 1920's or 1930's. He worked as a factory worker/ laborer in a textile or a cigarette factory there. My Grandfather, Herbert Everette STEPHENSON, Senior, told me that his Father came from Kinnebec in Harnett County. The family had a big plantation/farm. I have met people here in Greensboro and in Durham and Raleigh who know many STEPHENSON's in the Angier/Dunn/ Lillington area. They have verified some of this information. Do you know anything else about my Grandfather or of the Stephensons. I would like to know more about any of them. Thank you! Gary N. Stephnson

DEAL / BUTTS    June 17, 2002
John E. DEAL (Ed) and Louisa BUTTS DEAL raised 14 children in Harnett County and I am having difficulty learning anything about them. I have recently found them on the 1920 census Black River, Harnett County, and John is listed as a widower with the youngest child age 7. Today I found a listing for Julius B. BUTTS and wife Eliza Ann SPENCE (both died in 1929 ages 73 and 74). They resided in the Neils Creek Area of Harnett County. Could these be the parents of Louisa, d. ABT 1915? Does anyone have access to any information to prove or disprove this theory? Any help would be appreciated. Rose Allgood , Tennessee.

BARCLAY / EASTWOOD    June 17, 2002
I am researching John BARCLAY b. 13 Feb 1763, d. 13 May 1828 in Cumberland Co., NC. He married Mildred (Millie) EASTWOOD 5 Oct 1798 in New Hanover Co., NC. and she died aft 1845. He raised a family in Cumberland Co. and there are references to him living in Barclayville. I don't find that on maps now. Does anyone have any old maps that might show Barclayville? I cannot find where either of them are buried. Can anyone give me any help on these items? Dee Epps .

DEAL    June 01, 2002
I have been searching for the Deal family of Harnett County and found them on the 1920 census Toll T625_1304 Page 10B. It appears names appeared by sound.
DEAL, John E. (head) Age 59
Luda daughter 16
Ervin son 14
Aver daughter 12
Mae daughter 11
Ana daughter 9
James son 8
Weda daughter 7
Does anyone have access to the 1910 census so that I might learn the full name of the mother? Rose Allgood.

MARKS / PAGE / UTLEY / BROWN    May 31, 2002
I am searching for anyone with knowledge of Edward Smith MARKS m. Mary Smith PAGE. Edward's father was James Alexander MARKS and mother was Mary Susan UTLEY. Mary's father was Henry Bell PAGE and mother was Rebecca Neal BROWN. All from Harnett County North Carolina. Knoal Crouch.

MCLEAN / SPENCE / COOK    May 30, 2002
My Mother was a MCLEAN, daughter of a Norman Allen MCLEAN of Lillington, now, Harnett Co., NC. I have very little other info on the MCLEAN Family, other than he had at least one brother named John... and possibly a blind sister or Aunt named Pearl. They apparently were fairly well off farmers, but lost their land through some kind of swindle.

Norman would have been born about 1891, died, Dec 7th, 1931 in Washington DC.., buried in Raleigh. He married Eunice Alma SPENCE in 1912. They had one child, my Mother, Eunice Lenore MCLEAN COOK born 1913 in N.C. (courthouse burned down taking the records wth it, but that info came from my mother and grandmother, now deceased).

This is the only information I have on the family and I'm having a terrible time finding Norman Allen's parents. I do know his people originally came from the Isle of Skye (Scotland) but I don't know when or WHO the immigrant was. For over a year now, I've been scouring the McLean Clan sights, searching the 'Ancestor.com' sight and have even tried 'Geneology.com' , wading through tons of McLEANS trying to find some kind of link, unsuccessfully, thus far.

Thank you ahead of time for any researching or searching of your information you may have to do. Gaylene Cook Fields.

I am looking for information on heirs of Margaret Norman DUNN and Charles Garnette DUNN who were married in 1913 and lived in Dunn. I believe they had a son who died in his late teens or early twenties without heirs and a daughter whose married name was Margaret Dunn LYNCH. Beyond that, I have no information. Margaret Norman Dunn was my great aunt, and I have found her wedding invitation among my mother's keepsakes. I believe that an heir would treasure this and I would love to find such person. Thank you for any help you can give me. Lil Chapman Thanks.   May 27, 2002

I am looking for information about the GILCHRIST and CLARKE surnames. More specifically my great grandparents George Washington GILCHRIST and Lottie CLARKE. Both were residents of Harnett County. But I also believe that my great grandfather's parents originated from Cumberland County. If you have any information about my great grandparents and/or great great grandparents you can email Leecy Johnson Thanks.   May 26, 2002

My name is Lillian Spivey and I have a [lost] BYRD connection in Harnett County! According to family history, my great grandfather, Jesse Martin BYRD, was born in Harnett County. On his death certificate it lists his father, J. M. BIRD, mother, D. A. BIRD. Research leads me to believe her name was Dizzy Ann and perhaps he was also Jesse Martin. Read notes and letter collected as I try to solve this riddle. Thanks for any help. Lillian   May 24, 2002

I am new at genealogical research and am trying to find information about my ancestors from Harnett Co. NC. Would you be able to help me? My ancestor was named Sally Gamble MORRIS, but I do not know her husband's name except of course his last name was MORRIS. Their daughter, Martha Valley Morris, born in 1900 in Angier NC. She married Steven Sherwood ELLINGTON about 1920. They were both from Angier. If you have any source of information like what this Morris first name was that was married to Sally GAMBILO or GAMBLE, I assume GAMBIL was her maiden name. Were there GAMBIL familys in Harnett Co. in the late 1800's?

My grandmother was Martha Valley Morris born in 1900 in Angier N C. I am trying to trace my family tree and all I know is that her father owned the only mercantile or general store in Angier in 1900. My grandmother had a twin named Mary Alley Morris. I believe her mother's name was Sally or Sarah Gamble(spelling ?) Morris. I know this is not much to go on but would there be any Harnett County records that might mention a mercantile store in angier in the early 1900's that you know of? It might mention my great grandfather's first name? Or do you know someone that really knows Harnett co. history that may be able to help me. I guess it was called Morris Mercantile. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ross Smith   May 17, 2002

I've just begun researching GODWIN in Dunn, NC and found a connection to Lettie REAVES. My dad's mother was Myrtice Bass BAGGETT (1898-1969); her father Bythal BASS and mother Hepsie Ann GODWIN (7/8/1875 - 6/4/1957) Harnett Co. My gggrandmother's parents were John Robert Godwin married to Lettie REAVES. I don't know if John and Lettie were from Harnett co. or not, but Hepsie Ann Godwin the daugher was born in Harnett Co. If you've go any information on any of these names - especially Lettie REAVES and John Robert GODWIN I'd appreciate. I've hit a temporary brick wall with the BAGGETT side so have tried the the other side. Thanks. Debbie Baggett Albert currently living in Oklahoma so don't have easly access to NC records. Thank you!   May 07, 2002

Anna Jane O`QUINN was b. Nov 3 1872. She married James William BYRD in Harnett Co., NC. In the 1880 census Anna O`QUINN was living with her grandparents Alexander and Elizabeth O`QUINN in Harnett Co. I am looking for info on Anna O`QUINN parents, brothers, and sisters. Drucilla Orr   May 07, 2002

I am looking for a reliable individual that I can hire to help me track down some additional info on my ancestors. I've done all I can do and I'm stuck! I was hoping you may be able to recommend someone to me. The individuals I am seeking additional info on are as follows:
1870 Harnett Co, NC Census, Johnsonville, Spout Spring 
Pg 58, dwelling 17 
Morrison, Nelson      45   M   W    Farmer  $250  $250   NC (Nelson A., son of Duncan Morrison & Sarah Johnson, 
still in Harnett in 1880 )
Morrison, Vina        40   F    W    Keeping House  NC (Malvina Riddle, died before 1880, daughter of John? Riddle 
& Elizabeth?)
Morrison, Elizabeth   10   F    W    NC      
Morrison, Robert       8   M    W    NC 
Morrison, Mary A.      4   F    W    NC (Married John McLauchlin listed below)

Pg 61, dwelling 70 
McLauchlin, Neill    46   M    W   Distiller $150 $150    NC (Not sure who his parents are) 
McLauchlin, Margt.   44   F    W   Keeping House          NC (Margt. McMillan???) 
McLauchlin, John      7   M    W                          NC 

1880 Moore Co, NC Census, Manly Station 
Pg 301, dwelling 17     
McLaughlin, Neill       55   M    W   Stiller            NC 
McLaughlin, Margaret    60   F    W   Housekeeping       NC 
McLaughlin, Johnnie     18   M    W                      NC
Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Steve Taylor, Ooltewah, TN  April 16, 2002

I am trying to find out anything I can about the family of Ruth SMITH. Her mother was Geneva FERGERSON. She married James GAYTON (or GUNITON) of Cumberland County, and then Parker BUCHANA of Harnett County. They are buried at Cypress Chruch. Thank you. Barbara Morton  April 09, 2002

I am trying to locate information on my family. Archibald Campbell came to N.C. from Scotland. He died in 1763. His son, Edward CAMPBELL (1746-1825), sold family land on Buie's Creek, Harnett County, N.C., 23-24 Feb 1805, and moved near Franklin, TN. Edward CAMPBELL's son, Alexander CAMPBELL (1795-1865), also moved with his father, Edward. Could you tell me where I might locate birth records on Edward and Alexander, land records, ship records on Archibald, or any other information on my family? Thank you so much. Linda Campbell-Snowden, Midwest City, Oklahoma   April 05, 2002

Was wondering what town/city Anderson's Creek is/was located in. I don't know if "Anderson's Creek" still exists but when entering queries (i.e. using Switchboard) using this name, there are no results. I am assuming that Anderson's Creek is NOT a town/city but more like a township. Thanks for your help. Sandra Rex  April 02, 2002

The family I am researching is Joel Jackson (Jack) MASSENGILL. From the Heritage of Johnston County, know they lived in Johnston County in the Pleasant Grove Township on Black Creek. There was a grist mill on the farm.

Jack (4/18/1866-1/19/1944)---have been unable to find a death cert for him in Harnett or Wake County. Alice Partin MASSENGILL (his wife)---4/1/1878-4/8/1956)-died in Wake County.

Family: "A resident of Pleasant Grove Township, Jack was an active member of the Ebenezer Presbyterian Church . ----He and his wife buried at the Ebenezer Church Cemetery."(Heritage of Johnston County Article #398 entitled Joel Jackson MASSENGILL)

Date of birth: 4/1/1878-Wake County Date of death: 4/8/1956-Raleigh, Wake County (she was a widow at this time and son who lived in Raleigh was the informant) Place of burial: 4/19/1956-Ebenezer Church Cemetery, Coats, NC Funeral Director: Rose & Co., Benson, NC (Wake County Death Certificate for Alice Partin MASSENGILL) The article indicates this family lived in Johnston County, as did his parents. So you can see, I have a quandary as which County this church is located in. Virginia  April 01, 2002

I am searching for information on Elish Bradley BROWN and Irene STEWART. Elish was born 27 Oct 1898, I think in Harnett Co. and died 23 Mar 1979 in Johnston Co. Irene was born 9 Nov 1902 in Harnett Co. and died 9 Jan 1969 in Johnston Co. I don't know date of their marriage, but do know the names of their children.

1. BROWN, Floyd b abt 1923
2. BROWN, Elish, Jr. b 27 May 1925-3 Jan 2002
3. BROWN, James V. b 21 Nov 1927-19 Dec 1997
4. BROWN, Charles b abt 1930
5. BROWN, Eugene b 12 Aug 1935
6. BROWN, Estelle b abt 1939
7. BROWN, Faye b abt 1942

All but the last 2 were born in Harnett Co. If you have anything on these people, I would appreciate it so much. Iris Hill Brown  March 28, 2002

I am looking for information on the DUPREE family of Harnett Co. and surrounding areas. I am a descendant of John Dupree and Sallie Pittes through their son James H. who married Elizabeth Baldwin in 1857. They had 4 sons one of whom was Lewis Washington Dupree who married Martha Caddell of Moore Co. and were the parents of my grandfather William Thomas Dupree who Married Mollie Jernigan and were the parents of 6 daughters. My mother Marjorie was the oldest. I would appreciate any help that I can get. Thanks. Dorothy Thomas  March 18, 2002


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