July - September 2002

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SEARCY / BRADFORD    September 27, 2002
I am desperatly trying to find information about the SEARCY family. I know the family has been in Harnett County since the 1920 census as I was able to find them. My grandmother Cattie (SEARCY) BRADFORD is also burried there. Can you tell me where else I could look to find them Thank You, Lori Lucas

WIGGINS / CANNADY    September 15, 2002
I am looking information on Jesse Cader WIGGINS who was born around 1825 in Harnett County and died at Point Lookout, Maryland, POW Camp on April 14, 1865. He was married to Nancy Emily CANNADY, born March 21, 1830 and died in Harnett County on October 14, 1908.

On the 1860 Census for Harnett County, this same Jesse Cader WIGGINS is listed. Also in the home is a Jesse Wiggins, age 75, and Nancy Wiggins, age 70, who I assume are the parents of the younger Jesse. I wanted to know if anyone knows if Jesse Cader Wiggins had any brothers or sisters and if so, what their names are and any information you can give me. Also, any additional information anyone might be able to give me on the Wiggins family in Harnett County would be greatly appreciated. Brenda W. Tart

GUY / McINTYRE    September 11, 2002
I am searching for the family of CHARLES THOMAS GUY who was born 1837 at Beards Station (now Eastover), Cumbrland County, N. C. He was the son of James GUY and Elizabeth MCINTYRE of Beards Station. I do not know who CHARLES THOMAS GUY married however I do know that the family moved to Harnett County and to my knowledge is still there. I believe that there is a Judge Guy and family there that are descendents of this family of Charles' Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jane Bradbury

GILCHRIST   September 03, 2002
My great grand-father, Abraham Gilchrist, as well as my grandfather, Royal Gilchrist, are buried in what I understand was referred to as Cameron Hill's slave or slave descendant cemetery. Exactly where is this area located on the church property. Even if this gravesite is know longer being up kept, it is important to my heritage that I know. Are there any church records regarding the burial of slaves and slave descendants. Abraham was one of the founders of Johnsonville Church in 1867. We also are trying to research the pre-Civil War era and determine who Abraham's mother and father were and their connection to the Scottish Gilchrist, Cameron, or McGregor clans, etc.

I am the son of Leonard Gilchrist, who presently presides on Marks Road in Johnsonville.   Ernest Gilchrist, (770) 593-2595

BLACK / JOHNSON / BAKER   September 1, 2002
Malcom Ray Black and Ora Ann Johnson are buried at Flat Branch Presb. Church Cemetery. Both were born in Harnett Co., N. C. They were my Mother Nannie Elizabeth BLACK's parents. She was born in Lillington, N. C., Harnett Co., N. C. I have been trying to locate the birth and death dates of Arthur R. JOHNSON, and BAKER, Annie, the parents of JOHNSON, Ora Ann. Thanks for any help.   Lola Lloyd

I am searching for information re John Bradley BROWN who married Bett WILLIAMS. They were parents to one son, Elish Bradley BROWN (1898-1979), and four daughters, Rena married Dallas MITCHELL, Sissy married Mack CANADY, Ida married ? REARDON and Susannah m Joe CANADY. Elish married Irene STEWART in 1919. They lived in Harnett Co. til ca 1940, and then moved to Johnston Co. I don't know the date of John or Bett's birth, but I would guess ca 1870-78. I would be ever so grateful if someone could tell me anything about any of these names. Email    Iris Hill Brown

SMITH / RIVERS-DAY   August 17, 2002
I'm looking for SMITH's of Hector's Creek, Harnett County, NC on census in 1920. Names as follows: Samuel P. SMITH married to Lena Frances RIVERS-DAY.   JoAnn Badstibner

LEWIS / STARLING   August 16, 2002
I am interested in finding information on my great grandfather, Doctor Roland LEWIS, born in Roseboro, NC, resided in Dunn, NC later died there. He was born 1875? died 1936, buried at the Greenwood Cementary, Dunn, NC. He married Penny Ann STARLING also of Roseboro. We have a family tree of her lineage. We also know Doc had a brother named Isham Lewis. Unfortunately, this is the extent of our knowledge. Thank you, Stephanie C. Lewis-McDaries in Louisiana

WHITTINGTON / McLEOD / MASSEY   August 11, 2002
Looking for a WHITTINGTON Cemetery located in Harnett County. I have a GG Aunt buried there, her name is Ella S. McLEOD WHITTINGTON, daughter of Julius McLEOD and Christella MASSEY McLEOD, wife of John G. WHITTINGTON. Date of death Feb. 22, 1940. Thanks for any help, Dennis McLeod

GODWIN   July 28, 2002
We have a wooden trunk with the name H. L. GODWIN on it. Also written on the trunk is DUNN NC. We were told that this person was in government and used this trunk in his travels. Would you have any information on who this might be? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Terry Walters

BRUCE   July 27, 2002
I need information on a William BRUCE and Christian BRUCE who are buried at Barbecue Presbyterian Church in Harnett Co., the only information I have is that there are two small markers with the inscription "In Memory of" and their names. I have an ancestor named William BRUCEbut don't know where he's buried, is the church still in existence? do they have records? any help would be appreciated. Rev. Henry C. Bruce, Lumberton, NC

COLES   July 26, 2002
I am looking for some "long lost cousins." In particular, I am looking for any descendants of a Maxwell COLES who was born 07 Jun 1916 in Michigan and died in Coats, Harnett, NC in May of 1982. Do you have any suggestions on where and how I could find an obituary.... or other possible leads as to whether he married.... had children, etc. Maxwell was the son of Theodore and Mildred POST COLES, grandson of Lois Mina BARKER and Arthur COLES. Thanks for any reply at all! I am Ollie Howe in Long Beach, Washington.

SMITH / CAMERON   July 21, 2002
I am searching for the SMITH Family of Harnett Co. circa 1850. William E. SMITH born August 24, 1856 is believed to be the son of a William SMITH or possibly other SMITHs in the area of Johnsonville and Spout Springs. William E.'s mother may have been Mary M. CAMERON. Ben Hudson

MAYNARD / JONES   July 18, 2002
I am trying to search my relatives since I am cooped up in my house alot of the time with Parkinson's Disease. I have alot of relatives born here in Harnett Co. and I came across your site and I pray that you can help me. Starting with my grand-dad--Simmuel C. MAYNARD (birth 5-17-42?) My grand mother is Mary Lee JONES (Dec 21, 1923 - Aug 09, 1991). Any info on them and just anything will be a great help. Thank you, Allen Gupton

CAMERON   July 12, 2002
I am researching my husband's branch - CAMERON family just now. I understand his 2nd great grandfather is buried at Cameron Hill Church cemetery. I have a photocopy of his obit from "The Citizen" but there is no date included in this copy. There was also an article written about him the previous year in a series called "A Sandhill Citizen." His full name is Randal McDougald Cameron & he lived in Vass, NC; his father, Randal Cameron was a Confederate soldier killed in a battle at Roanoke Island.

b. 18 March 1862
m. 12 August 1886 to Miss Katie CAMERON (she was a Cameron & married one)
d. 21 January ________

Do you have access to any records that may give me his date of death? The obit mentions one of his daughters' death being in 1922, so I assume it would be after that. ... Cordially, Lou Powers   Greensboro, NC

BYRD / AVERY   July 09, 2002
I am trying to identify the parents of a Reverend William BYRD, who lived and died in Harnett County. His birth date is 8 Mar 1830, and his death date is 30 Aug 1897. I do not know where he was born. The closest I have come to identifying a parent is an entry (although the spelling is questionable) in the 1850 US Census for Cumberland County, Eastern Division, listing a Nancy "BIRD" at age 51 as head of household and a William "BIRD" at age 20. Then the trail goes cold from a census standpoint. (Other Nancy BIRDs or Nancy BYRDs found in US Census reports for NC do not check out as logical.) Other potentially usual information: Reverend William Byrd and his wife (Mary Elizabeth AVERY) are buried in Harnett County, at Pleasant Plains Cemetery. Kit Ogburn

MORRIS / GAMBLE   June 27, 2002
My grandmother Martha Valley MORRIS was born in 1900 in Harnett Co. N C. Her mother was Sally Gamble MORRIS but I do not know when she was born, probaly in the 1870's. Would you know how to find the name of Sally Gamble Morris husband. Of course his last name was MORRIS, but I do not know what his first name was. Also would you have any records of when and where they died and where they are buried? Thank you. Ross Smith

STEPHENSON / FORSYTH    June 17, 2002
I am trying to find out about my great grandfather, Herbert Everett STEPHENSON, who was born and raised in Kinnebec in Harnett County, North Carolina. He had moved on to Durham to seek employment. He was married to a Lucy FORSYTH (I think I have her last name right). I saw her briefly as a very young child. He died in Durham in either the 1920's or 1930's. He worked as a factory worker/ laborer in a textile or a cigarette factory there. My Grandfather, Herbert Everette STEPHENSON, Senior, told me that his Father came from Kinnebec in Harnett County. The family had a big plantation/farm. I have met people here in Greensboro and in Durham and Raleigh who know many STEPHENSON's in the Angier/Dunn/ Lillington area. They have verified some of this information. Do you know anything else about my Grandfather or of the Stephensons. I would like to know more about any of them. Thank you! Gary N. Stephnson

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