January - December 2003

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HOLDER   November 11, 2003
I have located an ancestor's burial place at Spring Hill Methodist Cemetery but have been unable 
to locate any information at all pertaining to this relative.  He was my great-grandfather and 
his name was Malcolm J. HOLDER.  It shows the year of his birth as 1888 and the year of his death 
as 1951.  That is all the information that I have.  My grandfather (Malcolm's son) was Sion HOLDER.  
Someone please help me break this wall.  I still have living HOLDER relatives in Sanford but have 
not been able to find out much as they are getting on in years.  Please email me with any information 
that you may have if you know anything about this family.  I would so much appreciate it. S. Elane Holder.

BYRD / HOWARD   October 30, 2003
I am just beginning my genealogical search into the BYRD / HOWARD family 
of Harnett County, NC. My mother was Irene Beatrice BYRD, daughter of 
John BYRD and Mary Henrietta HOWARD of Mamers, NC.  If anyone has 
anything relative to this  family or to their parents ( I am especially 
interested in the Howard side since the Byrd side has already been done).
My great grandfather was Rev. Caswell (?) Suggs Howard and GM was Mary 
Adaline Thomas. The Howard side of that is George Howard, b 10/15/1791 
and Elizabeth Sugg, b 9/28/1789 and their parents were James Howard, b 
9/28/1760 and Rosanah Barber, b 1756.
Any information would be appreciated.  Most of this  data is not sourced 
since it came out of my Aunt Lillie O'Quinns bible. Jim Smith Hendersonville, NC.

STREET / BRYANT   October 12, 2003
My GGGrandparent Cass Moore STREET and Elsie BRYANT were born and married in Harnett County, N.C. 
around 1888-1889. Do you have a record of that marriage? They were African American and Cherokee 
Indian. They were bless with ten children; Duke, Robert, Amanda(My Grandmother born December 24, 
1894) Martha, Cass, Marsden, Jackson, James, Dora, Lutisha. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

JOHNSON / LEE / COBB   September 20, 2003
I am searching JOHNSON, LEE, & COBB from Harnett County. John JOHNSON married Anna Jane COBB 
in Cumberland County. They are in the 1850 Census of Cumberland County Northern Part. On the 
1860 Census they are in Harnett County. I assume they did not move but were in the formation 
of Harnett County. John JOHNSON and Anna oldest son Needham JOHNSON married Mary Ann LEE. Her 
parents were Elisha LEE and Betsy CAPPS. In the 1900 census all were in Wake County. I would 
like more information on any of the families' ancestors or descendants. Thanks, Gail Davidson

PORTER   August 27, 2003
My great grandmother, Sarah PORTER was from Harnett County, and she married a PORTER, according 
to my Grandmother Lena PORTER who was born in 1886.  She said that she was from Spout Springs, 
and that her mother died in child birth. I cannot find them. I don't know my great grandfather 
PORTER's first name. ..Thanks, Ricky Wallace

COATS / LUCAS   August 24, 2003
I am researching the Ezekial COATS line, whose decendents now live in the Newberry area 
of South Carolina.  He married Eliza Ellen LUCAS (who was from a well known wealthy family 
in North Carolina).  He was born 10/11/1871 in Dunn, NC??? (at least that's where he was 
living before he moved to South Carolina).  He died 11/21/1952 in Newberry, SC.
I found an entry on AncestryPlus.com submitted by Paulette Faulkner which may be the marriage 
information on this couple -- married 6/2/1895 in Harnett County, NC.  However, the email I 
sent to her came back as unknown address.  ... Thank you for any help you can provide.
Patsy Swygert  617 Sulphur Springs Road, Greenville, SC  29617

SEATS / HAMILTON   August 18, 2003
I am from Mississippi so I am trying to research some family history online. 
I am looking for an obituary for Vernie Elizabeth SEATS HAMILTON born Hector's Creek 
Township, Harnett Co. 1911, Died May 4, 2002. Thank you very much. Karen Q 

LUCAS / McRAE / ARMSTRONG   July 27, 2003
Hi, I'm researching Caucasian & African American families with the ARMSTRONG
surname that lived in Cumberland and Harnett Counties in North Carolina
during slavery and now.  I descend from the LUCAS, McRAE and ARMSTRONG
surnames.  My ggg grandfather Abe or Abram L. ARMSTRONG (b. abt. 1858 or
1862, d. 3/19/1939 was African- American, birth place Harnett Co., N.C.  His
parents were Tom & Joanna ARMSTRONG.  He married three times; 1st wife Grace
LUCAS b 1865 her parents were Evander & Lucy Lucas, his 2nd wife was Ella
GOINS marriage date 7/25/1897 from Moore County and 3rd wife Anna or Annie
CLARK marriage date 6/6/1900-Cumberland Co. born 2/19/1881.
I would like to request information regarding ARMSTRONG slave plantations in
Cumberland & Harnett County, North Carolina.  Also would appreciate hearing
from anyone with a marriage license, death certificate, census entry,
obituary, and etc. for Tom & Joanna ARMSTRONG, Abe or Abram L. ARMSTRONG,
cemetery in Olivia, North Carolina; I would like to know if African American
families were buried there or Caucasian.  I am more than happy to share the
information that I have. Thank you, Sharon Daniels

MORRISON   July 24, 2003
I am researching the MORRISON family who emigrated to Cumberland and 
Harnett Counties from the Isle of Skye, Scotland after 1750.  Roderick 
MORRISON (b. abt. 1729, d. 1824) is said to have married his cousin, 
Isabella MORRISON (b. abt. 1745, d. 1839).  I descend from their daughter, 
Annie Penelope MORRISON, who married John McSWAIN in Cumberland County in 1818.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on Harnett County 
MORRISONs and associated families, particularly those who live or lived in 
the Upper Little River district.  I am more than happy to share the 
information that I have. Thank you. Cathy Griffin Fairman

MARTIN    July 11, 2003
Seeking information on the Martin family found in the 1870 census for Neills Creek, 
Harnett County, NC.  Head of household listed as MARTHA MARTIN with an ISABELLA MARTIN age 23 
included along with several children. Gwen O'Daniels

STEWART    June 11, 2003
I'm trying to find my anscentors.  I know my granddaddy, grandmother, mother, aunts, and uncle were 
born in Dunn, NC. Marshall STEWART married Lillie Mae STEWART, they had 4 childrens, all born in Dunn. 
Could you please help me? Thanks alot, Linda Redmond Tampa, Fl

I am specifically looking for information about Bullard JACKSON born about 1750.  He is supposedly 
listed in " Heritage of Harnett County, North Carolina" / " Collection of Harnett County Families" .  
Are copies of these manuscripts/books available?  I would like to know if Bullard JACKSON served 
as a Revolutionary war soldier.  
My grandfather was Joseph STRICKLAND and my grandmother was Ida MCLAMB.  Joseph Strickland's father 
and mother were George Elder STRICKLAND and Euphemia RAYNOR.  I have been able to find information 
on the Raynors, but can't find anything about ancestors to George E. Strickland.
Ida McLamb's father was John W. MCLAMB and her mother was Winnie C. Magnolia TEW.  I have found a 
lot about the TEW family, but can't find anything about John W. McLamb's ancestry.  
I would appreciate any help or sources you can provide.  I am particulary interested in finding a 
Revolutionary War patriot in my family ancestry.  I live in central Pennsylvania now, but grew up 
in North Carolina which is where my mom's family came from.  One of my childhood dreams was to 
become a DAR member. Thank you. Beth Reifsnyder 

Seeking information on Calvin "Doc" PARRISH, my paternal G Grandfather.  He would have been born 
sometime before 1860.  He married Smitha HARPER and they lived in Johnston County, NC, but probably also lived 
in Harnett County.  Their daughter, Gillie Parrish, married my paternal Grandfather, James Henry STEPHENSON in 
1894.  Gillie Parrish STEPHENSON died in 1949 in Harnett Co, NC and is buried in Dunn, NC.  Any information 
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Patsy Stephenson Grissett

I am looking for my great grandfather, Ad BARNES (Adison or Addison) I believe. He would have been born 
around 1878-79. From what I can find out, which is not much, the family came from Harnett Co. He was married 
to Mary Elisabeth either STRICKLAND or SURCEY. Her year of birth was 1883-1884. They had five children. 
Tommy born 1893, Nancy born 1902, Charlie born 1905,a son (Ed or Edward) Died age 8, and James born 1908 (my grandfather).

The family was always told that Ad died around 1910-1912. But one family member recalls being told that he 
just did not come home one day. This subject was always brought to an end anytime some one brought it up. 
Now I think I know why. I found a Adison H. BARNES in the 1920 Census. His age matched, he was married, and 
was in the state pen. in Raleigh. I don't know if this was my great grandfather but I think there is a good 
chance. Could you please advise me on how to get a copy of those records? If not could you recommend someone 
that can? I am in OR and find it difficult to research this on the computer. So any help or recommendations 
would be appreciated. Thank you so much for your time. Lisa Waterstreet Oregon

JACKSON / BAREFOOT / LEE    May 13, 2003
Would like to hear from anyone who may be related to, a descendant of, or know anything about 
the following persons. They were all living next to each other in the 1860 Harnett County census:

Y.S. JACKSON     21
Civil      "             17
Civil (Sybil/Sibel Civil E. Norris)   They were married within the year.

L. L. BAREFOOT     27
Eliza    "          20         They were married within the year.

A. (Abner?) J. LEE   37
Delany           "    43
S.M.D.C.         "     16 

Any and all information, data, hints, etc. gratefully appreciated.
Jean Moore 4805 Conestoga Circle, Garner, NC 27529

SMITH    April 23, 2003
Searching for any information (birth, marriage, death, family history, etc.) on William SMITH, 
born abt. 1835, in Johnsonville, Harnett, Co.   William was the son of Robert SMITH Jr., born abt. 1796, 
and wife Elizabeth born abt. 1803.   William's grandparents were Robert SMITH, Sr. and wife Catherine.   
Robert, Sr.'s Will of 1813 identified his sons Robert Jr., David, John, William and James SMITH.   The 
Will was witnessed by Angus Kelly, Hugh Kelly and John Munroe all of whom lived close to Robert, Jr.   
Robert SMITH, Sr.'s sons in law were Alston McLaughlin and David King.   Any information on this SMITH 
Family would be appreciated. Thanks,  Ben Hudson

FUTCH    April 15, 2003
Looking for information on John FUTCH age 26, and Wiley FUTCH age 34, Enlisted in the Confederate army 
on Feb.1, 1862. Both were members of Co. K, 3rd. NC Infantry, (holly shelter volunteers). Neither survived 
the war. Richard Futch

BOOKER / STEPHENS    April 01, 2003
Looking for any information on Jones STEPHENS, from Harnett County, buried in Cool Springs. He married 
Delila Booker in 1816; she is the daughter of Isaac BOOKER, of Chatham County. They had several children 
including John L STEPHENS, who was born in 1828 and married Pricilla Salmon daughter of William Bradford Salmon. 
I just need help finding the parent's of Jones STEPHENS. Thanks John L. Stephens, Jr.

CANNADY / BYRD    March 17, 2003
Cada Floyd CANNADY married Celeste BYRD, my greatgrandfather greatgrandmother   They had 6 children:  
Nina Cannady, Bessie Cannady, Ela Cannady, Lula Cannady, Jessie T. Cannady, William Franklin Cannady, 
I think there may have been a seventh. Nina CANNADY married a Often. She is my grandmother. Records 
show they moved to Vance Co. from Harnett Co. I have more information on them.  I do not know who 
Celeste Byrd's mother and father was, but Cada Floyd Cannady's father was Thomas CANNADY. I would like 
additional information on them if possible. Please excuse my errors because I am just getting into this 
ancestry work. Thank You, James T. Roberson , Henderson, N.C. tel. 252-492-0481

DAVIS    March 12, 2003
Do you know of anyone who has an inventory of Antioch [Cemetery] in Mamers?  I am from the Henry DAVIS 
line and I understand that my G-G Grandfather/G-Grandfather and Grandfather and most of their families are 
buried their.  I would appreciate any help I can get.  I live in Alabama and it is hard to get back home.  
Thank you, Judi Weaver

JACKSON    February 28, 2003
I live in MS and my father & mother have passed away. My father was born in Dunn, NC and I'm trying to do 
a family tree and being the youngest of the children, I'm having a very hard time. My siblings can't remember 
much to help me in this. My gfather is buried in the Erwin Memorial Cem. along with my gmother and also 
my aunts and an uncle I only knew as Carlton. Since my fathers death and not knowing much about my family 
tree on his side, I have decided to take this search on by myself to find out more about these people I never 
met. I have found out by search on the web that the uncle I knew of only by name was lost at sea. I have found 
out he was in the Navy and aboard the SS Harry Luckenback that was sunk during WWII on 3/17/43. I can't seem 
to find out anything more. I have hope to get some pictures of the grave sites, because I then would know the 
dates of births and the dates of death. I'm so far away from NC and I'm so trying to find out about the family 
I never knew. If there is anything you could let me know of if I give you some names of them I would be so very 
very appreciative for any help. 
gfather- Amos Holmes Jackson 
gmother- Mary Madeline Frye Jackson 
aunts-   Beaula Mae Jackson 
         Mathie Ann Jackson 
         Levie Lay Jackson (only lived 2 mos. dates of 3/21  - 5/21 
uncles-  Amos Carlton Jackson  (lost at sea  1943) 
         Jasper James Jackson  (buried in Charlotte NC)   Sheila J Christenbury

JONES    February 27, 2003
Would like to learn more of the family of Allen N. JONES (born 13 Oct.
1871 in Lincoln Co., NC died 4 Feb. 1956 Harnett Co., NC [assume] buried
Buies Creek Cemetery) and Mary Jane Hovis JONES (born 16 Nov. 1876 in
Lincoln Co., NC died 24 May 1942 Harnett Co., NC [assume] buried Buies
Creek Cemetery). Known child is Kathleen Jones born 21 Jan. 1913 in
Lincoln Co., NC died 22 Jan. 2002 in Sanford, Lee Co., NC. Kathleen
married Samuel Worth "Jack" Beale. An assumed child is Allen E. Jones
born 20 Sep. 1905 died 12 Jul 1978 buried Buies Creek Cemetery. He may
have been married to Gladys H. Jones born 12 Mar. 1906 died 6 Jul. 1990
buried Buies Creek Cemetery. I feel that more children of Allen and Mary
Jane exist. Can anyone help me? Jo Ann Sizer

TURLINGTON / JOHNSON    February 12, 2003
I am looking for the parents and/or siblings of Miley TURLINGTON born 1810 and married to William JOHNSON.  
She is listed in the 1860 census for Summerville in Harnett county and I have records of her attending 
Pleasant Union Christian Church.
Thank you, David Milton 330 Johnson Farm Road, Lillington, NC 27546

LOVE / WIGGINS    February 01, 2003
I am looking for information on William Amos LOVE Dec. 2 1881 to Sept 22, 1964, married to 
Nancy Carolyn WIGGINS May 25, 1887 to May 10, 1971. I have been told that William Love moved 
from Harnett County to Johnston Co. Thank you, John Love 

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