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McDONALD / McLEOD   September 25, 2004
I found your web site after doing exhaustive research for my scottish ancestors from Harnett Co.
I was told  Roderick McDONALD came from The Isle of Skye when he was 14 yrs. He settled in Lillington,
Buies's Creek area. He married a McLEOD? who was also born in Scotland.

Lineage: J.T. Reardon married Effia(perhaps Rodericks daughter) 1860 census, HarnettCounty, shows 82yr 
Nancy McDonald in their household. Daughter Henrietta b.1841 married Wade H.Kirby(My grandmother Maude 
Kirby Ivey's parents)

Any help in tracing them will be so appreciated. Sarah(Becky)Ehinger

RYALS / MORGAN / JOHNSON   July 21, 2004
John Lloyd RYALS married 1st Nancy Ann MORGAN. He was b.Nov. 4, 1832 Cumberland Co., NC and 
d. May 9,1907 Erwin,NC. I was told after Nancy Ann MORGAN RYALS passed away he married 
Mary Jane JOHNSON. They had a son Carlie Hervey RYALS b.August 7 1889 Harnett Co., NC. John 
Lloyd and Nancy Ann had many children giving Carlie half brothers and sisters. Does anyone 
know anything about John Lloyd's second wife, Mary Jane Johnson? I have been told that Carlie 
Hervey RYALS' wife later married Ourse R.(O.R.) JOHNSON who was related to Mary Jane JOHNSON 
somehow. If you have any info on this please write me. Thank you. Jackie Ryals Prescott

JACKSON   July 15, 2004
I am trying to find out information on the parents and grand parents of John Ransom JACKSON. 
John Ransom JACKSON was born around 1868 and died in 1930. He was married to Mary Jane JACKSON. 
I think his fathers name was John. They lived in or around Dunn N.C.
John Ransom JACKSON was my gggGrandfather. Gregory Kent Jackson

McCORQUODALE / BOOTH   June 29, 2004
I am trying to determine the early lineage of my grandmother Jane McCORQUODALE.  With the 
help of the Randolph Library genealogist we have determined the following:

My grandmother, Jane McCORQUODALE, was born May 23, 1878 (Info provided by my father)

Her mother was Mary C. McCORQUODALE of Harnett County born September, 1855.
My great grandmother Mary moved with her family to Randolph County in 1894.

My grandmother's siblings were:
Ellen McCorquodale born July, 1885
Spicy McCorquodale born May, 1887
Neil A. McCorquodale born November, 1889
John Farley McCorquodale born November, 1892

I have scoured the census rolls, e-mailed other McCorquodales, and
unfortunately I can not determine from which line of McCorquodales my
grandmother was born. The family lore is that she worked for her father in
hus grocery store until her marriage to Robert BOOTH October 8, 1902.

Whatever help you may be able to provide would be very kindly appreciated as
I have reached an impasse. Regards,Lili Hammond

BLAIR   May 29, 2004
I am trying to find information on my grandmother, Georgia MONDS BLAIR.  She was born sometime 
around 1910.  She married Harry Frederick BLAIR around 1934-5.  She died in Harnett County, in 
or around the town of Dunn, NC.  She had one daughter, Margaret E. BLAIR. Thank you, Heather Henson

DUKE TOWNSHIP   May 06, 2004
Would like to know when Duke Township was formed, thanks for any help, Helen Ennis Williams

ENNIS   May 05, 2004
I am Looking for information on a Handy Hawkins ENNIS, he lists his resident as 
Harnett Co., NC on his Civil War records, he was born abt. 1835 in NC, Thanks for any 
help, Helen Ennis Williams

WILSON / THOMAS   March 29, 2004
I was born in New Jersey, but my roots are from Harnett County.  My relatives were farmers from "Upper 
Little River" and "North of the A & W Railroad".  Can you tell me what town or towns this area might be 
today?  Names of relatives include Cora L. WILSON (b. 1873?) who married Joseph W. THOMAS (b. 1861).  
Thank you.  Eleanor Frank

WILLIFORD   March 4, 2004
I'd like to see if you can steer me in the right direction. I have a death certificate for my grandfather, 
Leon Otis WILLIFORD, which says he was born in Ocotber 1897 in Dunn (Harnett County) NC. I also have 1920 
and 1930 census records which state his parents were born in North Carolina. I also have a WWI registration 
from 1918, which states his closest relative at that time was Warren S. Williford (who was son of Sir 
William WILLIFORD). I think Warren was his uncle? But I have never been able to find who his parents 
were for sure. After a lot of digging in the census I think his family may have actually been in Sampson 
County (Mingo). Were the county lines different or changing in the 1880's to 1890's? I am wondering since 
I find Sampson census data going way back into early 1800's but nothing on Harnett before 1890. So I am 
wondering if Harnett might have been part of Sampson County at one time.

In any case. I am trying to find a birth records or census record that would tell me the family (there 
are many Willifords in that area) that my grandfather came from. I am suspecting Leon might have been 
a grandson of Sir W. Williford (and possibly son of John W. son of Sir W), but I am not sure. what would 
you suggest to connect Leon with his parents?  Scott Williford, San Diego, CA

PERRY   February 25, 2004
Have reached a dead end with AMOS PERRY and wife SOPHIA T. PERRY who had 3 children born at Summerville 
near present day Lillington. The children were:
1) BENJAMIN PERRY b.7 June 1855
2) AMOS PERRY JR  b.7 June 1858)
3) JAMES PERRY b.12 Sept 1860
They were baptized at St James in Wilmington  after the Civil War. AMOS SR may be the same Amos Perry, 
a riverboat captain, mentioned in Riverboating ( a book about the Cape Fear River in the 1800's )
Would appreciate any help. J P Chappell

MOORE / SMITH / WIMBERLY   Janurary 18, 2004
I am trying to find some information  on my Husband's grandfather who at one time ran the 
ferry across the Cape Fear River near Lillington. His name was Christopher MOORE. he married Nancy 
Elizabeth SMITH. They had several children all of which lived in Harnett County. My mother in Law 
was Bertha Elizabeth Moore WIMBERLY (born Feb 8 1907). Other children of Christopher were  Son's 
Sim Moore, Nan Moore daughter's were Nancy Florence, Cornelia, Ila, Mamie.  Any help would be helpful.
Christopher (Kit) was killed by an car in 1932. Thanks, Barbara Wimberley.

GREGORY   Janurary 18, 2004
Looking for ancestral information on Charles Rastus GREGORY who lived near Buies Creek, NC, married to 

JOHNSON / DENNIS   December 31, 2003
I am looking for my grandfather's family. He is James Benton JOHNSON born 1-24-1885 died 1-13-1930. 
He died in Richmond, Va., but his death cert says he is from Harnett Co, NC. His father's name is 
Burrell JOHNSON, and it says his mother is Frances DENNIS, but I am not sure if her  first name was 
Frances. His obituary from the newspaper says he was survived by his parents and 6 sisters 
and 2 brothers. He married Nina Mae King of Wayne Co., NC. Bible records say they married 6-11-1913.
Name unknown.

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