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PORTER   December 24, 2005
I am looking for a history or records on the PORTER Family, who probably lived in Spout Springs in the 
1800's. Could you help me. A couple of names are Sarah PORTER and Strange PORTER. Thanks! Karen Gee

SMITH   November 28, 2005
I am looking for information on Christompher Columbus SMITH, born 2 Sept 1874, place unknown.  He died 
15 july 1925 in Lillington, Harnett, NC.  He had a son, Thad SMITH, born 1905 in Dunn, Harnett, NC.  I 
am looking for Christopher Columbus SMITH's birth place, and wife's name.  Thanks! Janie Smith

MASSENGILL   October 17, 2005
I am looking for information on a Estella Hayes MASSENGILL  I think her husband was Hector MASSENGILL, 
She had a son on 9/15/1922 I am not sure if this was in Harnett or Johnston County the only name I have 
found recorded is (son Massengill born 9/15/1922 I am almost 100% sure that this was my father I would 
like to know about my grandmother and Grandfather, and of course my father as I have been searching for over
ten years...I found my grandmothers death on Harnett County records. She was born 12/6/05 and died 7/8/98. 
It also states there is also a date I am not sure what this is 12/2/1960 Rt.#2 FourOaks. Warmest Regards
Donna Addison

McLEAN   September 24, 2005
Blacks living in Lillington named McLEAN. I am writing on behalf of Bill McLIN.  We found his 
Grandfather Bill and his Great-Grand father Sandy McLEAN on the 1880 cenus. They lived in Lillington, 
and were counted on the 1880 and 1870 census.  We are trying to locate where they are buried.  Any 
help would be kind. Yours, Miss Carol Anne Boardman, LAFHC

PATTERSON / ROGERS / GILBERT   September 17, 2005
Looking for data about James Brittan PATTERSON (1855 - 1930). He was married to Isabella C. 
Unknown and then Louie Frances ROGERS. J. B. PATTERSON was the son of John W. PATTERSON, 
(1833 – 1904) and Mary Jane GILBERT (died 1913). Mary Jane was the daughter of Brittan GILBERT. 
They are buried at Holly Springs Baptist Church, Harnett County, NC. Contact Betty

I am originally from Johnsonville, NC and I am looking up information on my family.  Both sides are 
from Harnett County.  My mother's family were the McLEANs and FULLERs of the Kipling/ Angier area.  
My father's side were the McGILBERRY/McGILVEARY, and STROUDs of Johnsonville/ Olivia area.  Both are 
fairly large Black families of the area.  I would greatly appreciate anything you have on them.
Jonathan Stroud

BYRD   August 27, 2005
Alvie BYRD was my grandfather, whom was killed by one of his old drinking buddies in or around the 
early 1930's.  My mother, Alva Lee BYRD Thomas was just a baby or either not born yet before her 
dad was killed.  This happened in Harnett county just outside of Lillingon.  I did have an old 
newspaper article about it but have misplaced it.  Any suggestions would be helpful on this or 
even his family background. Thanks, Keith Thomas

GREGORY   July 27, 2005
my great grandmother was Sara Sallie Beasley GREGORY she is buried in the cementary by the pond 
in Angier, I do not know the name of the cementary, please let me know., she died on July 11, 1957.  
Her husband was Nathan Archie GREGORY, I do not know where he is buried, or where he came from. My 
mother still has family there, but they are getting older and don't remember much. Looking for Sallie 
and Archie's parents? Please help. Rosa Gillikin

ADLEY   July 21, 2005
I am searching for any information on the history of Dunn.  I am especially interested in 
D & S Railway, Dunn Hardware, Flieshman's Department Store, the First Baptist Church, and 
any stories anyone might have heard about the "Gates" to the city of Dunn.  My grandparents, 
the ADLEY's, lived in Dunn from about 1898.  I am trying to put together a family history 
and would like to include history of time and place--both historical fact and folklore. 
If I can be on help to anyone, I am happy to share my info on the following Harnett (or 
sourrounding) County families:
BENOIST (BENOY)(cumberland co)
I also have some school pictures from about 1911 if anyone would like to see them....Dunn.
Please email me at seabreeze3@cox.net and mention Harnett County in subject line.
Thank you so much. Cheryl Skinner in Greenville, NC.

PARKER / LUCAS   July 11, 2005
Seeking info on the family/ies of Gilliam PARKER, b. 1830 in Kinston, N.C. and died in Lillington, 
Summerville area in 1914.  He was married twice to LUCAS women.  Any info on this family would be 
appreciated. Thanks. Learry L. Warren, Dunn, N.C.

CAMERON / McLEAN   June 16, 2005
I am researching North Carolina CAMERONs.  Can you tell me if you have run 
across this line?  I am also researching them in Harnett County and Moore County.

Allen J. CAMERON I believe my Allen was living in Barbeque, Harnett Co. NC 
in 1870. Ive not seen the census myself but had an online look up for him. 
Here is info from it.

Allen J. CAMERON,  57,  Farmer,    b. NC
Cath.,  57,  keeping house,  b. NC
A.M.D.,  (m),  23,  working on farm,  b. NC
C.C.,  (m),  16,  working on farm,  b. NC,  attends school
C.J.,  (f),  13,  b. NC,  attends school
Lorrina,  11,  b. NC,  attends school
Lucy McLEAN,  B,  24,  Cook & washer,  b. NC,  can't read or write
Lettie McLEAN  B,  5,  b. NC
George McLEAN,  B,  3,  b. NC

Family Group Sheet
Allen J. Cameron Husband:
December 18, 1812 Born:
September 30, 1834 Married:
December 08, 1892 Died:
Catherine Mclean Wife:
June 23, 1813 Born:
1 Hugh McLean Cameron Name:
April 01, 1835 Born: M
2 Christopher Alexander Cameron Name:
September 18, 1836 Born: M
3 Mary Margaret Cameron Name:
March 08, 1839 Born: F
4 Rachel McDiarmid Cameron Name:
June 04, 1844 Born: F
5 Archibald McDiarmid Cameron Name:
December 04, 1846 Born: M
6 Allen James Cameron Name:
January 25, 1849 Born: M
7 Colin Cameron Name:
May 11, 1851 Born: M
8 Clement Cornelius Cameron Name:
November 05, 1853 Born: M
9 Catherine Janet Cameron Name:
April 26, 1856 Born: F
10 Lorena Cameron Name:
October 20, 1859 Born:
July 18, 1936 Died: Charlotte, North Carolina in:
January 19, 1876 Married: in: Harnett County or Moore County
Tandy Walker Spouse:F
Thanks,  Christy

HARRINGTON / McLEAN   June 08, 2005
I am trying to determine the parents of Janet/Jennette McLean that married John Harrington 
(Aug. 17, 1816 - Mar. 15, 1898 in Harnett County, buried at the Mt. Pisgah Presbyterian Church).  
It seems that Janet McLean was the daughter of a Duncan McLean, but the mother's name is not known. 
I am trying to identify this Duncan McLean and who his wife was.  

I have been provided with the following information:  

Janet McLean was the daughter of Duncan McLean and foster daughter of 
Archibald McDiarmid of Cumberland County, N. C.  According to a book written by Daisy Kelly Cox, 
Janet's mother died of typhoid fever and above five weeks later her father, Duncan McLean, of near 
Manchester, N. C., realized he was dying of the same malady. He sent for Archibald McDiarmid of 
Manchester Post Office, N. C. and asked him to be the guardian of his three children - Duncan, Katie 
and Janet McLean.  Relatives were to care for the two oldest and McDiarmid was to carry the 11 month 
old Janet home with him from her father's burying ground, which he did.  She made her home with the 
McDiarmid family in the old two story house in Cumberland County.  This house was also known as the 
Black Place, on the north side of the Sanford-Fayetteville Highway, about one-half mile from Little 
River.  Janet lived with the McDiarmid family until her marriage to John Harrington.  There was a freshet 
in the (Upper Little) river when Janet McLean Harrington died (January 15, 1887), so she was buried at 
the old home instead of being carried to the church across the river.  Would appreciate any help anyone 
can give on identifying Janet McLean and her parents, as well as the location of the Mt. Pisgah Presbyterian 
Church in Harnett County, and the location where Janet McLean Harrington was buried. Would also appreciate 
any information on the burial place of Duncan McLean and his unknown wife. Linda F. Bennion

WEST / BAREFOOT   June 04, 2005
I am looking for my GG Grandfather,  parents of my G grandfather, Silas WEST b. 1832, m. to Winifred 
"Winnie" BAREFOOT, b. abt. 1845. In 1870, they resided in Sampson County, Westbrook Township, Blackmans 
Mill, Dwelling 38.  I believe Blackmans is now Bryants Mill. They married  1861/1863 and had 3 children: 
Mary E., Julius C. and Archibald (Archie). Our West Family had a Dunn address, but lived in Sampson County. 
All the census information could be in  Clinton, NC. Silas died before the birth and death certificates 
were issued in NC, He died bet. Jan 1900 and Apr 1910.
My brother, Rudolph Nathan WEST participated in the WEST DNA Project and we are descendants of James West, 
B. 1798, SC.  James was married twice, 1st wife and children names are UNK. He is believe to have divorced 
or abandoned the first family. The 2nd wife was married before to a Tucker guy with 5 children, and James 
married her and they had more children, he moved to Wayne Co., TN, then later moved to Itlamawaba (sp), MS 
where he died in 1861.
I have a 34 year gap between Silas West from NC and James West from SC. I am trying to close, Please help 
me if you can. 
Their neighbors were Kirby West, Lloyd and Noel West. Does anyone know who the parents of Silas West is? 
I have information on the Barefoot Family. Winnie was the dau. of Clark(e)y Barefoot, granddaughter of 
Noah Barefoot.
Does anyone know where the Kirby West Cemetery is located? I know its on Timothy Road bet. Rte 242 and 
Rte 13, now Newton Grove Highway.
Some of my uncles were buried in the Kirby West Cemetery. So if you know of this family contact 
Alice WEST Ferguson, Greenebelt, MD  Thanks.

I work for Sheriff Rollins at the Harnett County Sheriff's Office and he has asked me to attempt to 
locate pictures of all the Past Sheriff's of Harnett County. He would like to do a collection in our 
front lobby and also would like to do a collector's edition calendar for 2006 featuring the past of 
Harnett County Sheriffs.I have a list of all of their names since 1855 (24 in all). So far I have been 
able to get 7 pictures from relatives.

James A Johnson, March 11, 1855 to 1858 (have picture)
James Robert Grady, 1858 to 1870
Kenneth McNeill, 1870 to 1876
John A. Green, 1876 to 1890
Colon McArtan, 1890 to 1894
John H Pope, 1894 to 1898
Silas A. Salmon, 1898 to 1904 
William Franklin Pearson, 1904 to 1905
Charles Franklin Pope, 1905 to 1906
James B. Lanier, 1906 to 1912 (have picture)
Issac W. Smith, 1912 to 1914
J. McKay Byrd, 1914 to 1916    
William H. Turlington, 1916 to 1920 (have picture)
J. William McArtan, 1920 to 1924
Arthur F. Fowler, 1924 to 1926 (have picture)
L. Kyle Matthews, 1926 to 1928
John Henry Tart, 1928 to 1930
Arthur F. Fowler, 1930 to 1932 (have picture)
William E. Salmon, 1932 to 1954
Claude R. Moore, 1954 to 1958 (have picture)
Wade H. Stewart, 1958- (have picture)
Lewis Rosser (have picture)
Larry Knott (have picture)
Larry Rollins (have picture)
If you can help me in any way try to achieve this goal for the Sheriff it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Marie Hairr, Sheriff's Finance Office   910-893-9111 ext 202

JOSEPH   April 15, 2005
I am a student at Mount Olive College and I am doing research of our local area. I had came across 
the name of Neil JOSEPH here in Goldsboro, North Carolina. He was a prominent man who had a famous 
Neil JOSEPH Department Store and was the Honorary Consul of Lebanon which were both located in Goldsboro, 
North Carolina. I had heard that there was a Neil JOSEPH in Erwin, North Carolina. He was also Lebanese 
and ran for Mayor of Erwin, North Carolina. Is there a possible relation between these two Neil Joseph's? 
Thanks, Chris Goldsboro, N.C.

McLEAN / McNEILL / DARROCH   April 03, 2005
Four years ago, I hit a dead end with my great-great-grandfather. His name was Murdoch MCLEAN and he 
was born around 1793 in Cumberland County, North Carolina, in what is now current-day Harnett County. 
He married Catherine MCNEILL McLean, 10 January 1825 (have found the North Carolina marriage bond), and 
had the following children with her: Mary McLean, born ca. 1825; Christian McLean, born ca. 1828; John 
McLean, born ca. 1830; Flora McLean, born ca. 1834; and Malcom A. McLean, born 13 October 1839 (my 
great-great grandfather). He then married Margaret DARROCH McLean, 28 November 1842 (have found the 
North Carolina marriage bond), and had the following children with her: Catharine McLean, born ca. 
1844; Margaret McLean, born ca. 1845; Neill McLean, born ca. 1849; Ann McLean, born ca. 1851. The 
information on Murdoch's children was acquired through Cumberland and Harnett county census data from 
the mid-1800s.

I had no information on Murdoch's parents or siblings, but just last week, a cousin of mine discovered 
in Harnett County what appears to be the grave sites of Murdoch McLean's parents. They are located on a 
farm in a secluded wooded area in Lillington near our family's former homestead. He discovered 10 graves 
there, but only two had stones. One reads: "Erected by Murdoch and Christian McLean in memory of their 
mother, Nancy. Died June 1, 1822, age 66." The other has the word "Father" on it, but he couldn't make 
out anything else on that stone. (BTW, he said he had "chills" when he read the information.)

The time frame is appropriate for my Murdoch. From this information, his mother, Nancy, would've been 
born in 1756 and had Murdoch when she was 36. Christian was the name of Murdoch's second child with his 
first wife, born around 1828, so the Christian on the headstone I assume is Murdoch's sibling (I understand 
Christian was usually a girl's name at that time).

If you know of any further information on this line that might help us confirm and expand upon this 
finding, please let me know. Thank you very much. Mickey McLean Greensboro, N.C.

JOHNSON   March 13, 2005
Robert Glenn JOHNSON was born 10 Jun 1908 in Harnett County, NC.  He married Annie Lee Carter, born in Pink
Hill, Lenoir Co., NC, 18 Jun 1947 in Dillon, SC.  He died 1 Dec 1969 in Dunn, NC.  I have no information on
his parents.  What information do you have on my Grandfather? Thank you, Russell Gay

MATTHEWS / BLACK / DUNCAN   March 03, 2005
My deficit is within the surnames of MATTHEWS/BLACK/DUNCAN.  The problem is as follows:
My father's name was James Everette MATTHEWS and I understand that he grew-up near Summerville. 
His father went by the name of Henry Duncan MATTHEWS.  He told Dad that he had been orphaned out 
as a young boy;  that his dad got his head shot-off in the civil war; and that he really didn't 
know if he was a Matthews.  That he could have even been a DUNCAN.  He didn't know!
Now imagine this:  Dad's mother was  Sarah Margaret (BLACK) MATTHEWS, but I cannot find anything 
about her family either.  She and Henry were married and Dad always said that he was the first cousin 
to William Henry BLACK, but I haven't been able to get this affirmed. Sarah Margaret died when Dad 
was a young boy, and his Dad married Mandy Miles. Thanks, and may God continue blessing you abundantly.
Eldridge Matthews Dunn, NC  28334-5687

McDONALD / McLEOD   September 25, 2004
I found your web site after doing exhaustive research for my scottish ancestors from Harnett Co.
I was told  Roderick McDONALD came from The Isle of Skye when he was 14 yrs. He settled in Lillington,
Buies's Creek area. He married a McLEOD? who was also born in Scotland.

Lineage: J.T. Reardon married Effia(perhaps Rodericks daughter) 1860 census, HarnettCounty, shows 82yr 
Nancy McDonald in their household. Daughter Henrietta b.1841 married Wade H.Kirby(My grandmother Maude 
Kirby Ivey's parents)

Any help in tracing them will be so appreciated. Sarah(Becky)Ehinger

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