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	There are several that we are looking at, all members of the Wade family: 
Original was Samuel Andrew WADE. He was born in Cumberland County NC but died in Harnett county. 
dob: 1/22/11848 dod:10/19/1935. I will be going to Cumberland county to look for info on him. Most 
of his children were born in Harnett county. 1st wife: Frances HUDSON, her children; Julius Ceasar 
WADE dob 5/2/1902 dod:3/4/1970 born in Sampson county but lived and died mostly in Harnett county. 
Dock B WADE dob:7/19/1899-Harnett county. Samuel J Wade dob: 8/1898 Harnett County. 2nd wife:Susan 
DRAUGHON:her children; Lillie Mae WADE dob:5/15/1890 Harnett county. Addie Bell WADE dob:6/26/1892 
Harnett county. Third wife:Susan JACKSON:her children: Julius E McCOY Wade dob 1866 Harnett county. 
Mary Shaw WADE dob 1869 Dunn Harnett  County. Samantha Ellen Wade 12/12/1871 no county listed. 
Samuel A Wade dob:12/25/1873 Harnett county. (son) Wade dob 3/02/1877 Harnett County (as there is 
no name here, I am assuming this one died in infancy). Sara Magnolia WADE dob 10/01/1878 Harnett 
county. Thaddeus Wade dob 5/14/1881 Harnett county.
	I am thinking that there must have been deeds etc for Samuel Andrew WADE, if I can get any 
of those, marriage certificates, any type of legal documents that can be disclosed. If there are 
fees etc. please let me know. Thanks for your assistance in this matter. Rita W Allen

ENNIS / HOLMES / PETERSON / WOODARD   November 05, 2006
My father's father Moses HOLMES was buried at the cemetery near the Erwin Cotton Mill.  Several 
years ago my mother and I went there to try to locate his grave.  She was just a school girl when he 
died.  She and Daddy were in school together in Erwin and his father became ill and died of TB in his 
30's leaving small children and a pregnant wife.  Where is the cemetery located and is there a written 
history or a list of the people buried there?  Since Mama died I can't find the cemetery.
I was born at Good Hope Hospital July 14, 1940 to Artice William HOLMES and Heloise Ennis HOLMES.  
Daddy's parents were William Moses HOLMES and Mary Elizabeth WOODARD.  Mama's parents were Lynn ENNIS 
and Attie PETERSON Ennis.  They lived in East Erwin.
Thanks for any help and please feel free to pass my information and email address to anyone who is 
searching also. Beth Holmes Kilgo

JOHNSON / CAMERON   October 29, 2006
I am trying to find out any information you may be able to assist me 
with in the search for my grandmother's side of the family.  It would be 
a Harnett County Search for my Grandmother Mary Bell MCKAY JOHNSON. 
They lived in the Johnsonville area.  My grandmother married James "Jim"
JOHNSON.  They had four sons, Lewis, John, Leroy & Lacy, one deceased 
infant child and four daughters, Gladys, Janie Margaret, Rosie Bell and 
Shirley Jean.  Rosie and Shirley attended Benhaven High School.  All 
were buried at Cypress Presbyterian Church.  The only sister of my 
grandmother's that I remember was Annie MC KAY CAMERON, married to Arch  
CAMERON of Overhills, and her sister-in-law Ola MC KAY and I know of one 
child of Ola's, a daughter Janie Bell MC KAY.  Lewis married Margaret 
Brooks, John married Frances of Lennon, Michigan, Gladys married Hazel 
Cox, Rosie Bell married David Parker, Janie Margaret married Kenneth 
Odell Wooten and Shirley Jean married Norman Doney.  I am the oldest 
daughter of Odell and Janie Margaret Wooten. Thank you for your help. 
Linda Wooten Kimball 919/575-5705  1199 Rotterdam Lane, Creedmoor, NC 27522

PATE / MATTHEWS   October 24, 2006
My Grandmother was Annie Matthews PATE she had a daughter Ruth Helen Pate b.June or July , 1897 
d. April 18, 1963. Her uncle was N. H. Matthews wife was (Mary) these  dates I'm not sure of one was 
b.Nov 13, 1823 d. Aug. 5, 1914  or b. May 10,1861,  my mother had a cousin Laura Matthews Stephenson 
(dates don't know) her children, whom I do have dates on are Emil Jerome b.Oct 15, 1924 d.July 21, 1943 
and NEIL  A.. Stephenson b.Aug 10, 1926 d. July 1961. She also had three other children for which I do 
not have any dates on.  
If you can help me find any thing on the Pates or Matthews please let me know. Aurelia Harvell

I was just curious about how the church got its name. I would appreciate any info you might 
have or can be got from the query board. Gary Hood, Marissa, IL

DOUGLAS   September 28, 2006
I am looking for any information you may have for the area known as Daniels Creek Road (off of 
Buckhorn Road Lee Country). While exploring I came across an old resting place with the graves of RB 
and Nancy Jane Douglas. I have also come upon two old houses but not sure on the dates of construction.
I am a resident on Daniels Creek Road and have no connection any to ancestors in this area. I am just 
eager to learn more about the history of this area as I find it very intriguing. My children and I explore 
the woods (there are well over 1000 undeveloped acres around us) and knowing more about the area would be 
a wonderful teaching opportunity. We are a homeschooling family, so as you can imagine the historical items 
we have found are great pathways to the history of our area and our country. :) 
The information I do have from the headstones is that Nancy Jane Douglas was born 1842 and died in 1918 
and she married (December 31, 1868) RB Douglas who was born (not positive on these dates as his stone 
was a little hard to read) July 2 1845 and died December 22 1913. 
I was able to find someone that did know some history on the area who was going to look in her records 
for the Douglas family but I never heard back from her. From my understanding this area once belonged 
to her Great Grandfather who owned a plantation. She said after the civil war his slaves wanted to stay 
with him so he split up the land in such a way that it could never be taken from them. In exchange they 
helped him farm his land. 
One other thing I am interested in learning about is a house that was in Broadway NC that burned (not sure 
of the dates) and another house was erected with the materials they were able to salvage from the home 
destroyed. I found a picture online but for the life of me can not find it now. I believe it was the 
Laseter House or something like that. 
Thanks so much for your time and help! I look forward to hearing from you :) Toni

PS: This appears to be Rova B. Douglas born abt. 1844 and his wife Nancy born abt. 1847. R. B. was the 
son of Abel Douglas born abt 1818 and his wife Nancy born abt 1822  of Cumberland County, NC. (Myrtle Bridges)

SMITH / STEWART   September 11, 2006
My paternal grandmother was Essie Jane SMITH STEWART. Her parents are listed on her marriage 
license as Isacc and Rebecca SMITH. She has at least two brothers, Young B and Sammy. Uncle Sammy 
lived in Durham, NC. Essie Jane SMITH married John Benjamin Franklin STEWART in Duke, Harnett County, 
NC on December 26, 1915. I have not been able to find any info on Isacc and Rebecca prior to the 1900 
Census. I know Isacc was deceased before the 1910 Census but can't find where he died. I have reached 
a roadblock. If anyone can be of assistance please let me know. Linda Stewart Wells

JOHNSON / POLLARD   August 27, 2006
I'm looking for info on Junius H. JOHNSON married to Ada POLLARD, shown to be living in Lillington  
in 1915, at that time both were about 37 years old and had 4 or 5 children. If you can help, that would 
be great. Daniel E. Detrich, Orange Park, FL

NEWSOME / GODWIN   August 27, 2006
My father, Leander Vance NEWSOME, was born in Harnett County in 1898 to Josephine NEWSOME.  
His father, according to my grandmother, was a GODWIN.  I would like to find out if his birth was 
recorded in Harnett Co., and if so, who was listed as his father.  Thank you for your assistance 
in this matter. Sincerely, Nancy L. McAdoo, Virginia Beach, VA

Looking for info on G-G-Grandfather, Mr. RYALS.  He was married to Lucinda DENNING born 1830 to 
Joel & Elizabeth JERNIGAN Denning.  There were 4 children Matilda, Allen, Thomas, and Catherine, my 
g-grandmother married to James H. POPE.  My grandmother, Susan Pope was married to Foy K. WHEELER and 
had my mother, Myrtle M. Wheeler in 1911.  Doug Critcher, Richmond VA

WILSON / WILSON   July 15, 2006
I am searching to see if anyone may have any information on a WILSON to WILSON family from Harnett County.  
My mother, Lillie Mae WILSON married James David WILSON in 1928.  I have found some information on my mothers
side back to my great-grand father Sherwood WILSON who married Lucy MEDLIN.  My grandfather, Polk WILSON 
married Lula CHRISTIAN.  I can't seem to find anything of my fathers history.  His fathers name was William 
WILSON who was married to Bella MONROE (this was the spelling I was given).  It's my understanding that my 
father and hs brother John WILSON was taken out of the home, and placed in an orphange at an early age. Both 
skipped out when James David WILSON was about 12 years old. James had siblings named John, (preacher) Dan, 
and Bertha.  If there are more, I do not remember them. Anyone who may have any information on either of the 
families, please email me. Any leads will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you Frances Wilson Berube

GOOCH / HOLLAND   July 15, 2006
I am the granddaughter of James Ivon GOOCH, Sr. and Swannie HOLLAND GOOCH formerly of Harnett County 
and Johnston County.  I am looking for information about my ancestors.  Thank you! Susan Gooch Guthrie

BULLARD / HAM   June 11, 2006
I need to know who Cornelia F. BULLARD married.  She was born abt. 1848, daughter of James BULLARD and 
Sarah Jane HAM.  She was born in an area of Cumberland Co that became Harnett Co. Violet M. Bullard

Hello, My name is Cindy Martin.  I am attempting to start researching my family tree but do not know 
where and how to start.  I am African-American.  My parents are Sidney MARTIN Jr. (MS) and Willie Sue 
McNEILL MARTIN (NC).  It is my mother's side of the family I am starting.  Her parents are Junious 
Wesley MCNEILL (deceased Jan. 2001) and Carrie BAILEY McNEILL of the city of Lillington, Harnett County, 
North Carolina .  I know the my grandfather's parents names were Amos MCNEILL and Flora ELLIOTT McNeill 
and my grandmother's parents were Alexander BAILEY and Ora MCKOY(MCKAY) Bailey. 

Birth information that I do know is following:
Willie Sue MCNEILL Martin  born May 3, 1944
Junious Wesley MCNEILL born April 2, 1923
Carrie BAILEY MCNEILL born April 23, 1921   Cindy Martin or Military address

ARMSTRONG / DOBBIN / McLEOD   March 22, 2006
Our ancestors came from Harnett County.  As now,  my great grandfather was named Emerz (Emory) DOBBIN 
which married Patsy Armstrong McDOUGALD in the 1850s.  Patsy was the granddaughter of Thomas and Joasmia 
ARMSTRONG.  Thomas purchased 250 acres of land from Neill and J. A. Cameron for $250.  Thomas' children 
were Amy, Charottle, Sue, Margaret, Fred, Peter, Daniel, Rusty, Benjamin and Abraham.
Please let me know if you have any information of the ARMSTRONG and DOBBIN or McLEOD. In 1870 Census, it 
shows Emerz McLEOD (age 14) in the household of Charottle and Ben DOBBIN.  Charottle is believed to be one 
of Thomas' daughters.  Patsy was in the household of Amy and John McDOUGALD.  Amy is believed to be one of 
Thomas' daughters. Charlene

ADAMS / WILSON / YOUNG / CUTTS   March 20, 2006
Sampson R. WILSON and Ridley E. ADAMS were both born in 1846 in North Carolina. I found Sampson 
in 1850 living with Warren and Martha YOUNG in Harnett Co, with his last name listed as Young. Then, 
in the 1860 Census, he is living in the same household, but he and a younger brother, William M., are 
both listed with the last name Wilson, and there are no other Wilsons in the household. I have found 
a Census that listed his occupation as Teacher, and another said Justice of the Peace. 
    A distant cousin says that his parents were Furney WILSON and Martha Patsy Sills CUTTS, and that 
Furney is believed to have died in the Mex-American War in about 1847, but there is nothing to back 
up this theory. Sampson is buried in the Young family Cemetery in Harnett Co, and I haven't yet found 
where Ridley ended up. They were living in Black River when they were in their 60s, and besides Willie, 
they had Silvester P., Mary J., and Cora M(?). Any information you are able to provide would be dearly 
treasured! Thank you! Shannon Trimble

HOLDEN / BROWN / COWARD   March 08, 2006
I am a history teacher who is using the genealogies of my students to teach history.  I am 
searching for the African American families of HOLDEN and BROWN in Harnett Co. N.C.

I found the HOLDEN family that I am looking for in the 1930 Census in Dunn.  There 

Is a Ed HOLDEN age 44, occupation, barber, Frankie HOLDEN ( I don't know her maiden name but I have 
that her parents were Ransom and Nellie).  The children were Allen and Edna.  Ed and Frankie had 
another daughter named Lillie born in 1932 in Harnett Co. She married Cebie BROWN  Cebie may have 
been born April 30, 1931 in Kinston, Lenoir Co. NC.  They married July 25, 1952. I think that 
Cebie Brown's parents may have been Tom BROWN and Callie COWARD 

I have the HOLDEN family listed in the 1920 census as living in Averasboro.  Frankie and son Allen 
are listed as living separately from Ed. I have no further info on this family.

I would appreciate any help on this family.  Thank you, Desiree Hurst

PATTERSON / BUIE   January 19, 2006
I am looking for some help please.  My name is Chuck PATTERSON.  I have a question about a stone 
at Mount Pisgah Presbyterian Church in Broadway.  Its for Duncan PATTERSON, b. 26 Sep 1782, d. 24 Oct 
1864.  It reads "buried in family plot two miles South East.  Duncan's first wife was Mary BUIE.  
Burial place unknown".  My father, Emory Glover Patterson, was born and raised near Seminole.  I 
still have relatives there.  I am wondering if anyone might know where this family plot is.  I want to 
go there and search for ancestors.  I live in Dayton, Ohio and am planning a trip there for July.  I 
will appreciate any help you can give me.  Chuck Patterson

PATE   January 11, 2006
I am looking for information on Ruth Helen PATE, born in Harnett County in the late 1900's
can you give me any information? Aurelia Harvell

PORTER   December 24, 2005
I am looking for a history or records on the PORTER Family, who probably lived in Spout Springs in the 
1800's. Could you help me. A couple of names are Sarah PORTER and Strange PORTER. Thanks! Karen Gee

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