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HARNETT    October 23, 2007
Hello! Iím hoping you might be able to provide me with information about Cornelius Harnett 
for whom Harnett County is named. I discovered the existence of Harnett County a few days ago when 
a small article in the Chicago Tribune detailing a crime caught my eye.  The name literally leapt 
off the page as it is my family name, and not a name that I encounter frequently.  At that point 
I knew nothing of Cornelius Harnett, but was curious about how the county came to be named. A little 
investigation led to my inquiry.

I am aware through my family history, as well as work that Iíve undertaken on my own, that the name 
Harnett is decidedly uncommon, that nearly all who bear the name have roots in approximately the same 
area, and are related, either closely or distantly. So, I have several questions:

Do you have any information about Cornelius Harnettís parents?  Were they immigrants, and, if so, is 
there any information on where they emigrated from? 
Is the name still existent in your area?  If so, are you aware of anyone doing any genealogical work 
on the Harnett family? 

Iím only second generation in the U.S, myself.  Thus, I have quite a bit of information about my 
immediate background, including the fact that my branch of the family were significant landowners 
in western Ireland. Any information you can provide will be most appreciated.
Regards, Mary Ellen Harnett Schiller, Ed.D. Associate Professor Roosevelt University Chicago

YOUNG MARTIN LEE CEMETERY    September 15, 2007
I am looking for the Young Martin Lee Cemetery which is located at the
Tripps outside Dunn, Harnett Co., NC.  Do you have any idea where this
could be?  Thanks. Theresa C. Minor 713-651-8337

ARMSTRONG    August 29, 2007
Hi, we are researching our African- American descendants with the ARMSTRONG surname from the 
Barbecue Township in Harnett County, North Carolina.  Our goal is to correspond with others researching 
their ARMSTRONG descendants in hopes of breaking down a few brick walls.  The Armstrong resided in 
Harnett County, North Carolina during the antebellum period, reconstruction, and post-reconstruction 
period.  During the early 1900's, many ARMSTRONG descendants relocated, moving to nearby Johnston, Moore, 
and Wilson Counties, North Carolina.  While other, Armstrong descendants moved to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, 
Pennsylvania, and possibly Arkansas.
If you descend from the Armstrong surname or have information to aid in our research on the individuals 
we list below we would love to correspond with you.  In addition, we have included a list of surnames 
connected to our Armstrong descendants by marriage.
Surnames connected by marriage:
Looking for descendants of the following men:
1) Name:  Nat ARMSTRONG , Birth:1818, North Carolina, Residence:1870, Barbecue, Harnett, North Carolina
2) Name: Geo (or George) ARMSTRONG, Birth: 1830, North Carolina, Residence: 1870, Barbecue, Harnett, North Carolina
3) Name: Boston (or Bertram) Armstrong, Birth: 1853, North Carolina, Residence: 1870, Barbecue, Harnett, North Carolina
4) Name: Borden (or Bertram) Armstrong, Birth: 1825, North Carolina, Residence: 1870, Gardiners, Wilson, North Carolina
Thank you, Sharon Daniels & Family

TUNSTALL / PERMENTER    August 22, 2007
William James TUNSTALL, age 51 is found in the 1880 census of Harnett County living in Lillington.  He has 
wife, Ellen [Margaret Helen PERMENTER] age 27, daughter Ellen age 10, Orilla age 7, Mary 5, and Margaret 2. 

William was born in England, according to family lore he stowed away on a ship and came to America.  He had a 
beautiful hand in writing, and was said to be the black sheep of some family of possible nobility in England.

He first appears in the census in SC in Horry Co, Conwayborough in 1870.  He is 38 years old working as a 
clerk in a dry goods store.  He has a daughter, Diana E[llen?] 3, a son William J 6 and there is a child, 
Margaret Jenrete age 11 living with them. He married Helen Permenter in Richmond Co in 1871...Does anyone 
have any information on this family?  Zelia Cline

BASS    August 21, 2007
I'm looking for Wiley Bunion BASS who was born in Sampson County but later
moved to Harnett County. He was born abt 1815 and married a Mary BROWN.
His children were: Wiley Washington Bass, Martha Jane Bass, Nancy Ann Bass,
Abel Bass, and Everett Anson BASS. Thank You, Benny Duquette, Erwin, NC Harnett County

CLARK / PARKER / MCLEAN    August 10, 2007
Searching for any information on CLARKS, PARKERS and the MCLEANS from Harnett County anti-bellum era thru 
present. Thank you. Autumn Redcross

DANIEL    July 21, 2007
Searching for the cemetery that Melvin Dorsey DANIEL is buried in. He was born August 14,1914 and died 
October 29, 1969. I was told that he was buried in Harnett County, NC Cemetery but didn't have the name of it. 
Melvin Dorsey DANIEL was the son of James Matt and Maude Lucy Brooks DANIEL. Thank you, Joanne O'Briant

LUCAS    June 14, 2007
I am researching the Lewis LUCAS, Sr. family of Harnett County, NC.  Any information will be appreciated.  
I have children of Holly and Susan LUCAS.  Most sources I have found only list three children.  My records from 
family list 12 and doesn't include Narcissa. Thank you in advance. Ellen Ruey

JONES    June 03, 2007
I am looking for the family background of Ernest Staley JONES. He was my grandfather who died in Virginia 
on July 4, 1965 and buried in Broadway, NC. His birth date was December 30, 1913 in Apex, NC. All I have about 
him is that he married Mary Alice Wilson from Broadway, NC. They had four known children, Frankee (F); Ernest Jr. 
(M); and Cynthia (F). Any assistance would be appreciated. Robert L. Knuth, Jr.

UPPER LITTLE RIVER    May 16, 2007
Can you please tell me where in Harnett County the area referred to as Upper Little River Township 
would be located?  My great-grandparents are listed in the census of 1880 and 1890 as living in 
Upper Little River Township.  Thanks for your help. Judith Wood Patton

McGREGOR / BELL    May 14, 2007
I am interested in finding the location of the land owned by Archibald McGREGOR.  He was born 
in 1818 and died 1885.  He was married to Lucinda BELL on March 29, 1848.  She was born in 1829 
and died in 1902. They are buried at Cypress Pres. Church near Cameron, N. C. Any information 
would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Lee McGregor

JULIA GAMBRELL    May 09, 2007
Would anyone happen to know Julia GAMBRELL that submitted the cemetery site that was found at 
the Harnett County site and/or how I may contact her?  The email address doesn't seem to work any longer.
Gwen O'Daniels, California

BRIDGES / REAVES / POWELL    April 16, 2007
Pearl Elizabeth BRIDGES b. 4 Sep. 1926  to Ennis Bainum BRIDGES  (b. 15 Dec 1899 or 1899) and 
Sallie P. REAVES (b. 24 Aug 1899).  Ennis is of most interest to me.  He is the son of 
Martha J. BRIDGES abt. 1867.  She is the daughter of James POWELL (abt Feb 1838) and Lavina 
(abt. May 1848).  I cannot find a father for Ennis as the first census of record after his 
birth only lists Martha as a widow.  All records I have found so far place the family in 
Johnston/Harnett and Wake counties.  Pearl Elizabeth had brothers Howard Ennis who recently 
passed in Benson/Johnston County and Corbitt who I do not have any information on.  Ennis 
died in Jan 1949 and I have found the cemetery records for Ennis, and Sally at the Bethsaida 
Primitive Baptist Church in Benson. On a final note, the 1930 census lists Ennis B. as a resident 
of the State hospital at Raleigh. Thanks for anything you might know. Michael Sheetz

DEAN / BAKER    March 24, 2007
I am trying to find more information, precisely the father of Jesse David DEAN, who married Mary 
Elizabeth BAKER around 1870. The homestead was in Buckhorn Township of Harnett County. Other names 
in the homestead at the time of the 1860 census were Dilly Dean, Jane Dean, Charlotte Baker and 
Wilson Dean. Any information about any of these people is appreciated. 
Thank you, Jimmy Deans, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980 USA

BULMER    March 24, 2007
I am looking for information regarding the burial site of my great-great grandfather.  His name is 
Edwin P. BULMER.  He was a Union Soldier and died in the battle of Averasboro during the Civil War.  Do 
you have any ideas on how I might locate his grave?  I know that it is like finding the needle in the 
haystack, but it doesn't hurt to try.  Thank you. Sarah E. Amos, Watkinsville, GA

COBB    March 13, 2007
Cobbs of Harnett (and other) County(ies) have located what is believed to be the S. Cobb 
Family Burial Ground. It is located on Abattoir Road about 100 yards off the road behind two tobacco 
barns. There are only 4 legible stones remaining and many broken pieces. This site was cleaned the 
weekend of March 10. If you could shed any more light on this site, it would be greatly appreciated. 
I would like to know if you are aware of any church in that area called "Little Flock?"  On 
the death certificate of the wife of J. M. Cobb(son of S. "Samuel or Sam".) and his son William, Little 
Flock is the place of burial, however, there are children and possibly J.M. Cobb stone at the recently 
found site.  Thank you for any help!  See before and after photos here.   Jill Sturgis

BARKER    February 19, 2007
Thomas BARKER and his wife Laura Jennie came from Lincoln County, NC to Sampson County in December 
1913 with their children: Denny, Sinclair, Leroy, Connie, George R, Glenn and William.  Thomas had 
purchased farm land in Little Coharrie Twp.
      Laura died in 1914 and in the 1920 census Thomas was living as a widower with his children.  
Thomas married Selina Kelly and they had a daughter, Barbara.  Where are Laura and Thomas buried?  
Is the cemetery recorded?
    Some of the family settled in Harnett near Dunn.  Denny died at almost 100 years of age, was 
a charter member of Crestview Baptist Church and is buried in Williford Cemetery in Dunn.  Is this 
cemetery recorded?  I'd like to look for other family burials. I am interested in contacting descendants 
of this family. Zelia Cline

BOLIN    February 11, 2007
Looking for any information on the James BOLIN family born 1767 Scotland died 1843 Harnett Co. N.C. 
and his son Daniel BOLIN born Aug. 4, 1798 died Oct. 19, 1864 Ga.  Anything you can give me would be 
greatly appreciated. Thank you,  Matilda Bolin

MIZE    January 09, 2007
Trying to find information on parents of Thomas Fuller MIZE born near Broadway N.C. 8/13/1891 
and died 7/20/1962 in Harnett Co., N.C. Death certificate lists his mother Mander Elizabeth MIZE 
who supposedly came from Granville Co. N.C. Fathers name was not listed. Can you help me with 
this? At a dead end and can't get around it. Thanks, Jerry Mize

There are several that we are looking at, all members of the Wade family: 
Original was Samuel Andrew WADE. He was born in Cumberland County NC but died in Harnett county. 
dob: 1/22/11848 dod:10/19/1935. I will be going to Cumberland county to look for info on him. Most 
of his children were born in Harnett county. 1st wife: Frances HUDSON, her children; Julius Ceasar 
WADE dob 5/2/1902 dod:3/4/1970 born in Sampson county but lived and died mostly in Harnett county. 
Dock B WADE dob:7/19/1899-Harnett county. Samuel J Wade dob: 8/1898 Harnett County. 2nd wife:Susan 
DRAUGHON:her children; Lillie Mae WADE dob:5/15/1890 Harnett county. Addie Bell WADE dob:6/26/1892 
Harnett county. Third wife:Susan JACKSON:her children: Julius E McCOY Wade dob 1866 Harnett county. 
Mary Shaw WADE dob 1869 Dunn Harnett  County. Samantha Ellen Wade 12/12/1871 no county listed. 
Samuel A Wade dob:12/25/1873 Harnett county. (son) Wade dob 3/02/1877 Harnett County (as there is 
no name here, I am assuming this one died in infancy). Sara Magnolia WADE dob 10/01/1878 Harnett 
county. Thaddeus Wade dob 5/14/1881 Harnett county.
	I am thinking that there must have been deeds etc for Samuel Andrew WADE, if I can get any 
of those, marriage certificates, any type of legal documents that can be disclosed. If there are 
fees etc. please let me know. Thanks for your assistance in this matter. Rita W Allen

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