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BLANCHARD / MORRISON    November 09, 2008
I am searching for the parents of Dicey BLANCHARD who married Benjamin MORRISON on 10 March 1825. 
Dicey was born in about 1801 and died in about 1880 in Cumberland/ Harnett County. Benjamin was the 
exec. Of the estate of John BLANCHARD on 2 June 1816, leading me to think that perhaps he was her father.  
I could not figure out how to post a message on the board at Harnett or Cumberland Co Can you please do 
this for me? Trisha London

McCOTTER    August 15, 2008
My father's family is from Fuquay (then called Fuquay Springs and actually Duncan)  I saw your site 
about the Scots being involved in the Revolutionary war and the founding of Harnett County.  I hope you 
will direct me in finding info about the McCOTTER family.  My father was James Elmo McCotter and his 
parents were Thomas York McCOTTER and Hettie Austin.  His grandparents were Thomas Walter McCOTTER and 
Eppinetas W. Austin.  The parents and grandparents are buried in the Piney Grove Baptist Church cemetary.  
(His brothers were Harvey McCotter, Evander McCotter and Robert Lee McCOTTER).  Any info you can give me 
would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Angela McCotter

DOUGLASS / MILLER / HELTON    June 07, 2008
I am looking for information about Jackson DOUGLAS(S) who married 
Louisa MILLER.  Their son Thomas Giles/Jiles DOUGLASS was born ca. 1862 
in North Carolina.  Thomas DOUGLASS (aka J.T. DOUGLASS, Giles DOUGLASS, 
Jiles DOUGLASS) reported on his marriage license in Howard Co., IN -- 
1890 that he and his parents were born in North Carolina.

Jackson Douglass may have been "Andrew Jackson" or "Jack" or "Thomas 
Jackson" DOUGLASS.  Louisa MILLER may have been "Mary Louisa",  "Sarah 
Louisa", "Lena Louisa" or gone by "Lucy" MILLER DOUGLASS.

The DOUGLASSes may have been Quakers as Thomas DOUGLASS married Martha 
Rosetta HELTON/HEALTON a fellow North Carolinian who also migrated to 
Indiana also.  The HELTON/HEALTON family was Quaker & there is no 
mention in the Quaker records of Martha Rosetta (Etta) HELTON/HEALTON 
marrying outside the discipline.

Any leads about parents, siblings, marriages, deaths, etc. are helpful! 
Thanks! Sarah Norman

BROWN/ SPENCE / SAWYER / McLEOD    April 20, 2008
Elisha B. BROWN was b in NC abt 1825-1832 probably in Cumberland Co. and he was my husband's 
gr-grandfather. He was killed in the Civil War. He married Sarah UNKNOWN in or around 1855. She 
was born abt (1832-and died abt 1900). They had 4 children: Kissiah or Kizzie BROWN, b abt 1856 
and married Joseph SPENCE; James Bradley BROWN b abt 1858 and married Hennie Elizabeth (Bett) 
WILLIAMS; T. Catherine BROWN b Oct 1859 and married Neill SAWYER; Julia A. BROWN b abt 1862 and 
married Unknown SAWYER. This was all in Harnett Co. I am interested in finding who Elisha's 
parents were and his wife's maiden name and who her parents were. I think Elisha's mother's given 
name was Milley. After the war Sarah married Norman McLEOD abt 1870. If anyone knows anything about 
these folks, please get in touch with me. Thank you.  Iris H. Brown

CLARK / MONROE    February 25, 2008
I am searching for the parents of William T. CLARK who was born in 1879 and died in 1940 he was 
married to Margaret Geneva MONROE.  I have been able to find his 1920 and 1930 census as well as his 
draft card from 1817, but nothing else. The census indicates that his parents were born in North Carolina, 
but I cannot seem to find a record of him prior to 1917.  I would appreciate any leads I may receive in 
this matter.  Thank you. Tina Brown

HOLT / MELVIN / WEATHERS / NASH    February 10, 2008
I am researching my HOLT, MELVIN, WEATHERS, NASH family branch and have found some references for the gravesites 
of two WEATHERS ancestors, Jesse David Weathers (1752-1829) and Old Jesse David Weathers (1806-1883).  One reference 
is for a family plot at Watson Place, Harnett County, NC, and the second is for a family graveyard at Griffin Place, 
Harnett County, NC respectively.  Do you know the location of these places or the areas where they once existed?  
Since these are family plots and I'm not sure of the family's name (likely Weathers, but not certain), the areas of 
the county would be helpful in attempting to locate the cemeteries or family plots.   
Thank you for any assistance. Nan Hodges

I am looking for SEARCY family in Harnett County. Vincent SEARCY  b abt 1809-1817
& Andrew Jackson SEARCY b 1841. These  are listed in 1800 census for Harnett Co. but 
I could not find any info except their names. Supposedly Vincent is Andres 'Jack' SEARCY'S 
daddy.  Both my mother's mother & her daddy was SEARCY'S with her mother's family spelling 
surname: "CEARCEY".
Also I am looking info on George Delma HAMILTON(my grandfather)b 1890 married Florence ROGERS.
Layton Onless (or Leonidas) HAMILTON (greatgrandfather) b 1862  married Mary Florence(Fannie) JOHNSON.
All are buried at Kennebec Church cemetary. But I cannot find any info about them anywhere .
The only thing on his stone is L. O. HAMILTON. 

No one in my family knows anything about L. O. except he had a sister: Fannie Lillie HAMILTON that 
married Ira BROWN. My daddy was William Layton HAMILTON & married my mother Maude Elizabeth  SEARCY.
Any info anyonecould give me would be greatly appreciated. Sylvia Byrd

BENNETT    January 10, 2008
I am trying to find the place and time of death for Sarah BENNETT.   
The last trace I have  is the 1910 US  Federal Census, which place  
her in Duke (now Erwin) Harnett county.  Her birth place was  
Pennsylvania in 1855.  According to the 1880 US Census, she and her  
family was living in Saint Pauls, Robeson County.  He husband's name  
was George.  I would also like to know any thing about George.  He  
must have passed away between 1893 and 1900.  I can not find anything  
about him.  Their youngest son, Arthur was born in 1893. Their other  
children's names were Daniel, Sallie, William, Walter.
Your help would be appreciated. Regards, Joseph Daniel Bennett

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