January 18, 1860 issue of the WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, North Carolina)
   Transcribed and Posted by Myrtle Bridges January 31, 2003

We learn that a fellow calling himself Whitehurst, lately visited Harnett county, selling patterns for 
cutting coats, and also giving lessons in writing. He was found a number of times amongst the slaves, 
and at one time he questioned the servants of a lady in that county, where the largest slave plantations 
were.-He is undoubtedly an abolitionist; he has been found with slaves in the woods conversing with them.

Keep a good look out for him, and if any of our readers find him upon their plantations, seize him and 
bring him to a magistrate that he may give an account of himself. He is a short stout man, unshaven for 
some time past, has long whiskers and moustache, and is about forty-five years of age. At one time he 
says he is from Pennsylvania, at another from Virginia, and also from Maryland.

Another fellow called Fogg has lately been in that neighborhood, traveling around without any ostensible 
business, lurking about the plantations and conversing freely with the Negroes. He was on his way to this 
town when last seen. Let our police look after him. He is said to profess to clean clocks; is a very 
intelligent man and every way fit to be a villain. Fayetteville Carolinian
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