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In North Carolina a person could acquire land by grant from the colony or state. The first 
step in the land-grant process was the entry, or petition by the prospective land owner for the 
tract he or she had identified as vacant. A 1777 law required that an entry taker and a surveyor 
be appointed in each county. The enterer provided a description of the land desired and paid 
certain fees, after which the entry taker entered the claim in a Land Entry Book, with each entry 
numbered and dated. If after a stated period of time, no other person protested the claim, the 
entrant could proceed with the rest of the land-grant steps.

Once an entry had been made and approved, a warrant was issued to the county surveyor authorizing, 
or warranting, him to measure off the tract described in the entry. (Source: North Carolina & 
Research - Genealogy & Local History - 2nd Edition by Helen F. M. Leary, C.G., F. A. S. G. Editor)

North Carolina Moore County. No. 987  To the Surveyor 
of said County you are here by required to survey, lay off or cause to be surveyed and laid off for Alex'r Cameron 
five acres of land in said county on Bever Creek beginning at John Cameron, Sen'r corner of 50 acres and joining his 
own and Daniel Camerons land including the Bever dam entered the 16th day of Jan'y 1815 and two just and fair plans 
of such survey so to be made do you return to the Secretary's Office without delay or otherwise proceed there with as 
the law directs. Given under my hand the 15th July 1821. 

Note: There were two separate Cameron families in Moore, in 1790- Tailor John, who lived either on Crain's Creek or 
Beaver Creek, and Merchant John, who seems to have lived on the heads of Little Crain's Creek, in the vicinity of 
White Hill and Ephesus Church. He operated a store which is said to have stood immediately south of White Hill Church. 
Tailor John is of the Beaver Creek clan. Merchant John was the ancestor of the Governors Creek family. He was an ancestor 
of Governor Cameron Morrison. The Demby family, which lived on the head of Little Crain's Creek, intermarried with the 
family of Merchant John. (Miscellaneous Ancient Records of Moore - Wicker) 
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