January 04, 1860 issue of the WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, North Carolina)
   Transcribed and Posted by Myrtle Bridges January 31, 2003

We [C. S. Barbee & C. C. Barbee] are running a daily line of two horse coaches 
between Fayetteville and Raleigh, NC, connecting with the Raleigh and Gaston and NC Railroad at Raleigh.

Best two horse line of mail coaches in the State. New coaches thoroughly lined. Young, strong, and well-broke 
horses, with careful and accommodating drivers. Supper at Mrs. Barclay's Through in 12 hours. Office at 
Fayetteville Hotel, Fayetteville, NC. Tickets sold to Weldon. Office at Yarbrough House, Raleigh, NC. Leave 
the latter place 5½ o'clock, P.M. Leave Fayetteville 3 o'clock, P.M., and 2 o'clock P.M., Sundays. Extra 
baggage must be pre-paid, to have attention. C.S. BARBEE & BRO., PROPRIETORS, 
Barclaysville, NC.  December 20, 1859. 
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