Recopied from family hand notes by Henry Thomas Faucette —— Dec 22, 1922 —— Harnett County, North Carolina. Submitted by Patricia London .    Posted by Myrtle Bridges  June 18, 2001


My Grandma Effie Faucett's Mother was Margaret Morrison who married Murdock Bethune.

My grandpa's father was Thomas Faucette and his mother was Ruth Burnside.

William Henry Faucette and Mary Jane Black Faucette were married Oct 2, 1858.

James Black Murchison of Bunnlevel, NC and Mary Carolyn Faucette of Lillington, NC were married on January 21,1928 at the Methodist Manse in Lillington by the Reverend Moyle. Witnesses: were Willie P. Sutton and Margaret Shaw Murchison (mother of James B. Murchison).

Mary E Faucette married Archy McDonald


Mary E. Faucette Feb 1, 1869

Henry T. Faucette Sept 9, 1859

Henry Faucette Sr. Aug 16,1798

Effie Bethune Faucette June 12, 1800

Thomas B. Faucette May 8, 1825

Emeline Faucette July 2, 1839

William Henry Faucette June 5,1834

Mary Jane Black Faucette, his wife Oct 23, 1834

John W. Faucette, brother of Henry Thomas Faucette born 1863

Thomas B. Faucette March 16,1876

Mary E Faucette (who married Archy McDonald) Oct 10, 1836

Evelyn James Faucette (daughter of H.B & Virginia Faucette Sept 11,1927

Nan Stewart Faucette (daughter of John McLean Faucette & Lucille Faucette) July 26, 1931

Sarah James Faucette (Jimmie- April 10, 1894 daughter of William H. Faucette & Marn Alexander Cameron Faucette)

Mary Carolyn Faucette April 2, 1904 (Daughter of William H. and Marn Cameron Faucette)

John McLean Faucette Nov 27,1900 (son of William Henry & Marn Faucette)

William H. Faucette Dec 31, 1902 (Son of Wm. H. & Marn Faucette)

Neill Allan Faucette (son of Wm. H. Faucette) Sept 28,1909

Henry B Faucette Jan 26, 1906

Henry B. Faucette April 29, 1935 (son of Mr. & Mrs. HB Faucette)

Marianne Faucette Murchison Dec 6,1934 (daughter of James & Mary Faucette Murchison)

James Henry Murchison March 17, 1929


Mary E. Faucette Dec 17,1923

Henry Faucette Oct 11,1881

Effie Bethune Faucette Oct 7, 1864

Thomas B. (Burnside) Faucette Nov 24,1894

Emeline Faucette March 25, 1898

William Henry Faucette (Father of Henry Thomas Faucette) Sept 30, 1864 In Richmond VA, CSA

Mary Jane Faucette His wife Dec 21, 1896

John Faucette 1864 (brother to Henry Thomas Faucette)

Mary E. Faucette (Married Archy McDonald) May 23, 1921

Thomas Cameron Faucette Son of William & Marn August 1, 1930

Neill Allen Faucette November 18, 1916 (son of William & Marn Faucette)

Duncan A. Faucette Jan 10, 1899 (brother of William Henry Faucette)

Cameron Faucette (brother of William H Faucette ) August 1900

William Henry Faucette Sr. December 6,1930


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