S. Cobb Cemetery

March 13, 2007. Cobb's of Harnett (and other) County(ies) have located what is believed to be the 
S. Cobb Family Burial Ground. It is located on Abattoir Road about 100 yards off the road behind two 
tobacco barns. There are only 4 legible stones remaining and many broken pieces. This site was cleaned 
the weekend of March 10. If you could shed any more light on this site, it would be greatly appreciated. 
I would like to know if you are aware of any church in that area called "Little Flock?" On the death 
certificate of the wife of J.M. Cobb(son of J.S.) and his son William, Little Flock is the place of 
burial, however, there are children and possibly J.M. Cobb stone at the recently found site. 
Some photos are shown before and after cleaning. Jill Sturgis.   Myrtle Bridges

Research of Census Records show:

1870 Census of Harnett, Grove District:
Sam Cobb 45; Emily 33; B. W. 11f; J. M. 10m; J. L. 8m; J. S. 6m; S. A. 4f; & D. A. 1m
1880 Census of Harnett, Grove District:
Emily Cobbs 44 (spelled this way) wid; Julius 20 (this is J. M.) 20 son; Lucian 18 son; James S. 16 son; 
Sallie A. 14 dau.; David A. 11 son; Willis A. 9 son; Rhonda C. 7 dau.; Alison M. 5 son; Anderson A. 5 son 
(twins?); & Daniel M. 3 son
1890 Census not available
1900 Census of Harnett, Grove:
Julius Cobb 40 b. May 1860 (son of Sam & Emily); Martha 35 b Jan 1865 ('Patsy' is a nickname for Martha. 
married 10 yrs. mother of 5 children. 3 living); William D. 10 b. May 1889; Ben T. 7 b. Nov 1892 and 
John R. 3 b. May 1897
Julius M's brother Anderson b. April 1875 and wife Rosie E. b. May 1888 live next door. (unmarried)

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