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Contributed by Phillip Mosely of Raleigh NC    July 02, 2002.
Revised May 22, 2003

Silas Davis Champion 
B: 5/8/1898
D: 6/11/1969

George Warwick Champion
B: 11/8/1882
D: 5/11/1963
Married to:
McKenzie Thompson Champion
B: 6/5/1890
D: 7/10/1986

JA Weathers
B: 8/10/1868
D: 4/6/1923
Married To:
Lillie Champion Weathers
B: 11/15/1865
D: 4/6/1923

Erma Johnson Weathers
Adopted Daughter of JA and Lillie Weathers
B: 3/20/1904
D: 4/6/1923

Alice A Tutor
Wife of G.W. Tutor
B: 11/5/1877
D: 6/11/1914

Infant Son of E.A. and Nanny Tutor
B: May 27 1912
D: Aug 20 1912

Rebecca Prince
Wife of M.H. Prince
B: June 27 1821
D: 1866
Marshal V. Prince
B: 7/2/1831
D: 7/23/1901
Hersie R. Cotton
B: 1889
D: 1974
Married to:
Jim Wesley
B: 1890
D: 1928

Rev Isaac Watts Avent
B: 9/8/1823
D: 1/18/1900
Married to:
Temperence Avent
B: 1/11/1818
D: 6/3/1895

Eliza Cotton
Died 3/27/1900
82 Years Old

Chloe Hinton Avent
Wife of Rev Isaac W. Avent
Daughter of G.W. and S.E. Becham
B: 8/5/1844
D: 4/25/1904

Captain William Ambrose Dewar
Col 31st NC  CSA
B: 5/4/ 1830
D: 12/13/1902

Laura J Tutor
B: 7/1/1855
D: 7/31/1910
M.A. Tutor
B: 5/17/1842
D: 9/20/1942

Katie Clare Champion
Dau of J.D. and M.O. Champion
B: 12/17/1909
D: 10/23/1910

Lucy Avent
B: 1857
D: 1943
Married to:
L.H. Avent
B: 1857
D: 1939

Mollie Tutor
B: 5/1/1878
D: 9/20/1942

George W. Champion, Jr.
B: 10/16/1920
D: 11/3/1975
Married to Lessie K. Champion
B: 12/28/1919
D: still living

Cornelia Cade
B: 1863
D: 1945
Married to:
J.M. Cade
B: 1857
D: 1924

Norman Timothy Johnson   NT had three brothers go to war with him (different regiments) and I have located 
the resting places of two of them, (Neil A. and John A.) but can find no record of William Alexander Johnson. 
He was with the 31st N.C. and last rollcalled  in Oct. of 1864. Can anyone help? Thanks, Albert N. Johnson
B: 10/22/1842
D: 12/23/1917
Married to:  Both were victims of the flu epidemic of 1917.
Adlaide Cotton Johnson
B: 6/22/1844
D: 12/20/1917

Ola C. Avent
Wife of J.M. Ragland Avent
B: 6/14/ 1893
D: 8/17/1920

Mary A.E.Avent
 wife of H.E. Avent
B: 2/27/1832
D: 7/30/1909

Mary Elizabeth McDonald
B: 10/14/1850
D: 2/13/1927
Married to:
A.M. McDonald
B: 2/29/1848
D: 6/13/1922


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