McDonald / McLean Photos

All photos on this page are contributed by Diane McDonald Coleman., Great Granddaughter of Catherine and Neill McDonald. Her father was Mack McDonald, son of Colin Monroe McDonald, a brother to these four McDonald teachers, and Sally Jane Thomas. Posted March 17, 2004 by Myrtle Bridges.

Great-great grandfather, John Allen McLean and his second wife Mary Jane Davis McLean. (John Allen was the son of Laughlin McLean and father of 10 children, some having moved to Bladen County). The two girls in the back are his youngest daughters (by Elizabeth Ann Salmon), the twins, Flora and Florence McLean (Flora married a Lennon and Florence married a Freeman, after moving to Bladen County shortly after this picture was taken). These girls were the daughters of John Allen and Elizabeth Ann Salmon (daughter of William Brafford Salmon and Nancy Smith). The girl in the plaid dress in the middle is unknown, possibly a cousin, niece, or neighbor. The children at the front are Henry Davis McLean and Catherine Isabell McLean (my Great-Grandmother) (children of John Allen and Mary Jane). Mary Jane Davis was the daughter of Henry Allison Davis and Alley Robinson Lyles Davis. This picture was taken about 1880, probably by W.H. Newell, who was boarding in John Allen's home in 1880 according to that census (and who was in Lillington in 1880 according to Mark Valsame at the NC Archives). This picture was found in the papers of Florence McDonald Lee's estate.

This photo of Addie McDonald was taken in 1926. Miss Addie, as she was known, was also a teacher in the Lillington School, grades 4 and 5, after teaching in Waynesville, NC and other state schools.

Florence McDonald Lee about 1930. (Her husband was Milton O. Lee, known mostly as M. O. Lee, Harnett County solicitor and attorney.)

This picture of Monnie McDonald, and was probably her graduation picture in 1920 from Trinity College.

All four of these McDonald ladies were the daughters of Catherine Isabell McLean (the young girl in the McLean picture) and Neill A. McDonald and grandchildren of John Allen and Mary Jane Davis McLean. All four went to Trinity College, now Duke University. (Oldest was Monnie, then Claudia, then Addie and last, Florence. They had five brothers, two of which also attended Trinity College.)

Several local favorite teachers and Mr. Reid Ross. This picture was probably about 1922 to 1925. Reid Ross is in the center back. In the middle row on the left is Cornelia McLauchlin and next to her is Belle Hockaday. On the right front is Florence McDonald (Lee). All three of these ladies ended up teaching at the Lillington School, from about the 1930's until their retirements. (Florence was born in 1907 and appears in this to be about 15 to 16.)

Reid Ross is known without any comments from me (Reid Ross High School, Fayetteville, Supt. Cumberland County Schools, etc.). Miss Cornelia McLauchlin taught mostly the 5th grade and is remembered by all of her students with the singing of "This Land is Your Land". Miss Belle Hockaday taught in the high school, mostly being known as our English and French teacher. Mrs. Florence McDonald Lee started teaching about 1930 at the Boone Trail School before coming to Lillington, teaching grades 5 to 7. All three retired in the 1960's and 70's.

The class of 1932 is of Florence McDonald and her second grade class at Boone Trail school. (Both of her pictures were taken before she married Mr. Lee)
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