March 04, 1896 Issue of the FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER (Fayetteville, North Carolina)
   Transcribed and Posted by Myrtle Bridges January 21, 2010

The Sheriff of Harnett brought two prisoners from Dunn yesterday, and turned them over to the 
Sheriff of this county for safe keeping. Their names are Jas. McCormick and C.E. Campbell, and 
they are charged with assaulting and badly beating an old colored man in Dunn.

The following was written on the back of the commitment: It appearing to me, the undersigned 
Mayor and Justice of the Peace for the Town of Dunn, Harnett County, that the jail of Harnett 
County is unsafe, it is ordered that Jas. McCormick and C.E. Campbell be imprisoned in the 
common jail of Cumberland County until they shall give the required bonds or be otherwise 
discharged according to law. This March 3rd, 1896. 
			H.C. McNeill Mayor and Justice of Peace.

By the way, the above two men are the brick masons who took part in the big fight in Campbellton 
recently and made their escape the next day.

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