March 13, 1861 Issue of the WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, North Carolina)
   Transcribed and Posted by Myrtle Bridges April 19, 2003

Valuable Land for Sale. The subscriber will offer at public sale, on Thursday, the 14th of March next, 
one half being the lower half of the lands, late the property of Miss Mary McLean, of Harnett county, 
situate on the south side and along the bank of the Cape Fear river, immediately below Fox's Island, 
and a short distance above the lock and dam, known as the McAllister dam, and including the ferry on 
said river, known as McAlister's Ferry. There are in all about 470 acres of land, most of which is 
considered the best land on the river. Enquiries as to the quality and advantages of the land may be 
made of Col. A. S. McNeill, of Harnett, or of the subscriber, addressed at Gilopolis, Robeson county, 
N.C. Terms will be liberal and made known on the day of sale, which will take place at the late residence 
of said Miss Mary McLean. Daniel H. McLean, Feb. 16, 1861.
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