Tim Currin Road in Lillington, Harnett County, NC
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James Alton Bishop  April 18, 1899 - Oct 17, 1918  s/o John A. Bishop & Mary Catherine Patterson  
Killed in action in France Co F 11A Infantry (AEF)

Sallie M. Morrison  Apr 16, 1882 - Jan 14, 1959  d/o Daniel Morrison and Isabella Patterson

Dicy E. Morrison  Aug 13, 1875 - Aug 5, 1897  d/o Daniel Morrison & Isabella Patterson

Margaret Morrison Apr 25, 1873 - Apr 17, 1956  d/o Daniel Morrison & Isabella Patterson

Frances I. Morrison  May 21, 1879 - Jun 19, 1928  d/o Daniel Morrison & Isabella Patterson

John A. Bishop  1854 - 1940  h/o Mary Catherine (Cathy) Morrison  Gone but not forgotton

Sarah A. Morrison  Feb 02, 1850 - June 19, 1899  This to a Mother's Sacred Memory, Her ...

Mary Catherine (Cathy) Bishop  Oct 22, 1866 - Jan 15, 1953 d/o Daniel Morrison & Isabella Patterson

David M. Morrison Oct 21, 1885 - Sep 10, 1941  s/o Martin Morrison and Sarah Wade

B. F. Morrison Sep 24, 1868 - Oct 29, 1904  s/o Henry and Catherine Morrison.  Only crossed the river 
of death, to that beautiful summer land. One of the son's of Benjamin F. Morrison was,  Malcolm who 
married Jeromina Tew (Trisha London)

Alexander B. Morrison  Sep 22, 1879 - Mar 18, 1939 s/o Martin Morrison & Sarah Wade  h/o Florence

Baby Morrison  born and died Apr 16, 1882

Wade Morrison  1886- 1947  s/o Martin Morrison & Sarah Wade

Catherine Smith Morrison  January 1, 1839 - Aug 23, 1915  d/o Malcolm Darroch & Flora Ray

Neil Archibald Morrison  May 27, 1871 - May 1939  s/o Daniel Morrison & Isabella Patterson

Alexander Morrison Oct 25, 1868 - Oct 27, 1936  s/o Daniel Morrison & Isabella Patterson

Martin Van Buren Morrison  Aug 24, 1840 - Mar 30, 1917  Company 31, NC Infantry CSA

Daisy Morrison  Oct 11, 1884 - Feb 23, 1956  d/o Daniel Morrison & Isabella Patterson

Sarah Margaret Wade Morrison  Apr 07, 1850 - Feb 13, 1921  d/o Daniel McDonald and Mariah Patterson  
w/o Martin Morrison She Came to Raise our Hearts to Heaven. She goes to call us there

Isabella Morrison  Dec 14, 1840 - Apr 26, 1917  d/o Neill McLeod & Catherine 'Katie' Patterson  w/o Daniel Morrison

Daniel Morrison  Oct 15, 1837 - April 02, 1916  s/o Benjamin Morrison & Dicey Blanchard  h/o Isabella Patterson

Mary Dicey Morrison  Nov 09, 1877 - Dec 17, 1856  d/o Henry Morrison and Catherine Darroch

Flora Catherine Morrison  Sep 28, 1866 - Mar 07, 1921  d/o Henry Morrison & Catherine Darroch

Lonnie Morrison  Died August 24, 1910  Aged 19 years  At Rest

Infant Daughter of Roy and Doris Morrison  born and died May 06, 1941

John D. Morrison  October 19, 1868 - August 24, 1941  Life's work well done  He rests now in peace

Believed to be the final resting place of Benjamin Morrison born in approximately 1798 Died 1854
Husband of Dicey Blanchard Morrison  Son of Alexander & Ann Morrison  
Father of Alexander, John, Archibald, Frances, Henry, Daniel and Martin Morrison

Believed to be the final resting place of Dicey Blanchard Morrison Born 1801 - Died after 1880
Married Benjamin Morrison on March 10, 1825
Mother of Alexander, John, Archibald, Frances, Henry, Daniel and Martin Morrison
Members if Tirzah Presbyterian Church

Possibly the final resting place of Alexander Morrison who died approximately December 6, 1819
Possibly the final resting place of Ann Morrison who died after her husband Alexander.

Information on Benjamin and Dicey Blanchard Morrison was taken from the Federal Census Sheets 
of 1790 through 1890.  There are also the estate records of Alexander Morrison Sr. dated 
6 December 1819 page 91, in  Cumberland County (later Harnett County) North Carolina .(These 
papers list the names of the sons of Benjamin Morrison.)

The marriage bond of Benjamin and Dicey is in Cumberland County, North Carolina dated 10 March 
1825 with Neill McNeill as the bondsman.

Many death certificates were compared and attached to this book as well as pages from the book  
"Highland Scots - Pattersons of North Carolina and Related Families" by the Rear Admiral Alex M. 
Patterson, copyright 1979 By Alex M. Patterson.  The combination of the death certificates, census 
sheets, estate records and various court papers gave the weight of the proofs used for this research.

The book of Rear Admiral Patterson states that the grave of Ms. Catherine "Katie" Patterson is unknown. 
Actually according to the records of  Spring Hill United Methodist Church, she is buried in:

Row 7  Plot 20 
Catherine "Katie" Patterson Rising
Daughter of Duncan and Mary Buie Patterson
1st Husband and father of her children: Amanda, James, Isabella and Neill A Patterson was Neill McLeod  
Her second Husband was George Rising

In Row 7 Plot 19  
George W Rising 
Died after November 18, 1895
Husband or companion of Katie Patterson
2nd wife Celia Jarman-Morrison
3rd wife Elizabeth McDougald

Row 7 Plot 18
Elizabeth McDougald Rising 
3rd Wife of George W. Rising

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