Located on Farrar Dairy Road off Darroch Road on Anderson Creek Game Preserve, Harnett County, NC 
Contributed by Tricia London  April 2011
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Cain, James L.   Feb 15, 1868  June 1, 1934  s/o Aegenet and Salley Ann Cain  h/o Susan Jame Autry  Gone but not Forgotten

Cain, Susan Jane Autry  July 21, 1868  w/o James L. Cain  Gone but not Forgotten

Black, Hugh, Jr.  August 7, 1840 - April 29, 1913   s/o Malcolm Black and Elizabeth Ray   At Rest

Ray Elizabeth  b. 1818  w/o Malcolm Black  Married 29 Oct 1841  m/o Daniel Black, Duncan Black, Hugh Jr.Black, Sarah Ann Black( m. Butler), 
Mary Eliza Black (m. Evander Morrison), and Neill Black

Black, Malcolm  Dec 2, 1816 - Feb 23, 1904  s/o Hugh Black and Catherine  h/o Elizabeth Ray

Smith, Woodrow  May 27, 1921 - Oct 14, 1990  s/o Malcolm Smith and Lula Jane Holder  Tec 5 US Army  World War II

McRae, John A.  Feb 20, 1890 - July 14, 1891

Stewart, Alexander  c1808  h/o Catherine Ray  married 20 Dec 1833  f/o Flora A, John, Daniel R, Neill Archibald, David R. and Margatet
CO I  31 NC Infantry CSA

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