Contributed by Patricia Stuart Sistare    March 12, 2004

Last year I located the "lost" and subsequently "abandoned" cemetery of my ancestors in Harnett County.  
I had hoped to rally together other descendants but that seems to be impossible as we are all "gathering 
snow on the mountain top."  I have maintained secrecy about the location to guard it from vandals and to 
prevent people from encroaching on private land.  Some of the cemetery may lie in Wake County, I am not sure.

This is an entire cemetery and I have not yet been able to map it and write down all the names of the 
individuals in it because of snakes and natural barriers.  I have been able to photograph some markers.  

We were told by the person who gave us final directions to the cemetery that "No Stuart's had been around  
since the 1940's" ... and the "owner is hoping to get the cemetery moved so he could have more tillable land." 

Do you have any directions that might aid us in getting this area cleaned up and preserved?  Any and all 
advise would be appreciated.

Here are the ones I definitely know are there:
1st born son of Joseph Kirk Stuart:
James Hinton Stuart (20 Jan 1846 - 5 Jan 1919) 
and his wife Samantha Helen Whittington (17 Nov 1845 - 27 Jun 1915)

1st born son of James Hinton Stuart:
Erastus Lenard Stuart (2 Nov 1871 - 24 Sep 1929) 
and his wife, Ardelia Edith Jones Stuart (16 Oct 1867 - 1942)

2nd born son of James Hinton Stuart
Cuirba "Kirby" Piscud Stuart
12 Jan 1875 - 2 Mar 1898

1st born son of Erastus Lenard Stuart:
Paul Eugene Stuart,15 Dec 1894 - 16 Oct 1934. 
Paul's wife, Pearl Judd Faulkner is not there (my grandmother) - she rests in Charlotte, NC.   

"Family tradition is that this cemetery was the side yard of the Stuart family and that James Hinton Stuart 
is buried very close to his father, Joseph Kirk Stuart.  I do not see a marker for Joseph though."

Patricia Stuart Sistare

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