Death Notices from Weekly Standard - 1859-1864
Transcribed by Myrtle Bridges

June 29, 1859 Issue: 
Died at his residence in Harnett county, near Averasborough, Cader Canaday, 
on Sunday morning, the 26th inst., about 9 o'clock.

August 31, 1859 Issue: 
Died in Harnett  county, on the 11th ult., with the bilious fever, Mr. Robert 
Edward Harris, son of Wm. G. and Ann P. Harris, of Chatham county, aged 28 years. … He was an 
affectionate husband, a kind father, and a dutiful son. …  He leaves a wife and little daughter, 
and numerous friends and relatives to mourn their irreparable loss. May the Lord bless his surviving 
parents and relatives.  A Friend.

April 24, 1861 Issue: 
Died on Upper Little River, in Harnett county on the 8th inst., Mrs. Margaret McLean, 
widow of the late Hugh McLean, aged 70 years.

April 24, 1861 Issue: 
Died in Harnett county, on the 10th inst., in the 78th year of her age, Effy, wife 
of the late Arch'd McGregor. She was an emigrant from Argyleshire, Scotland, came in early life to America, 
and settled in the western district of Cumberland.

April 23, 1862 Issue: 
Died in Harnett County, Mr. Joseph F. Cutts, son of William and Martha Cutts, 
of Harnett County. He was upon Roanoke Island at the time of its fall, belonging to Company C., 81st 
regiment NC troops. He was a faithful soldier; and after he was taken prisoner and paroled, he doubtless 
anticipated much pleasure in returning to the fond embraces of his friends, and to the quietude of a 
pleasant home. But it did please God to afflict him before he reached his destination. He spent near 
five long weeks in the hospital at Raleigh, and was then conveyed to his mother's in a supposed improving 
condition, but soon after reaching there he breathed his last. He was a young man of a fine mind. He was 
an affectionate son and brother, and as a soldier he was brave and determined. His solder brethren attended 
the burying of his body on the 6th.

July 23, 1862 Issue: 
Died in Richmond Virginia, on Wednesday the 2nd of July, 1862, Mr. D. G. Johnson, 
from a wound in the breast, received in the battle on Tuesday. Mr. Johnson was a zealous member of the 
Christian Church, and a noble, brave soldier. He volunteered in the first company that left Harnett County. 
Mr. Johnson bore all the hardships of the war with a Christian fortitude. He has left many friends to mourn 
their loss.

August 20, 1862 Issue: 
Died at Barclaysville, Harnett Co., on the 7th inst. Mrs. Mildred Barclay, aged 
84 years. Mrs. Barclay's house was for more than forty years the welcome resting place of the weary 
traveler. She was truly an excellent woman. There are thousands who remember her kind attention to 
their wants, and her unwearied efforts to render their sojourn with her pleasant and agreeable. She 
was one of the best neighbors. She has descended to the grave full of years, regretted and mourned by 
her family and many friends. The writer of this is not informed as to her spiritual condition during 
the illness that preceded her death; but it may be safely concluded that such a woman lived with reference 
to the great change that awaits us all, and that she had made the needful preparation for her departure.

November 12, 1862 Issue: 
Departed this life in Harnett County, on the 8th of October, 1862, private 
Edmund Spencer, of company K, 3rd NC regiment, in the 31st year of his age. The deceased had lived a 
pious member of the Baptist Church since 1853. He leaves two aged parents and several brothers and 
sisters, and many friends to mourn their loss.

February 25, 1863 Issue: 
Departed this life Jan. 28th 1863 at Camp Whiting, near Wilmington, NC, 
David W. Johnson, son of T. O. Johnson of Harnett Co.. He volunteered in company I, 31st regiment, 
NC Troops, in October 1861. He was a faithful, worthy and brave soldier, was never known to miss or 
neglect one duty from the time he volunteered up to the day of his death, and on the evening previous 
to his death his brother asked him why he went to dress-parade while suffering with such pain; he recalled 
he intended to be at his post and do his duty as long as he lived. The next morning at the sound of the 
reveille he arose from his hard bed with an aching head, and fevered pulse, went into line, answered to 
his name, returned back and laid down and died in a short time. His friends and associated looked upon 
his cold form with sad hearts, and felt they had lost one of the best of soldiers. He was never known 
to murmur or complain at any hardship, but bore all with great patience and Christian fortitude. He was 
a kind and affectionate son and brother. N. A. B.

March 04, 1863 Issue: 
Died in this City, on the 24th inst., at the residence of her son, B. H. Norris, 
Mrs. Dorcas Norris, in the 82nd year of her age. The deceased was born in Pitt County, NC, on the 10th 
day of February, 1782, but at the time of her death was a citizen of Harnett County. She leaves behind 
three children and twenty-six grand children to mourn their loss. She had been a consistent member of 
the Primitive Baptist Church for many years, during which time she gave constant evidence of her consistent 
Christian Character… 

August 31, 1864 Issue: 
Died at the residence of E. F. Moore, Esq., in the vicinity of Fayetteville, on 
the 20th inst., Major John T. Gilmore, aged about 63 years. In 18--, Major G. represented the County of 
Bladen in the House of Commons of the Legislature of this State, and was Senator from the Counties of 
Cumberland and Harnett at the session of 1858-'59. He was a man of decided talent, of affable manners, 
and possessed kind and social feelings.

October 12, 1864 Issue: 
Died in Harnett County, on Saturday the 24th of September, 1864, Mrs. Mary Byrd, 
wife of Richard Byrd, Esq., in the 64th year of her age. She was a kind mother, a good mistress, and 
obedient wife. The deceased leaves a husband and ten children to mourn their loss, the youngest of whom 
is near grown; and the mother being the first that has departed this life in the family. Her children are 
all now living and were present with their father, and accompanied their deceased mother to the tomb.

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