The obituary on this page was submitted by Candace Young-Mayo, Mammoth, AZ.    Myrtle Bridges  March 04, 2003

Obituary for Emily Tayloe Corbin Davis that was published  May 1927 in an
unknown North Carolina newspaper, probably a Smithfield or Dunn publication
The following is a transcription verbatim from a photocopy of a newspaper
clipping given me by my father's sister, Emily Elizabeth (Lib) Young.
Handwritten on the photocopy is the date, "May 1927".

Body of Mrs. T. L. H. Young Laid To Rest In Dunn Cemetery Tuesday Morning

The funeral of Mrs. T. L. H. Young, who died Monday at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Farquhard Smith, near Erwin, after a stroke of paralysis
which she suffered on Friday, was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Tuesday morning at eleven o'clock after which interment was made in the
cemetery at Dunn.  Rev. O. E. Earnhardt, pastor of the Methodist church of
this city and pastor of the deceased, conducted the service, assisted by
Rev. A. R. McQueen, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Dunn.  The service
was simple and impressive.  A special quartet composed of former music
pupils of the deceased, Mrs. Geo. P. McKay, Mrs. John Hodges, Hugh M.
Prince, and R. L. Denning, all of Dunn, rendered the music.  An exquisite
floral offering attested the esteem in which the deceased was held.  The
pallbearers were W. R. Sanders, A. M. Noble, of Smithfield; J. W. Purdie, C.
J. Smith, I. W. Smith, and Dr. J. R. Butler, of Dunn.

The deceased, who was the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Williams T. Davis, was
born at Boydton, VA., October 28, 1849.  Her father was a professor at the
old Randolph-Macon College at Boydton, later going to Petersburg, VA., and
establishing Southern Female College, of which he was president; thus the
deceased was reared in an atmosphere of culture and learning, and later
becoming a teacher herself she touched many lives who felt the influence of
her fine Christian personality.

In 1872 she was married to T. L. H. Young, of Petersburg, VA.  Later she and
her husband moved to Warrenton, N. C., where they lived for ten years.
After a sojourn of three years at Enfield they moved to Dunn.  Sixteen years
ago her husband died and nine years ago she came to this city with the
family of her son, Mr. T. C. Young and made her home here until her death.

Adhering to the faith of her father, Mrs. Young united with the Methodist
church in early live and loved to attend its services.  Being a talented and
trained musician, she had charge of the Methodist choir in every town in
which she lived until she came to Smithfield.  She had a large music class
in Dunn, teaching both voice and piano.  Besides being director of church
choirs, Mrs. Young was an active church worker in other departments.  After
coming to this city she was chosen teacher of the Volunteer Wesley class,
which she taught until a few months ago.  Possessed with unusual intellect
and with the beautifying influence of a pure religion, she lived a life that
inspired the love and respect of all who knew her.

She is survived by three children: T. C. Young, of this city; Mrs. Farquhard
Smith, who lives near Erwin, and Miss Emily B. Young, of Burlington.  She is
also survived by two step-children: Dr. John H. Young of Burkville, VA, and
Miss Gertrude Young, of Farmville, VA.  She leaves one sister, Mrs. O. B.
Morgan, of Richmond; one half-sister, Mrs. P. H. Ehrman, of West Palm Beach,
FL, and three half-brothers: Arthur K. Davis, Charles Hall Davis, and
William T. Davis, of Petersburg, VA.

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