The obituary for T. L. H. Young from a Dunn, North Carolina newspaper has no indication of the publication or date of the article. Copied verbatim from a photocopy given me by my aunt, Emily Elizabeth (Lib) Young. Candace Young-Mayo, Mammoth, AZ.      Posted 03-06-03 by Myrtle Bridges
Our town and community was saddened last Sunday evening when the news
reached here that Mr. T. L. H. Young had passed suddenly away at the home of
his son, Dr. John H. Young at Burkeville, VA.

Mr. Young had gone to the home of his son on Saturday before where he
expected to spend several weeks on a visit.  Death came on Sunday at noon of
apoplexy, and he lived only a few moments after stricken.  The remains were
brought here for burial Monday evening, accompanied by his son, Dr. Young
and wife, and their son, Mr. Herbert Young also Mr. Dick Davis, a brother of
Mrs. Emily Young of Petersburg, and Mr. And Mrs. Morgan of Richmond, Mrs.
Morgan a sister of Mrs. Young.  The party was joined at Selma by Rev. J. N.
Cole of Raleigh, who was for years the family pastor.

The funeral services were conducted from the home at five o'clock by the
pastor, Rev. F. A. Bishop, assisted by Rev. J. N. Cole and the remains laid
to rest in Greenwood cemetery in the presence of a large number of sorrowful
relatives and friends.

Mr. Young came to Dunn twelve years ago.  He was 81 years of age last April,
and was active up to the time of his summons.  He had been feeble for a year
or more but was able to look after his business.  He has made the town a
good citizen, always showing great interest in those things that pointed to
the advancement and betterment of our people.  He took a delight in keeping
himself posted on the current events of the day.  His mind was bright and
active, and he delighted to be with his friends and discuss the general
problems of the day.

He had long been an active member of the Methodist church and was prompt and
attentive to his every duty.  He was devoted to his family, and found great
joy in the home-life.

Besides an aged widow, Mrs. Emily Young, he leaves two sons and three
daughters, Dr. John H. Young, of Burkeville, Va., and Mr. T. C. Young of
this place; Miss Gertrude Young of Burkeville, Va., Mrs. F. Smith of Duke,
and Miss Emma Young of this place.  We extend to the stricken family
sympathy in their hour of sorrow.

April 30, 2003
Another obituary for T. L. H. Young I
From: family files sent me by my aunt, Emily Elizabeth (Lib) Young of
Smithfield, North Carolina  "News and Observer" July 13, 1911 edition, Dunn,
Harnett County, North Carolina
Former Highly Esteemed Citizen of Dunn Passes Away
(Special to News and Observer.)
     Dunn, N. C. July 13 - The many friends of Col. T. L. H. Young will
regret to learn of his sudden death at Berklyville [sic; Burkeville,
Nottoway County] Va. on last Sunday.  Mr. Young had gone to Virginia to
visit his daughter, Miss Gertie Young, and his son, Dr. John H. Young and
while calling at a friend's grew suddenly ill and died before medical aid
could reach him.
     Mr. Young was born in Dinwiddie county, Va. in 1829, being 82 years old
at his death.  He was a graduate of Randolph-Macon college and won
distinction and honor in his college career, graduating at head of his
class.  He began his business career in Petersburg, afterwards being elected
president of the Petersburg Car Works.  He resigned this position and
traveled a good many years for the Petersburg Trunk and Bag Company making
quite an enviable record as a salesman.  Several years ago Mr. Young moved
his family to Dunn and held the position of salesman for J. W. Priddy and
Company for this territory, which position he held at his death.
     Mr. Young was married twice; the first time to a daughter [Lucy]  of
John P. Prince, of Sussex county, Va., and of this union there were two
children born, Miss Gertie Young and Dr. John H. Young, of Berklyville, Va.
The second marriage was to Miss Emily Davis, of Petersburg, who, with her
two daughters, Mrs. F. Smith [Mattie Mabel Young] of Duke, and Miss Emily
[Emily Tayloe Corbin Davis] Young of Dunn, and one son, Mr. T.[Tayloe]
C.[Corbin] Young of Dunn, survive the deceased husband and father.
     The funeral services were conducted by Rev. F. A. Bishop, his pastor,
assisted by Rev. J. N. Cole of Raleigh.
     The body was interred in Greenwood cemetery at five o'clock.  Among the
members of the immediate family from out of town who were present were Mr.
Morgan, president of the Virginia-Carolina Chemical Company of Richmond; Mr.
Dick Davis, a prominant lawyer of Petersburg; Dr. John H. Young, wife and
son, Howard, of Berklyville, and Miss Gertie Young of Berklyville."

April 30, 2003
From: Family files sent me by my aunt, Emily Elizabeth (Lib) Young.
 Eulogy for Col. T. L. H. Young
"Col. T. L. H. Young
     He was a Virginian.  He was a classmate of J. C. Granbery and of A. W.
Mangum at old Randolph-Macon, and drew for the class honors with Granbery.
He was endowed for high scholarship and for a life of letters - he possessed
rare powers of concentration and of long continued study - but he chose a
business career and made himself the servant of his fellows.  At the head of
a large mercantile house in Petersburg he served an extensive region - and
by high ideals and incorruptible honor he came to a position of confidence
and of power that but few men attain.
     And later, when reversals came and disaster swept over him, he behaved
like a prince of God and came out of the furnace without even the smell of
fire upon his garments.  I never knew a more majestic soul - more sensitive
to honor.  About twenty-five years ago he moved to Warrenton.  It was here
that I first met him - and it was here that I became his pastor and his
friend.  I have known but few men in all my ministry that were so devoted to
the Church and that put so much of their own strength under her burdens.
Our splendid temple in Warrenton is largely the result of his leadership and
faith.  And he made to the growing Church of the future an unusual and rich
contribution through the children that God gave him.  On last Sunday morning
while on a visit to his daughter in Virginia, he suddenly fell on sleep in
the eightieth year of his age.  He was buried at Dunn last Monday.  A great
heart has achieved the crown."

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