January - December 2002

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MICKEL    November 8, 2002
I am in search of my husbands family roots and my search has lead me to Hoke County. My husband's fathers name was Johnnie Franklin MICKEL and he was born in Hoke County to Walter T. and Ora Settle MICKEL on September 8, 1926. If anyone has any information that could be helpful to me, please email Missy B. Mickel. Thanks.

BRYANT    October 14, 2002
Could anyone give me some info on Edgar BRYANT? I was told that he was a Cherokee Indian Chief from Hoke Co N.C. and might possible be related to my grandmothers family. I have just recently started a family search and would appreciate any knowledge of this possible relative. Thanks Mary Jackson

LINDSAY / BRANDON / SCOTT    October 08, 2002
We have an anecdotal statement that a monument inscribed "Margaret LINDSEY, wife of John SCOTT, and mother of Gerard BRANDON of Mississippi, by whom this stone was erected," was located in a graveyard in the front yard of "The Old Scott Place" on the Aberdeen and Rockfish R. R. that runs from Aberdeen to Fayetteville, the nearest town being Raeford. The sighting was reportedly made during the construction of the railway by a great grandson of the deceased. Is there any record or report of such a place? Margaret Lindsay BRANDON was my great great great great grandmother. Gerard Brandon Rickey

CAMPBELL    September 18, 2002
Seeking information on my gfather John Archie CAMPBELL, He lived in Hoke County NC, from 1857-1923, buried in sandy grove church cemetery. He was m. 1st to Flora scott LESLIE, 2nd Mary Black LESLIE. Daughters of Alex LESLIE of Hoke County. I need to know if anyone knows the names of his father & mother? Thank you for your help. Ellen Troyer

McPHAUL REUNION at ANTIOCH    September 10, 2002
I am looking for information on the annual MCPHAUL reunion held at the Antioch Presbyterian Church. Is it still being held? John McPhaul, Manager of Project Controls - Concord, CA - 925-288-2385

CAMPBELL    August 23, 2002
I am an archeologist researching the property history of Campbells Crossroads (located at the intersection of Chicken and Raeford-Vass Road, on Fort Bragg, east of Juniper Creek and west of Nicholson Creek, formerly of the Quewhiffle township) in conjunction with archeological research at the crossroads site.

The USA obtained the 825 acre tract in 1921 by court settlement, from the Daniel CAMPBELL Estate (Alberta, Malcolm, Rowena, William, and Scott CAMPBELL) (Hoke County Deed Book 29:232-233). The Estate obtained the property in 1898 (Cumberland County Deed Book 105:592-593). Daniel Campbell appears to have obtained the property in 1898 from Sarah ACL CAMPBELL (Cumberland County Deed Book 105:589-591).

Sarah ACL obtained what may be the property in 1885 from Daniel Campbell (Deed Book 77:344). In 1872 Daniel Campbell obtained property from Colin M., Peter, and John Campbell (Deed Book 60:40). Daniel also obtained property from Neill Monroe in 1858 (Deed Book 54:164), but I am not sure if this property is related. Daniel, John, Colin, and Peter Campbell are all listed on a headstone at the Campbell cemetery near the site.

In 1854, Colin M., Peter, and John Campbell obtained property that appears to contain the 825 acre tract, from the division of the Malcolm Campbell estate (Deed Book 51:564).

Malcolm Campbell may have obtained the property in 1822 from Alexander Graham (Deed Book 34:369), in 1806 from John Gilchrist and ??? (Deed Book 22:125), or in 1804-1805 from Colin MacPherson (Deed Book 22:46; 20:238).

Because I am unsure which tracts obtained by Malcolm Campbell contain the 825 acre tract, I cannot trace the property further.

I have performed no genealogical research on the Daniel Campbell family. What is the relationship of Sarah ACL Campbell to the family?

Any information on the family history of this branch of the Campbell family would be greatly appreciated, and I will be happy to share any information obtained during this research. Bruce Idol, TRC Garrow Associates

CURRIE    August 22, 2002
I am trying to find something about an ANGUS MCDUFFIE CURRIE who was buried in Hoke Co 1936; he was born 1899. I cannot find him in the 1920 census for Hoke or Robeson. Can anyone help.Emma Lou Weldon, Gainesville, FL

THOMPSON / WOODELL / RANSOM    August 18, 2002
I'm new to genealogy and have taken on the task of finding my husband's ancestors. His grandmother was Magoline Woodell THOMPSON, and from what I know so far, her family was in Scotland County (East Laurinburg) in 1920. However, I cannot find this family (in whole) on the 1910 census for Scotland County. They were cotton mill employees, and my father in law has suggested I try Hoke and Richmond counties. Magoline's father was Lonnie Fuller WOODELL, born around 1890 in what I believe to be Richmond County. He was married to Nancy RANSOM, born around 1882. Lonnie's mother's name was Maggie but I don't know his father's name or Maggie's maiden name. If you have any information about the Woodell family in Hoke County or any suggestions I'd appreciate the advice. Thank you, Heidi Thompson

LESLIE mill and millpond    August 15, 2002
I am searching for information on the Leslie Mill and Millpond, which were located west of Sandy Grove in Hoke County in the early 1900s, as part of an archaeological project. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Paul Webb

HASTY / COOK    August 13, 2002
I am seeking information on one Lillie Ruth HASTY (b. abt 1896 Raeford, Hoke County, NC  d. abt 1954/55 Southern Pines, NC), married James Henry COOK (b. 1877) In the 1920 census she is listed under Henry COOK and Ruth with 3 children already born. Five of her six children were also born in Raeford, Hoke County, NC.
1. Robert James b. 1915 (Robb in census)
2. Ina May b. 1917 (Ida May in census)
3. Horace Crawford b. 1919 (Crawford in census). Any information and/or help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Huzzi in Arizona

ELLIS    August 06, 2002
I am trying to find out information about my grandfather, John (Buddy) ELLIS. He settled in the Bowmore/Raeford section and operated a store and ELLIS Filling Station with his wife, my grandmother, Julia Hester (Graham) Ellis. Would you be aware of how I can find out information about his business, the filling station for example which I believe might have been rare in his day. Also about the ELLIS family. I know my grands had two children: John (Bill) and Frank. My folks passed away when I was a child and I did not get to learn the history of our family to now share with my own children. I believe my grandparents passed away in the mid to late 1950's. Any guidance you might offer would be appreciated, e.g. websites, reliable geneology software, etc. Thank you, Deborah Ellis Nathan

CURRIE / McPHATTER / WILKES    August 04, 2002
I am searching for information re: my family. I am in Michigan, which makes research a little difficult. The farthest back I can get with these names are: Duncan N. Currie b 7/28/1824 d. 10/4/1902 m. Catherine ? b. 8/3/1824 d 2/23/1919 Daniel McPhatter d. July 31 1833 m. Margaret Kelly b 1799 d. 1881 Any information would help. Thanks, Jennifer DeFouw

> PRIEST    July 15, 2002
Do you know anything about a PRIEST Cemetary in Hoke County? We are doing some genealogy research on Preston Robert PRIEST. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank You, Debbie Hamilton

CAMPBELL / LESLIE    July 09, 2002
Looking for information on John Archie CAMPBELL. He was my Grandfather, b. 10-27-1857 m. to Mary Black LESLIE b.10-17-1872 Hoke co. N.C.. Both buried in Sandy Grove Church cemetery. Children: L.A.Leslie, Scott, Beulah, Alexander, Neal, Dan, Archie, Hermon,{Sarah Margaret} my mother. Any information would be helpful. Thanks, Ellen McVicker Troyer

COOPER    June 19, 2002
I'm trying to find an obituary for Walker COOPER died 04/13/1990. Place of death Laurinburg, Scotland, NC. Residence Raeford, Hoke, NC. He was born in SC. Is there any body I can contact to help me with this. Thank You, Cynthia

CURRIE / WALTERS / STEWART    June 07, 2002

I am looking for information on Flora Catherine CURRIE WALTERS, b. 2 Aug 1899, d. 23 Jan 1978, bur. Raeford Cemetery, Hoke Co, NC. I am trying to find out who her husband and children were, and to determine if she is the same Flora C. CURRIE as the one who was daughter of James Burder CURRIE and Catherine STEWART CURRIE born the same month and year in Robeson or Hoke Cos. If so, I have extensive information on the rest of her family tree. Thanks. Barry K. Hedden

MCNEIL / CANNADY    June 06, 2002

My name is Michelle Allen. I am researching family and am trying to locate the cemetary for Sarah Amanda MCNEIL... Her maiden name is CANNADY. She died in Aberdeen and was buried in Raeford, NC. There was a working farm that supplied food to Fort Bragg, rumored to be in Laurinburg, but I am since finding that resources are advising me it has to be toward Raeford area. She was married to JAMES MCNEIL, and had 2 children. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Michelle Allen

HUGGINS    June 06, 2002

Searching for any HUGGINS who might still be living in the Hoke Co. area. My greatgrandmother, Sarah Matilda HUGGINS lived with her son Ed HUGGINS until her death. She was buried in the Western Prong Cemetery. (Columbus Co., NC) On a death certificate I found where Sarah Huggins was living with her son, Ed Huggins when she died. That is why I am trying Hoke County for any relatives. Thank you for all your help. Shannon Singletary

My grandfather lived in Hoke and Robeson Counties. His name was Elias G. YARBOROUGH. He was in confedrate army, joined in Moore Co. 1862, and is listed on the Moore Co. Roll of Honor of Confederate Soldiers. He had a big family due to the fact that he married at least 3 times. He had three sons by first wife: James Mathew, Florence A., Della Ann, Theadore and Elias Grover YARBOROUGH. Grover was adopted by Henery H. HODGEN. Does anyone know of any info. on any of these persons? Would love to hear from you. After coming out of the army Elias G. YARBOROUGH farmed, and later in his life he became a circut preacher. If you ever hear anything at all let me know. Thanks John B. Yarborough, Jr.   June 02, 2002

Can anyone tell me which John MCPHAUL is buried at the Mill Prong Cemetery? who were his parents and/or siblings? I can't seem to make him fit into my info.Thank you! Kathleen McPhaul Markowski   May 27, 2002

Hi, Does anyone know what road in Hoke County would have been known as the old "Fayetteville Road". I am trying to locate the site of the home of Dr. Angus Duart McLEAN and the old WILKES cemetery which was "on the west side of the Fayetteville Road and in front of the late residence of Dr. A. D. McLEAN". I believe both were located in the northern part of Robeson County and perhaps in the area that is now Hoke County. This cemetery is mentioned in a 1908 land deed, Mary L. Wilkes to William A. Wilkes. (William is the son of Mary Lucinda Wilkes and he is my great grandfather.) My mother's notes say the cemetery is now plowed over and I am trying to located the site. I have information that Dr. McLean lived near Floral College, Robeson County. Thanks! Mary Raye Casper   May 24, 2002

Looking for information on Thomas Ervin McVICKER. He was my grandfather, b.7-18-1870 d.6-16-1944, married to Mary Margaret McLEOD both buried in Raeford cemetery. Children were John, Daniel Graham, Edgar Dee, Sallie, Mary, Margaret(Maggie). Maggie Cox is only child living, she is in the Raeford nursing home. Looking for any information on the McVICKERS. Thanks for your help. Ellen McVicker Troyer   May 18, 2002

I am trying to do a genealogical search of my family tree. My name is Mike Turner. My mother is the former Jeanie SANDERSON. Her father, John Archie SANDERSON who died in 1945 is buried there along with her grandparents Walter Curtis SANDERSON and Susan THOMPSON SANDERSON. We have always heard that we may be of Indian ancestry but we are not sure what kind. We do not get much help from our relatives there in Hoke County with information concerning this subject. If you could give me a complete listing of everyone buried in this cemetary I would appreciate it. I feel pretty certain that we are not Lumbee Indians because I know several that live here in Greensboro, including Ruth and Lonnie Revels and their son William. We do not have any of their traits. I think that we could possibly be Coharie because I read on their website that some of them settled around Antioch. Most of my relatives live down Highway 211 about four miles out of Raeford and two miles before you get to Antioch Presbyterian Church. If you know any Sanderson's that live in and around Raeford would you have them e-mail me. Sincerely, Oliver Michael Turner.   May 06, 2002

If anyone has the burial listings (all or any part) of the Graham-Nicholson burial ground in McCain please consider sharing them with me. Thanks! Myrtle Bridges   April 23, 2002

I am looking for my Grandfather, his name as far as we can tell is Dee AMMONS. In our searching we have not been able to actually find him. His death certificate was not registered by Mr. Lentz, or it is lost. His father J.F.( James Franklin) AMMONS is buried at Old Shiloh Cemetery. So is my Granddad(there is no marker, we would like to put one on his grave) and his second wife Lillie BROWN, she was of the Neil BROWN family of Five Points. James Franklin and Eliza Ivey AMMONS were farmers in the Blue Springs Community. In the 1920 census it showed J.F., Eliza, and a Thomas in Blue Springs Community. We were young folks when he died, somewhere around 1956-1961, Mr. Haywood presided at the funeral. The obit says he was a paint contracter and for many years a Hoke County jailor. We are trying to fill in some blanks in our family tree. Any help will be appreciated.Thanks! Robert L. Brown Jr., 102 Charles Street, Beaufort, NC 28516   April 04, 2002

I need to know what year the Town of Antioch was incorporated. Your assistance will be deeply appreciated. Paul T. Hellmann, St. Louis  April 2, 2002

I am looking for info. on my granfather Elias G. YARBOROUGH, married 3 times. I know he was living in Hoke Co. most of his life at a town called Shannon and at Red Springs. He was a farmer part of his life and a preacher later in his life. His oldest child was James M. YARBOROUGH at Raeford, NC. I know of 9 children he had with 2 wives. I would like any info. about John Yarborough, Jr. Thanks. John Yarborough    March 2, 2001

I am looking for info on Nathan J. and Bethany MARSHBURN HAIR. Nathan J. HAIR was born about 1840 and Bethany MARSHBURN HAIR was born December 25, 1851 and died February 7, 1912. She is buried at the Raeford Cemetery. They had the following children: Robert, John, Lilly, Edward, Maggie, Nathan, William, Charlie, Mamie, Sarah Catherine who married Joseph Daniel NORTON (my husband's grandparents), Ruth and James HAIR. I would be glad to share info I have on this family. Thanks. Bea Norton    February 05, 2001

I am looking for information with regard to Neille WILKINSON who lived in western part of Cumberland County circa 1790 apparently around the nexus of Richmond, Hoke, Cumberland and Scotland counties. Family rumor is that he owned land which was later part of Ft Bragg and he is supposedly to have been buried in a cemetery in the area. Letter from him to son Allen indicates he was educated man. another son indicates originally part of Clare McKuilcan. Deceased 1820. His son is Neil Wilkinson Jr who died in 1846. Neille's father may have been Angus Wilkinson. Please e mail if you have information. Thanks Wilkinson    February 01, 2001

HI my name is John Francis LATKOWSKI, I have been searching for my dad and came across a cemetery record for Raeford Cemetery in North Carolina. I noticed a Francis J. LATKOWSKI, born in 1906 and died on 9 march 1960. He was married to my mother Margarette L. FULFORD and he performed in a circus as a high diver; also, jumped off from the Brooklyn bridge in 1930. I have a newspaper clipping of this and a picture.

He and my mother divorced when I was 10 yrs old. I would like to know have any more information on him or know any one connected to him that could help me find out more about him and his family; as, my mother would never talk to me about him.

I have a lot of Fulfords and Stricklands and Capps and Bells in my line, but I am having trouble puting them together. My grandfather is James Edwade Fulford, b, 1892 d. January 1963. He live in Waycross, GA with Hattie, my grandmother who die in 1976 at 75. They are buried at Kettle Creek Cemetery, Waycross GA. My dad I never knew much about him. I thank you very much fo helping me. John God bless you all. John F Latkowski    December 27, 2001

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