January - December 2003

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BRYANT / KING    November 3, 2003
I have just started searching my background. It is my understanding that Edgar BRYANT was the 
father of  Mittie BRYANT. Mittie I believe married a KING, who would have given birth to my 
grandfather, Elvert King, who was born in North Carolina. 
If you have any knowledge or info...please email Brenda Dain 
or here. You could also call me at 757-410-5645 or on my mobile 757-572-6701. 
You can call anytime....thank you for your help.

SHAW - McDUFFIE - MONROE    October 13, 2003
I am looking for ancestors of Neal Archie SHAW (Born January 7, 1854, died June 18, 1954.) I know 
little about him before he came to Bulloch County, GA around 1894.  What I do know of his life in 
North Carolina is that he married Floria Jane McDUFFIE and had one? child, "Luola".  Luola was born 
on June 7, 1891 or 1892.   Flora died May 23, 1895.  We were told Flora died in child birth, and that 
there may have been another living child, and that his name may have been "Tom".  We have always heard 
the story that after Flora died that she had an Old Maid sister (no name) that told my Grandfather 
that if he would give her all his property and go away from there and never show his face again that 
she would raise his family. (We do not know if this story is true.) In any case he came to Bulloch 
County, GA around 1894 and married my Grandmother,  Janie Waters on May 8, 1895.  Some time in the 
1930s Luola,  Who had married "James Brantley MONROE",  found my Grandfather in GA and they had some 
contact.  My parents Gordon Lee Shaw, and Hattie Emeline Riggs Shaw moved to Toccoa, GA in the 
mid 1930s.  One of Lola's daughters Margaret Evelyn Monroe used to come visit them when they lived 
in Toccoa GA.  When I Frances Evelyn Shaw Griscavage was born on August 9, 1941 my father gave me 
the name "Evelyn" because he thought Luola's daughter Margaret Evelyn was so beautiful. (She went by 
the second name "Evelyn".) 

Luola Shaw Monroe died May 28, 1950 and was buried on Row 12 in the Philippi Presbyterian Church 
Cemetery in Raeford, NC.  Grandfathers first wife Flora is also buried on that row. When Luola died 
my Grandfather was notified by telegram and his 3 sons by his second wife and their wives took Grandfather 
to her funeral.  My Mother and old Aunts always thought they went to Southern Pines, NC for the funeral. 

I have my Grandfather Shaw's autograph book.  Entries date back to 1889, and most of the entries 
that give locations say Fayetteville, NC. Grandfather never talked about his life in NC and we 
really don't even know where he was really from.  We think he was a well educated man.  His penmanship  
is beautiful , also he seemed to be educated in the bible but we didn't find that out until the year 
of his death. We gathered some information about him from my Grandmother's people the "Waters".    
They thought he had mentioned having a brother that was a doctor and that he was killed in the Civil 
War, and another that was a minister.  They suggested we try going to Bethel Presbyterian Church  
(between Wagram and Raeford, NC) .  I went to their web sight and only found one Shaw in the Cemetery. 
So this may not be the place.

Any suggestions on how I might find a link to brothers and sisters or parents of my grandfather Neal 
Archie Shaw?  I recently retired and can now do some serious looking. 

About 3 years ago I did find a Great-grandson of Luola on the internet also looking for information 
on Neal A. Shaw.  We have maintained contact since then.  We are going to meet him for the first time 
this coming weekend (October 18-22, 2003).  His name is John Gilbert Bibey.  His Grandmother was 
Floranna Monroe, one of Luola's 11 children.  We are planning to spend a few days in the area so we 
can do some research but I just don't know where to go from here. 

When I started out all I had was my grandfathers name, his daughter Luola's name and her one daughter Evelyn's name and the approximate date of Luola's death and locations of Fayetteville and Southern Pines, NC. So, really I have come a long way I think. Thanks for any help you can give me to point me in a direction to try to fill in some more of the puzzle of the past. Frances Griscavage, 11319 Beechwood Lane, King George, VA 22485

McBRYDE - HAYNES - ADAMS    September 5, 2003
I was going thru some of my mother's 
papers - and found a letter from 1964 regarding the family of  Angus McBRYDE - he apparently is the 
father of my great grandmother (she married Josiah N HAYNES). 

I found a letter from a person named  A M Patterson  who  referred to a Margie Carmichael who was doing 
a lot of research on Argus (Angus) McBRYDE and it said the  MCBRYDE  family meets every 2nd Sunday in 
August at the Antioch Presbyterian Church - I have no idea if they still do, of course - They were 
searching for descendents in the  HAYNES  line - MY  Great-Grandfather (Josiah N HAYNES married M McBRYDE 
- his daughter - I remember mama always wondered if grandpa was Sidney Amos or Sidney Angus - 
and it appears he was  Sidney Angus - Angus McBryde had a brother Daniel - 

Josiah N HAYNES was married to  Margaret Jane McBryde 
HER parents are believed to be  Argus McBryde and Siddy Ann ADAMS

Josiah and Margaret had  4  children:
Sydney Amos (Augus / Argus) who was my grandfather 

Thanks again for any help you can provide. 
Wally Wilkinson Kent, 1422 E Hankerson, Tyler, Tx 75701 (I am a girl not a guy.)

My name is Shantilla Gillespie and I am researching my family's lineage, however I have 
come to a complete stump and standstill. I've been fortunate enought to go as far back 
as my great-great grandparents. I am having trouble locating John GILLESPIE and his wife 
Flora Lizzie McCORMICK prior to the 1930 census. John GILLESPIE was born circa 1866? and 
Flora circa 1870 are of African-American descent (I believe:) in the Hoke (Robeson) County 
area.  I would also like any information you may have regarding my maternal great-great 
grandparents, Caroline McPHATTER-McNAIR and John M. McNAIR who were located in the same 
county, Maxton area. I would estimate their birth may have been between 1860-1870. I would 
appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you in advance :) Shantilla

SMITH    May 24, 2003
I am interested in finding out some information on the SMITH's of Raeford, North Carolina. 
Husband's mother was Annie K. SMITH b. July 18, 1926, her mother was Laura Bessie SMITH b. 1889, 
her father 1889 and d. in 1952, there were other brothers and sisters, but I only know of one 
brother...Lonnie Smith b. June 15, 1919 and d. December 12, 1994, any information or anyone 
who maybe kin to these Smith's I would very much appreciate getting and sharing what little 
I have.  Thank you for your time. Debra Cain Miller 

WASHINGTON / LITTLE    May 22, 2003
I am looking for Robert WASHINGTON, his family, and descendants.  He is my 
biological father and was married to my mother, Gladys Lee LITTLE (perhaps 
Colston @ the time) in April 1962 (They jumped over to Raeford to get 
married)  @ the time of marriage to my mother, my father, Robert Washington, 
would have been about 40.  His father's name was either Roland, Roman, or 
Rowland and at some point he served in the military.  He lived briefly in 
Newark, NJ where I was born but I understand he came back to NC to be with 
his other wife and family.

I have attached a photo (date unknown) of my father holding me in his arms 
along with what I have been told are his otehr family members.

My phone number is 781 581-7168 if there is any other information you need.  
Thank you, Dalric   
See Washington Family

SANDERS / PHILLIPS    April 28, 2003
My grandma's name was Bertha Fay SANDERS(Saunders) PHILLIPS.  she was born Sept. 8, 1915 and died 
Nov. 24, 1973.  I know she was buried in Raeford cemetery, but that is it.  Would you happen to know 
how I can find the rest of her family history or anything.  My mom passed on Sept 29, 2002 and we hadn't 
spoke to each other in 24 years, so I am totally lost on family history.  I would appreciate any help.  
Thank you.  Becky Ferguson, Madisonville, Texas.

FUTCH    April 15, 2003
Looking for information on John FUTCH age 26, and Wiley FUTCH age 34, Enlisted in the Confederate army 
on Feb.1, 1862. Both were members of Co. K, 3rd. NC Infantry, (holly shelter volunteers). Neither survived 
the war. Richard Futch

Tavern & Mill    April 01, 2003
I am looking for some information on a Traven & Mill on Old Wire Rd. In Hoke Co. Was this an Army site? 
If you can help me with some information I would really appreciate it. I tried to find out who 
owns this property but I don't have enough of information. Nya we (Thank You) 
Dancing Moon 

MCMILLIAN    February 28, 2003
I have been looking for something on my Grandfather  JUNIOR (BYRD) MCMILLIAN. I know he is buried in 
Mt. Elam cemetery, but it is not on your site. He was born in 1918 and died in 1980.  If ANYONE can 
help please do. Tammy Connor

SAUNDERS    February 19, 2003
I am looking for information regarding my Grandparents, William Rufus 
Saunders- Aug 31 1890 ~ Jan 30 1961 and Bertie Holt Saunders Dec 11 1891 ~ 
Dec 29 1945. They Farmed in Hoke County. Thanks for your help. Bruce Saunders

McPHATTER    February 16, 2003
Looking for any information on the following name, McPHATTER, 
land grants dates 1790 upper Robeson county. This family was 
related to the Johnson, Smith, McKay, McNeill, Wallace, Kelly 
and the Curries. Thank you, Jim McPhatter

ELLERBE / JENKINS / HURST / SHAW    January 2003
I'm searching for the descendants of Auther ELLERBE. His mothers 
name was Hattie JENKINS who died in 1956 or 55. Fathers name is unknown.
He was Married to Mary Caroline HURST. He has one daugther Willie Pearl 
SHAW.  I hope that someone can help. Marion Shaw McGregor

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