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EDGE    December 13, 2006
I am looking for someone that knew Randall H. EDGE who is buried in Phillipi Pres. Church Cemetery
on Phillipi Church Road. Thanks. Fletcher McDuffie

TYNDALL / SCOTT    December 07, 2006
I have social security application for Windor LeeRoy TYNDALL Sr. b. Raeford,  Hoke, NC Mar. 26, l927. 
His mother is listed as Lessie SCOTT.  I can't make out fathers name but may be Frank.  If anyone has any 
information of either of these people it would be greatly appreciated. Eileen

HOKE / CLARK    November 30, 2006
I am attempting to track down information on William HOKE, who was born in Dutch Fork in 1810.  He 
married Mary Elizabeth CLARK in about 1831.  They had 5 children and ultimately moved to Grimes County, 
Texas.Dan Hoke

UPCHURCH HIGH SCHOOL    November 12, 2006
I was at an estate sale this weekend and found a copy of the 1954 "Eagle"
yearbook. It says that it is the first volume. Published by the senior
class of Upchurch High School Raeford, NC. I was wondering if you had any
information about this high school. I did a search of your web site but
came up with nothing about the school. One web site indicated that the
school was closed. Any information you might have would be appreciated.
Does you museum have a copy of this yearbook? Sincerely, David P. Noyes

Seeking information of the following list of surnames from the Upper Robeson county in the 
present county of Hoke county North Carolina. McPhatter, Currie, Shaw, Russell, Wilkes, Kelly, 
McPhaul & Wallace, Jim McPhatter

McLEOD / McINNES / WILSON / CADDELL    August 27, 2006
I am looking for the family of Lauchlin McLEOD (b: 1812)-- who first married Mary Ann McLeod 
(daughter of Murdoch and Effie McINNES McLeod) in 1846 -- she died in childbirth in 1848 and in 1853, 
he remarried Effie WILSON. I descend from their son Norman C. McLEOD (the first police officer of 
Raeford in 1901) who married Alice WILSON. (All of what is now Hoke County) Lauchlin and family were 
all members of old Sandy Grove Presbyterian Church and in fact the church was built "above" his 
residence near Rockfish Creek. Does this family sound familiar? I descend from Daniel James McLeod 
who married Lucy CADDELL -- both my grandparents of Aberdeen, NC. I have reached a brick wall finding 
information particularly on Lauchlin and his family / ancestry. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks. Best Regards, Daniel MacLeod

LATKOWSKI    August 08, 2006
While researching family history on the internet, I found a query written by John F. Latkowski 
dated December 27, 2001.
Mr. Latkowski was seeking any information concerning his father, Francis J. Latkowski.  As it turns 
out, Francis J. Latkowski is my uncle.  He was my mother's brother. I have a long memory of my Uncle 
Frank and would love to contribute any information that I recall, plus get acquainted with my newfound 
cousin.  John Latkowski, your email address doesn't work; please contact Floryana Walker

I am attempting to locate the "Stevens Family Cemetery" in Hoke County, which is supposedly 
the final resting place for Brittany Lynn Locklear, a little 5-year old girl (Lumbee Indian Tribe) 
that was murdered in Jan., 1998. The only "Stevens Family Cemetery" I see on the Internet 
in N.C. is in Wake County, and it doesn't appear to be the correct one. Can you help? Thank you 
very much, Richard Lestage

Could you please tell me where I might find any information about the Edinboro Medical College 
that was in Raeford pre-Civil War?  I have checked the NC state archives and Duke University 
library so far and have found nothing.  Thank you. Brenda McKean

ANTIOCH SCHOOL    July 20, 2006
I am interested in knowing where the Antioch School was from many years ago. Some of 
my family went to school there and I have looked at the maps of Hoke county and I don't see 
where it was. I realize that the school has been gone for many years but I would like to 
know where it was. Thank You, Lori Hudson

YARBOROUGH / WILKES    June 02, 2006
James Matthew YARBOROUGH and Amanda WILKES are my great grandparents.  He died  29 Jan 1944 
and was buried in the Raeford Cemetery, she died in  28 Feb 1914 and was buried at  Antioch 
Presbyertian Church.  I would appreciate any information on their parents. Joan Clark

McKENZIE    May 02, 2006
My name is Teresa Strasburger and my Grand father and Great Grand father are buried in the Antioch cemetary.  
Would you know of any living descendants of Angus Hugh and Angus Hubert McKENZIE?  Or do you know of anyone 
who would know?  Thank you, Teresa

ALEXANDER    April 28, 2006
I have reason to believe my grandfather, Ralph W. ALEXANDER, preached at Sandy Grove Church from 
abt. 1898 to 1903.  I am searching for any information and/or photos that may be available, and any help 
you can give me would be appreciated.  Thank you for your time and patience.  Katherine L. Wells

CAMERON    April 18, 2006
My name is James Gray and I was adopted at birth by Mr. James F. and Thelma Gray of Tampa, Florida. 
My birth father was William L. CAMERON, son of William CAMERON and my great great grandfather was 
Samuel J. CAMERON; whom I am told was a Civil War Soldier, was captured and imprisoned at Point 
Lookout Maryland and eventually paroled and returned to North Carolina.
I am the half brother to Sonny (Claude) CAMERON, Mary Blue, Jane Williamson and a half sister in 
Virginia Beach. I have visited all but Mary Blue and attended a reunion at the Sandy Grove Church 
some years ago where I met the only living female member of the family; but I can't remember the name now. 
I an 67 years old now, am married to an Australian lady and now live in Australia. I am also the 
creator of the Australian Memorial Website, www.acwv.info, dedicated to all the American Civil War 
veterans buried in Australia; which has been archived by the National Library of Australia.
I am now trying to acquire information and a genealogical tree of my father William Lochlin CAMERON 
and his father and ancestors so I can compile a story and add my Cameron ancestor to the website; as 
being my ancestor.
If you can provide me with any information or put me in touch with someone who can; I would be most 
appreciative. Sincerely, James Cameron Gray

GUIN / BUCHAN / JOHNSON    March 15, 2006
Does anyone know anything about the Sarah GUIN, 5 Dec 1832 - 19 Sep 1903, who is buried at Philippi
Church in Hoke County? I am wondering if she is the wife of Arthur GUIN, who was born in 1841. Sarah 
was the daughter of Archibald BUCHAN and Sarah JOHNSON Buchan. There is an Arthur Guin buried there, 
but he is not the Arthur who was married to Sarah. Regards, Troy Wiley

HUGGINS    March 06, 2006
I just came across a query from Shannon Singletary from 2002, about her great grandmother, 
Sarah Marilda HUGGINS. Sarah Marilda HUGGINS was also my great grandmother, and Ed HUGGINS was 
my grandfather. He and his wife, Bessie Ella English HUGGINS, are buried at Carvers Creek Cemetary, 
which I believe is in Bladen County. My mother, their second oldest child, and her youngest sister, 
the baby of the family (they had 11 children) are the only two surviving. Mama will be 96 in May, 
and lives in the house my grandparents lived in when they moved to Bladen County in the 1930s. 
I tried replying to Shannon Singletary, but her (his?) e-mail address is no longer correct. Would 
you please post this information -- I'd be interested in hearing from other Huggins relatives. 
Sharon Snider Ringwalt, daughter of Lorena Huggins Snider 

McLEAN    December 23, 2005
I am looking for "anything" relating to my deseased mother, Sadie Cornelia McLEAN from Hoke County..
now known as Carthage, NC. She died when I was 14.  We are a black family.  She would be 84 now, 
and I know she graduated from a High School named Pickney???  I may be wrong about the school name..
....could you please, please help me with anything??  S. Gilchrist

GROVER    July 25, 2005
Since Hoke County wasn't formed until 1911, where would the area of Quewhiffle Township have 
been located in 1910? I am trying to locate the family of William Albert Simmons GROVER who was born 
in 1867 in England. I've found him and his family in the 1900 census of Buncombe Co., NC Asheville 
Township, Beaverdam Ward. In 1920, they were in Hoke Co., NC Quewhiffle Twp. In 1930, they were located 
in Buncombe Co., NC Leicester Twp. I know the family was in Quewhiffle Twp. in Hoke County by 1912. 
Thank you in advance for any info.  Elizabeth

I've been looking for descendants of Mary Eliza McLEOD, who married a Mr. JERNIGAN.  They had a 
daughter, Mamie, who married a Mr. JACKSON, and they had a son, Thomas.  Mary Eliza was the daughter 
of Archibald McLeod and Isabella Ann GRAHAM McLeod.  They lived near Sandy Grove Church on what is 
now Fort Bragg Reservation in Cumberland County, North Carolina.
If there is any chance this might be a match and if you have any information, I would very much 
appreciate your assistance. Alexander C. McLeod, Nashville, TN

MUNROE    June 10, 2005
Seeking information abt. J. Peter MUNROE, 1812-1888, and Isabella Jane Cameron MUNROE, 1818-1886. Both 
are buried at Sandy Grove Presb. Church, along with 2 of their sons. Thank you, Margaret Bardin

BLUE    March 26, 2005
I am searching for info. on John BLUE who I am told came from Scotland and settled on Mountain Creek in 
Richmond County. Does anyone have any info. on this man or about Mountain Creek. His wife and parents 
at this time remain unknown however he came to NC with four brothers Archibald, Daniel, Dugald, and 
Peter O. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Brandy Blue

RAEFORD AIR FIELD?    March 09, 2005
Hi, I am looking for any information about a Raeford army flying field during the 1940's.  I can't 
seem to find anything now - was it renamed or closed?  Specifically information about any air crashes 
that occurred between 1941 and 1945.  Where would I be likely to find obituaries for someone killed there?  
Many thanks for any assistance! Michael Dickey.

Would like to hear from members of the POOLE family in the possession of the "old PATTERSON Bible".  
I would like to verify the birth year of Daniel "Buffalo" PATTERSON (Old Daniel PATTERSON) as being  
Aug 13, 1763 and his wife Margaret GRAHAM, Jul 19, 1764. Would also like to know the PATTERSON/POOLE 
connection. My source is query posted  stating: In a letter written by Wm.A. McLEOD, D.D., Pastor, 
Cuero, TX 1932:
"According to the record in the old PATTERSON Bible, now in possession of the POOLES in Raeford, Old 
Daniel PATTERSON was born in 1763 and his wife in 1764"
W. A. McLEOD, Jr wrote, The CURRIES and THEIR KIN in the 1930's and was in Cuero, DeWitt Co, TX at 
the time but his family originated in NC, I am researching...John G. PATTERSON, son of Daniel 
& Margaret PATTERSON, b. 1798 Moore Co, md Aug 8, !816, Robeson, Co, NC, Mary LOVE, b. Nov 30, 1802, 
Moore Co, NC. I have only one child for them; Wm F. PATTERSON, b. Mar 1, 1837 Robeson Co, NC, 
d. June 1, 1878, buried Blue Ridge Cem, Falls Co, TX, md Dec 8, !854, Clay Co, AL. Sarepta A. HARLAN, 
b. Nov 15, 1835 Laurens Dist SC, d. Jan 1, 1911 buried Blue Ridge Cem. Wm & Sarepta went to 
Falls Co, apx 1866,67 where her brother Calvin was already settled.  Would like other siblings.
Thank you for any help. Tela Patterson.

BRYANT / HUX / KING    December 28, 2004
I am seeking information about William H. BRYANT. he would have been my GG Grandfather.
I understand that he was the Chief of the Cherokee Indian Tribe in Hoke County. He had
a daughter named Medora BRYANT who married Lert KING. Spelling of Lerk could also be 
Leart or Lurt. Lert Died 6 months before my grandfather and his twin were born in 1907.
I can not find any birth or death dates for lert or William H. BRYANT. William Bryant was 
married to Rebecca Elizabeth HUX. Her father was James Samuel HUX. I am seeking information
on them. I would really like information about the Indian side of us too. It's my understanding
that there were no birth or death certificates back in those days, so I don't know how to go
about proving my heritage and blood line. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.
There is also mention of Halifax County. My Grandfather's siblings were Bertha KING, Badger
KING, Caudy KING, Samson KING, and my grandfather and twin brother Elvert and Ervert KING.
Brenda Dain.

McLEOD / CURRIE    December 28, 2004
I am trying to find birth, marriage, school, land info. about my gg grandparents 
John Daniels MCLEOD and Amanda CURRIE-Mcleod. They lived in Robeson County approximately 
from the 1840s to 1890s when they migrated to Polk County, TX in the 1890s.  Their daughter 
Virginia Caroline MCLEOD is my great grandmother who was born in Hoke, NC around 1875.  
They were of the Presbyterian faith. Thank you, John Pruett, Houston, TX.

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