January - December 2007

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RAEFORD INSTITUTE    December 13, 2007
My grandfather attended RAEFORD INSTITUTE in 1909 and I am looking for any information on the school.  
Do you have any information on the history of RAEFORD INSTITUTE? John Jackson
Director Sales and Service  Office - 919.546.6123  Cell - 919.630.9398 

There is a hugh cemetery neglected on Balfour Rd about 2 miles from me, I once went there to try 
and get some names and dates, *(the only reason I knew it was there as a cuz told me about it back in 
1960's but she said a few graves,)and as I walked up past the trees I looked ahead and tombstones 
strected beyone my vision. It is hidden by the brush and trees, and I notified the county, maybe some 
boy scout thing will clear it up as it is full of early hoke co residents.

I did see info on some of the stones about ww 1 and ww 2. I did not recognize the names. I mean it is 
acres and acres and acres of tombstones. It doesn't even have a name. I would go and get a little at 
a time, but can't get anyone to go with me, and it is dangerous by myself. That sec. is not safe 
anymore by oneself. Help anyone? Dixie Simmons

McLEOD / McKINNON    September 25, 2007
I am looking for Angus McLeod and his wife Mary McKinnon who settled the land very close to old 
Sandy Grove Presbyterian Church in what is now Ft. Bragg - Hoke County. I descend from their son 
Lauchlin - my great-great grandfather. Thanks for your assistance, Dan MacLeod

I contacted the Presbyterian Church Archives and they said that all historical documents were returned 
to Antioch Presbyterian Church.  I wrote to the listed contact, but received no reply.  Do you have any way 
of finding out who is handling the records for this church?  I did call several times but there was no answer 
and no recording machine.  If you know of a member of the church, I could contact them to seek the information.  
Since my ancestor was a founder and ruling elder of that church, I am hoping there will be some record of him 
and a possible hint of his place of origin.  His name was James A. Smith, Sr., died 1845 and buried in the church 
cemetery.  There is a mention of a brief history of the church that was in circulation. I am also seeking a copy 
of that as well. Thank you, Marilou Ninowsky

MCLEAN    August 13, 2007
Need to locate Sally Warren McLean who went to Hoke Co. High School around 1984 - 1986.. I think her mom was single.
She had one sister. These are all the specifics I have. Sally is 38 - 40 years old. Do you have any 
recommendations for my search? Thank you tremendously for your time !!!   Sincerely, Franklin Icenhour

MCNEILL    June 03, 2007
I am interested in the connection to Godfrey and Kittie MCNEILL as given in query 200l by Donna Van Horn. 
I am a descendent of Godfrey and Kittie MCNEILL. Pauline Grimes

I am in the process of going through my father's history on our family that lived on what is now 
the "Reservation". The family names are McDUFFIE, Campbell, Ray and Finlayson.  I came across a letter 
my father had written a while back requesting some information. My G-Grandfather, Daniel Murdoch McDuffie 
died in Florida but was returned by train in 1923 and buried at the Raeford Cemetery.  He was wondering 
if there was a copy of an obituary detailing this.  Also, he requested an article that may have appeared 
in the News-Journal concerning a reunion held on the third Sunday in September 1924 at Sandy Grove Church.  
At the time of his letter there wasn't the technology we have today and I was wondering if you could steer 
me in the direction of a link or two that might help me find this information.  I would be most grateful.  
Judy Olive

MOLDEN / MOULDEN    March 24, 2007
Hi, Thank you for this site. My curiosity is, I think my Grandmother might have been at McCains. 
Her Name was Mary Catherine Matthews MOLDEN (MOULDEN). If she died while there, how would I find out 
about her death. She died between 1931 -1934. I heard that she had T.B. and wondered also if McCains 
was the only sanatorium in N.C. at that time. Thank you for any help you can supply. 
Sincerely, Reba Bowden

BOLIN    February 11, 2007
Looking for any information on the James BOLIN family born 1767 Scotland died 1843 Harnett Co. N.C. 
and his son Daniel BOLIN born Aug. 4, 1798 died Oct. 19, 1864 Ga.  Anything you can give me would be 
greatly appreciated. Thank you,  Matilda Bolin

PATE    January 16, 2007
I am trying to locate my half sister, Caroline PATE. She was born about 1950 in Raeford, N.C. She has 
twin brothers, Johnny and Jimmy. She had an aunt named Leola Wilkes (Pate) Leola's husband went by J.D. 
Caroline's grandmother was Ada Butler (Pate) They all lived in Raeford. Caroline's and my dad was Jonie 
C. Pate he went by (John). John moved away from Raeford in the 1950's I think. He was in WWII. John moved 
back to Raeford again in about 1980 and lived there for about 5 years I think. He was born in 1918 and died 
in 2000. My brother Martin lived there for a long time and may still but I'm not sure. Kathy Gibbas

HOLDER / PRIEST    January 10, 2007
I am searching for information on my gg grandfather Thomas Jefferson HOLDER who married 
Flora Margaret PRIEST. They are on the 1900 Quewhiffle Township census. I am trying to find 
out who his parents were. Rene Schaffer

EDGE    December 13, 2006
I am looking for someone that knew Randall H. EDGE who is buried in Phillipi Pres. Church Cemetery
on Phillipi Church Road. Thanks. Fletcher McDuffie

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