The Mary Raye Casper Photo Collection

This is the Wilkes home that was located in Robeson on land now in Hoke County on Old Wire Road. From left to right, Mary L. Wilkes, Wilma Wilkes, Minnie Sumner Wilkes, Eunice Wilkes, William Angus Wilkes. The home also belonged to William Angus' parents, Mary and Angus John Wilkes. Angus John Wilkes served in Co. D 51st NC Regiment, CSA. He died while on leave from the war in 1865. This house may have also been the home of Elias and Sarah Hughes Wilkes, grandparents of William Angus Wilkes. I am still trying to locate the site of the old Wilkes family Cemetery that was located nearby. Mary Raye

A small old photo labelled "Allendale School". I believe it may be a picture of school children in the Allendale Township in Hoke County prior to 1920. My Wilkes ancestors lived just over the Robeson County line in Allendale Township, Hoke County. I believe the small photo was either taken by my grandmother, Mary Wilkes Sinclair, or her mother, Minnie Loyal Sumner Wilkes. The photo is in a small album with other photos labelled "Antioch Picnic", "Springhill Picnic", "Allendale Friends". Mary Raye Casper, Marcellus, NY

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