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Posted by Myrtle Bridges  October 05, 2007

A Confederate Soldier's grave was located on the Old Wire Rd, at the Mildousan School.
After the area was bull dozed several times, and the tombstone moved, Mr Clanton had the 
stone moved to the church on the St. Paul's Rd., Dundarrach.

"A skirmish was fought there, and 2 Northern Soldiers were killed and one Confederate"
The Yankee's graves were vandalized before I was born, and I know this from the tales that were 

"During the Civil War this was Robeson Co, and my Grandfather's Great Uncle
Rod McMillan was the tax collector for Robeson County and lived by the railroad tracks going
to Arabia. My Grandfather's Aunt, Flora Ann McMillan, was 13 at the time, her mother and 3
sisters were held hostage for 5 days before they took the tax money and moved over to Fayetteville.
I was 17 when she died at age 96, and remember her well. She is buried in the Graveyard at the 
Dundarrach Community Church."

"My Grandfather's Uncle Rod McMillan was the tax collector, his brother was the Sheriff
that was involved with Henry Berry Lowery." Ed Clanton of Dundarrach NC - October 04, 2007

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