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Dundarrach Church was organized [blank space] 1906 in a little store-house owned by Mr. L. A. McInnis, by 
a commission appointed by Fayetteville Presbytery at a meeting held at Center Church, held September 1905. 
The Commission was composed of Rev. J. D. A. Brown, Rev. Dougald Monroe, and elders James Morgan &Joseph A. 
McBryde, all of whom are now deceased. The officers elected and installed were L. A. McInnis and Edgar Hall, 
elders, and W. J. McLauchlin and L. B. Monroe, deacons. The following composed the membership. Mrs. Edgar 
Hall [penciled in, illegible] Mrs. L. A. McInnis, Mrs. W. J. McLauchlin, Mrs. L. B. Monroe, Mr. J. F. McInnis, 
Mrs. J. F. McInnis, Miss Flora McMillan, Miss Ellen McInnis, Miss Kate McMillan, Mr. Hiram Hall, and Mrs. Sallie 
McGilvary. Rev. M. N. McIver was the first stated supply, followed by Rev. Dougald Monroe, Rev. J. D. A. Brown, 
Rev. H. M. Dickson, Rev. Murphy McLauchlin, Rev. W. C. Brown, Rev. J. M. Forbis, Rev. G. T. Pace, and Licentiate, 
G. T. Wallace, all of whom served as stated supply. These were succeeded by Rev. J. B. Cochran, Rev. Eugene 
Alexander, and Rev. A. D. Carswell* who served as pastor. 

The charter members, most of them, were former members of Antioch and Philippi churches. The ground on which 
the church is standing was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hall, whose bodies are resting in the little cemetery 
adjoining the church. The lumber that is the frame and weatherboarding that went into the building was sawn at 
Edgar Hall's sawmill about 6 miles east of Parkton, and was shipped from Parkton via Hope Mills to Dundarrach. 
The Coast Line making no charge for freight and the A&R making a minimum charge. The other material used in the 
building was secured at different points, the shingles being made by Mr. A. L. McLauchlin. The work was done by 
several parties, some of the members working out their subscriptions and when the building was completed there 
was no encumbrance on it. 

The growth of the church has been slow, but we have much to be thankful for to the Giver of all good gifts. Our 
pastors and leaders have all been "good and faithful servants" and some of them are now enjoying that rest that 
remaineth for the people of God. Our present pastor, Rev. A. D. Carswell , has been faithful and true, and the 
church owes him a debt of gratitude for his patience and longsuffering. The present active officers of the church 
are Elders, L. A. McInnis, who has been clerk of the session during the 28 years of the church's existence, N. A. 
McInnis and Edgar Hall. The active deacons are W. C. Innis, C. F. McBryde, J. B. McRacken** , A. M. McBryde and 
M. D. Yates. The superintendant of the Sunday school is Mr. N. A. McInnis, who has held the position many years 
and deserves the gratitude of the whole church. 

Owing to the fact … book of sessional records has been misplaced, this sketch is necessarily brief. Our members 
are mostly descendants of Scotch ancestors, who many years ago came to the banks of the Cape Fear, and some of 
them are true types of their fore-fathers who followed the immortal Bruce and Wallace. The church sustained an 
irreparable loss this year in the death of Mr. Jesse Gibson, a faithful ruling elder whose remains are resting 
near the church he served so faithfully and well. 

Preaching was held in the little old store in which the church was organized until the building was enclosed and 
temporary seats were secured. Rev. W. C. Brown, pastor of Little Joe's church Barium Springs, preached the first 
sermon in the church from the book of Malachi  …  chapter and … verse. Many of our members have gone to join the 
church triumphant, and some have moved away to … known to writer.

* Arthur D. Carswell b. 6 Jan. 1888 New Kent, VA, Presbyterian Clergyman, d. Dec. 1976.
** J. B. McRacken, b. Robeson Co., May 20, 1881, d. June 12, 1943 Hoke Co., Stonewall Township, Shannon,
of cerebral hemorrhage. Son of J. A. McRacken & Betty McIntyre McRacken. Bur. Antioch Ch. Cemetery near
Red Springs. Source: NC State Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Certificate of Death
*** Mr. Jesse Gibson died April 21, 1934 Hoke Co., NC, Stonewall Township, of pneumonia. He was born
March 5, 1884 Laurel Hill, NC, to John Pierce Gibson & Henrietta Smith Gibson. Bur. Dundarrach Cemetery.
Informant, Louise Gibson of Red Springs. Source: Certificate of Death

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