Hoke County Queries

New queries submitted for this page are placed at the beginning, with the queries becoming older as you go down the list, and queries over one month old archived to separate pages, which are indexed by surname. These pages are divided by calendar quarters.


I reserve the right to edit queries for clarity and length. I may return queries to senders if extensive editing is necessary.

Once your query appears, please check it for errors. If you find changes that need to be made,email me directly. Especially check those email links! Your query won't help you if nobody can reach you.

If you receive an answer to your query which makes you no longer need it, please advise and I will remove it, making room for more. If you send an updated query, please make sure you identify the old query it replaces (by surname and date) so that it can be removed.

I welcome your comments and suggestions as to how this page might be improved.

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