Longstreet Pix

Founded 1756  - Little River Township

Rev. Hugh McAden held first service Jan. 28th, 1756 in the home of Alexander McKay. Rev. James Campbell 
was called as first pastor Oct. 18th, 1758 and served until 1776. First Elders Malcolm Smith, Archibald Ray, 
Archibald McKay.
Notes added below December 08, 2007


This is a large cemetery with 232 identifiable graves located in a cleared area surrounded by woods. The cemetery is located 
southwest of Long Street Church, 4,000' west of the Little Rockfish Creek and 2,800' northeast of a tributary of Patterson 
Branch Creek.  The church and cemetery are located on the north side of Longstreet Road, approximatley 400' east of Preacher's 
Road.  The earliest marked grave is that of Jaujin (Lauchlin?)McNeil, while the most recent is that of M. Neil Buie who died 
in 1932.  

The Reverend Angus McDiarmid (1758-1827), a former minister at Long Street, is interred here.  The tombstone of Captain Angus 
McDiarmid (1832-1856), a native of the Island of Islay, Scotland is inscribed with an epitaph in Gaelic.  This was the language 
of the early Scottish settlers.  Captain Daniel A. Monroe (1829-1863) and First Sergeant Benjamin McLauchlin (1844-1862), 
Company K, 38th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, and many of the members of Company K are buried here.  Captain John McKellar 
(1823-1877), Company A, 5th North Carolina Cavalry Regiment is interred here under a marker provided by his wartime comrades.  
Captain Alexander Ray (1828-1865), Company D, 53rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment, killed in action at Petersburg, Virginia, 
and other soldiers in his family are memorialized here.
A mass grave of approximately 30 Confederate soldiers is found here. 

Ann   Consort of Rev. Angus McDiarmid    Died July 23,1853  Age 80 
Aslie Duncan I.   Died April 28, 1819  Aged 66 yrs 3 mos 25 days
Baker Daniel   Died Oct. 20, 1829   Aged 44 years 9 mos & 19 days
Black Infant   Son of  N. D. & J. M. Black  born and died  November 5, 1915 As Ever In Jesus
Blue Daniel    Departed this life February 16, 1845   Aged 74 Years
Blue John McIver   Son of Daniel & Margaret Blue    B. June 6, 1817 
  D. Sept. 15, 1835   Willing to depart and be with Christ to sing his praise forever
Buie Mary    Consort of Archibald McFadyen   Died  29th day of  Nov. 1800   Aged 37 yrs (See letter at bottom dated Dec 08, 2007)
Buie M. Neil   May 9, 1872 - June 6, 1932
Bullock Lee Ida   Wife of James Bullock    Born October 9, 1880    Died January 28, 1901
Crusewel Daniel   Born Feb.1, 1826  Departed this life Feb.19, 1855   Aged 27 yrs 8 days.
Currie Laughlin   Died May 2, 1847    Aged about 70 years
Currie Sarah   Wife of Laughlin Currie   Died May 2, 1843  Aged 62 years
Florah   Consort of Neill Ray Sr.   Born Sept. 4, 1794   Died Oct. 25, 1862
Gibson Grace Apr. 13, 1909-July 13, 1909 & Gibson Graham Apr. 13, 1909-July 4, 1909  Children of Wiley and Leanie Gibson
Gillis Janette    Consort of D. A. McDiarmid    Died August 11, 1863   Aged 55 Years  
A Native of the Island of Islay, Argyle Shire, Scotland
Graham Alexander   Departed this life September 15, 1794    Aged 55 Years
Graham Anne    Born January 23, 1805    Died  January 5, 1889
Graham Archibald   Born September 15, 1791   Died July 23, 1873
Graham Duncan   Departed this life Jan'y 5, 1798    Aged 21 years
Graham Isabella   Departed this life November 18, 1819    Aged 5 years
Graham Isabella   Dau. of Arch. & Ann Graham   B. Oct. 12, 1839   D. Sept. 27, 1841
Graham Mary   formerly Mary McCormick   relict of Alexander Graham Born in Knapdale Argyle Shire 
Scotland    Died October 2, 1826   Aged 77 yrs.
Graham Mary   Dau. of Arch. & Ann Graham    Born Mar. 30, 1831    Died July 4, 1848
Graham Neal   Died September 10, 1821    Aged 31 years
Graham Neill   Born August 29, 1850    Died August 19, 1870
Holt James A.   Died 1873
Holt Sarah Jane   March 1838 - February 1897
Lindsay Flora   Wife of A. D. Lindsay    Born December 19, 1824    Died March 6, 1892  
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Lovedy   Consort of Neill McKeithen Sen.   Died May 9, 1823    Aged 75 Yrs.  Her Son 
Archibald is lying by her right side who died Oct. 17, 1806 Aged 23.
McArthur Daniel a native of the Island of Islay in ScotlandDeparted this life August 9th, 1819   Aged 74 yrs.
McCall John   Born Dec. 25, 1820    Died Oct. 27, 1916   Aged 95 yrs.10 mos. 3 dys.  
Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord
MacColl John    Departed this life October 19, 1819    Aged 76 years
Margaret   Consort of Daniel Blue   Born February 14, 1782 Departed This Life November 20, 1847
Margaret   Consort of Duncan Ray Sen'r   Died Nov. 10, 1819   Age 71
McDiarmid Daniel   Born January 15, 1803   Died July 21, 1874  
The Memory of the Just is Blessed
McDiarmid Wm. J.   Died October 7, A.D.1815   Aged 18 Yrs 8 Mos
McDiarmid Ann Eliza    Wife of Daniel McDiarmid    1811-1889   Blessed are the pure in heart for 
they shall see God
McDiarmid Archibald  Entered this sublunary state on 15th of Aug. 1799, was suddenly summoned from time to eternity 
by the hand of violence on the 18th of July 1846 in the 47th year of his age. This tribute to his memory is erected by 
the hand of connubial affection. O thou whose cheek the tear of pity stains  Approach this sculptur'd marble and attend  
Here lie the loving husbands dear remains  The son, .... the brother true, .... the gen'rous friend. The pitying heart 
that felt for human woe;
The dauntless heart that fear'd no human pride; The friend of man, - to vice alone a foe ... For ev'n his failings lean'd 
to virtues side.
McDiarmid Bella   Came to the country from Scotland A.D. 1850    Died June 26, 1917  
Jesus is the truth and the way that leads to rest
McDiarmid Capt. Angus   Son of Diarmid & Janet McDiarmid   Died May 3, 1856; Aged 24 yrs 5 wks 
   A native of the Island of Islay, Scotland "Oir cied I bluir beatha is deatach I a chither re uine 
bluig agus an deigh sin a theid as ant scallath"
McDiarmid Diarmid    A Native of the Island of Islay Scotland    Died October 30, 1874  
Aged About 75 Years
McDiarmid Rev. Angus   Born in Islay Scotland    Died 1st. April 1827  Aged 69 Yrs. & 5 Mos.
McDougald Hugh   A native of Jura Scotland who departed this life Feb'y 27, 1827 in the 74th year of his 
age    My body shall slumber in the ground   Till the last trumpets joyful sound     
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise and in my Saviours image rise.
McFadgen Archibald   Born in Island of Islay, Scotland 1754    Died 1830
McFadyen Annie   Wife of Dougald McFadyen     Died April 10, 1925   Age 87 years 
At Rest       Rest Mother rest in quiet sleep  while friends in sorrow o'er the weep
McFadyen Dougald   Born November 1, 1821   Died September 14, 1892. Aged 70 years, 10 months 
& 18 days    Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
McGougan John C.   Born  January 16, 1841   Died  June 26, 1902  Blessed Are The Dead Who Die 
In The Lord
McInnis Angus   A native of the Island of Jura, Argyle-Shire, Scotland Died October 21, 1849    
Aged 64 yrs 8 mos 6 dys
McKay Margaret   Consort of Angus Gilchrist   Dau. of Catherine & Archibald McKay.  She 
was born in Charlest'n,  S. C. June 20th, 1782 & died October 9th, 1811 leaving four children Effy, Mary, 
Archibald & John.   Reader, did you know the worth that's buried here you'd heave a sigh my friend 
you'd drop a tear of her deserts tis nough this truth to know  She liv'd  a Christ'n  She died [tombstone partially buried -1995]
McKeithan Neill   Died August...1835 in the 83rd year of his age
McKeithen Neill Jr.   Died February 26, 1830  Aged 37 Years
McKellar Henrietta McNeill   Wife of Peter McKellar   Died 1874    Aged about 84 years.
McKellar John   Capt. Co. A. 5  N. C. Cavalry    Born 1823    Died May 18, 1877 
Erected by his Comrads
McKellar Peter Esq.   Died 1846    Aged about 56 Years 
McLauchlin Alexander   Departed this life February 26, 1870    Aged 68 years
McLauchlin Benjamin   Son of Duncan and Catharine McLauchlin    Born May 6, 1844  
Died April 14, 1862 at Kinston in the service of his country   First Sgt. of Co. K.  26th Regiment  
N. C. Troops    He is gone ... He is gone with Glory on his name, in the budding of his laurels and 
the morning of his fame
McLauchlin Catharine  Wife of Duncan McLauchlinBorn May 10,1804   D. Nov. 15, 1894
McLauchlin Catharine Ann   Daughter of Duncan and Catharine McLauchlin Born April 5, 1847    
Died June 13, 1865  Aged 18 years  2 mos. & 8 days
McLauchlin Duncan   Departed this life June 27, 1872
McLauchlin Nancy    Wife of John McLauchlin    Died Sept. 23, 1873    Aged 78 years  
She was a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church upwards of 50 years
McLauchlin Neill  Died October 1802   [broken marker]
McLauchlin Neill   Died July 20th, 1833    Aged 80 years
McLauchlin Neill J.   Fell in Battle Near Richmond Va. June 26, 1862 Aged 32 Years 7 Mos. & 5 Days
McLaughlin John   Born September 23, 1799    Died April 24, 1873  He Was ... Presby...  ... 
[This marker is broken in five pieces - July 1995]
McNeill Nancy   Wife of Arch. McFadgen   Died Aug.1, 1825. Placed by descendents 1975
McPhail Angus D.   Born February 17, 1861     Died May 23, 1910  
We Can Not Tell Who Next May Fall Beneath Thy Chastening Rod 
One Must Be First,  But Let Us All  Prepare To Meet Our God.
McPhail Cled Archibald Alexander   Son of A. D. & Mollie McPhailDied June 5,1899 Age 13 mos.
McPhail Eliza   Born May 12, 1832  Came to This Country from Scotland A.D. 1842 Died Aug. 17, 1913     
Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord
McPhail Hugh   Born in the Island of Jura, Scotland May 6, 1827   Died Dec. 21, 1852 Aged 25 years  
   He was a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church and was beloved by all who knew him.    
Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord
McPhail Jannett    Wife of Neill McPhail a native of the Island of  Islay Scotland 
Died August 9, 1899    Aged 62 years
McPhail John   Died October 2, 1852    Aged 76 years  He was a native of the Island of Jura, 
Argyle-Shire, Scotland and a resident of this country for the last thirteen years of his life.  Yes God has 
called him to rest  from out this vale of tears    Hope whispers that his soul is blest beyond the relms of mortal fears
McPhail Malcom   Native of the Island of Jura, Argyle-Shire, Scotland   Died June 1, 1851  
Aged 80 years    Why weep ye then for him who having won the bound of mans appointed years at last 
life's blessings all enjoyed life's labors done serenely of his final rest has past while the soft memory of 
his virtues yet lingers like twilight hues when the bright sun is set
McPhail Mary Bell    Dau. of Neill & Jannett McPhailBorn Jan. 19, 1858   Died Nov. 10, 1881
McPhail Mollie E.    Wife of  A. D. McPhail     Born June 15, 1870    Died July 12, 1909  
As a wife, devoted    As a mother, affectionate   As a friend, ever kind and true
McPhail Neill   A Native of the Island of Jura, Scotland   Died March 24, 1898   Aged 73
McPhail Neill James  Son of Anguish & Mollie McPhail    B.July 12, 1909  D.Aug. 4, 1909
McPherson Jennet   Consort of Malcom McPhail   Died March 20, 1828    Aged 51 Years
Monroe Thomas   Born April 4, 1825    Died  December 18, 1900  
Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord
Monroe Andrew  Born July 19, 1831    Killed at Battle of Chancellorsville  May 3, 1863
Monroe Annabella   June 11, 1827 - February 18, 1904
Monroe Archibald A.   Born July 2, 1863    Died March 19, 1881
Monroe Archie B.    Son of E. & M. G. Monroe    Born  Oct. 6, 1875    Died Aug. 11, 1891
Monroe Catharine November 30, 1822 - October 18, 1896
Monroe Catharine   Born 1825    Died March 18, 1900
Monroe Catharine Turner   Wife of Thomas Monroe   Born Mar.1793    Died Oct. 18, 1856  
My wife she was mine own   I was as rich in having such a jewel as twenty seas, if all their sands were pearls, the 
water nectar and the rocks pure gold.
Monroe Christopher   Died January 26, 1869    Aged 62 yrs.
Monroe Daniel A.   Capt. Co. K. 36 N. C. Reg.Born Mar. 20, 1829   Died Sept. 24, 1863
Monroe Duncan J.   Born December 23, 1834    Died April 19, 1894    Aged 60 years  A 
precious one from us has gone   A voice we loved is still  A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled
Monroe Edward William   Son of Peter and Catharine Monroe    Born December 8, 1834     
Died March 19, 1853    Aged 18 yrs. 3 mos. 11 dys.
Monroe Effee   Born 1829    Died 1884
Monroe Effy   Died March 1st, 1796
Monroe Fannie    Wife of  D. J. Monroe   Born Feb. 15, 1840    Died Feb. 26, 1905  We 
miss thee from our home dear mother  We miss thy kind, willing hand  We miss thy fond and earnest care  Our home is 
dark without thee  We miss thee everywhere
Monroe Flora E.   Born  May 31, 1815    Died October 24, 1867
Monroe Henry N.   March 12, 1824 - March 31, 1901
Monroe Isabella McP.   Wife of Thomas Monroe   B. April 18, 1831   D. Oct. 3, 1909  
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God
Monroe Malinda ... Died October 5, 1900
Monroe Margaret    Wife of Patrick Monroe    September 19, 1819 - May 13, 1890 
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Monroe Mary E.   Wife of  Dr. A. J. Monroe    Born January 2, 1836    Died June 26, 1878
Monroe Neal    Son of  J. H. & B. T. Monroe   Born and Died April 16, 1920 
Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven
Monroe Sarah W.   Born 1831    Died May 12, 1900
Monroe Thomas   Born June 13, 1792    Died February 27 [broken marker]
Monroe Thomas A.   Son of  J. H. & B. T. Monroe    Dec. 12, 1918 - Feb.14, 1919   Safe in the arms of Jesus
Monroe Viviane    Dau. of John McN. & Ida Monroe    October 14, 1919 - May 9, 1920
Murchison Catharine   Relict of Kenneth Murchison   Died June 27, 1852    Aged 92
Murchison Murdock   Died January 1803    Aged 21
Nancy    Consort of Daniel Sinclair   Died April 5th, A. D. 1813    Aged 30 years  
Virtue and innocence both found a place within her bosom to inshrine their peace.  Titles and dignities pas'd o'er 
her birth  Her eldest daughter met an early death  And moulders with her in this silent tomb  Since sculptured marble  
can at best but show a frail faint semblance of what lies below let mem'ry drop a tear  They whom you lov'd and who 
loved you lie here
Peterson Flora   May 29, 1845 - November 3, 1913   At Rest
Ray Alexander   Capt. Co. D. N. C. Reg. ...Killed at Petersburg Va. April 2, 1865  Aged 37 Years
Ray Angus   Died April 19, 1859    Aged 80 yrs.
Ray Ann   Departed this life Nov. 12, 1819    Aged 65 yrs.
Ray Ann    Born September 20, 1780 and lived [broken] .. lif ...   Sept. 24, 1822  
Erected by Angus Ray
Ray Ann G.   July 12, 1840 - July 11, 1903
Ray Archibald   Departed this life Nov 1, 1819    Aged 77
Ray Archibald   Died 1853
Ray Archibald   Died at Graham, N.C. November 10, 1857    Aged 33 Years
Ray Catherine   Daughter of Daniel and Margaret Ray    Died June 5, 1847   Aged 43 years  
Erected by Hugh Ray
Ray Catherine   Born Sept.  7, 1777    Died  Nov. 7, 1859    Aged 82 years
Ray Daniel   A native of Jura, Scotland   Died March 9th, 1826    Aged 63 years  Erected by Hugh Ray
Ray Daniel   Died 1852
Ray Daniel   Died 1862
Ray Daniel B.   Born May 13, 1825    Died May 11, 1850
Ray Daniel McNeill    May 31, 1846 - December 4, 1917
Ray David    Killed at Battle of the Wilderness 1864
Ray Duncan   Died July ... Aged ...Yrs. .. Days ...[badly eroded]
Ray Duncan   Died August 25, 1822    Aged About 84 Yrs. Erected by Angus Ray in Memory of His Father
Ray Duncan   Departed This Life September ...   And Left A Wife ... Loss of a Beloved Husband and Father. 
Erected by His Wife Janet Ray
Ray Duncan    Born November 3, 1822   Died May 8, 1893 Aged 70 Yrs. 6 mos. & 5 ds.  
Gone But Not Forgotten
Ray Duncan Irvin    Son of Duncan J. & Flora Viola Ray Born May 26, 1902    Died June 11, 1902  Thy Days 
My Little One Were Few  An Angel ... Visit That Came and Vanished With The Dew
Ray Duncan James   Born  June 17, 1848    Died September 13, 1915
Ray Ferriba J.   Born January 14, 1872    Died June 20, 1890  
The Lord Gave and The Lord Hath Taken Away
Ray Gilbert   Died April ...   Aged 72
Ray Gilbert   Died September 9, 1831    Aged 27 years
Ray Isabella   Born October 10, 1774 and Departed This Life November 1822  
Erected By Angus Ray
Ray Isabella   Died 1918
Ray John Senior   Died A.D. 1811    Aged 84 years    Erected by his wife Christian Ray
Ray John    Died September 5, 1853    Aged 76 yrs.
Ray Lauchlin   A Member of the Signal Corps Army of Northern Virginia D. ... about October 1862    Aged 31 Years ... ...
Ray Malcom   Born February 20, 1771 and departed this life in his youth.  Erected by Angus Ray
Ray Margaret     Wife of  John Ray   Died May 2, 1843    Aged 48 yrs.
Ray Margaret   Wife of Daniel Ray   A native of Isley, Scotland Died October  8, 1849   Aged 90 years
Ray Margaret   Died 1855
Ray Margaret   Wife of William Ray   Died February 11, 1864    Aged 65 yrs.  And I will Dwell 
in the House of the Lord Forever
Ray Margaret   Relict of Duncan Ray and daughter of Daniel and Margaret McNeill Born April 5, 1818    
Died September 17, 1892  Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of the Saints.
Ray Margaret A.   December 10, 1843 - May 5, 1900
Ray Margaret A.   Born Feb.7, 1824    Died June 7, 1906
Ray Mary Ann   Wife of John K. Ray    Born April 23,1849   Died September 19, 1881  And Her 
Last And Lingering Look is Given  To The Love She Leaves, And Then To Heaven  As If She Would Bear That Love Away  To A 
Purer World And A Brighter Day
Ray Mary   Daughter of Daniel and Margaret Ray   Died March 18, 1826    Aged 26  Erected by Hugh Ray
Ray Mary died Sept. 2nd 1821  Aged 38 yrs.  She lived a Christian  She died in peace  Erected by Ann Ray
Ray Mary   Died 1900    Wife of Daniel Ray (d.1852)
Ray Mary B.   Wife of D. McD. Buie   Born Feb'y 1, 1842    Died May 28, 1872  Aged 30 
years 3 mos. 11 days  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
Ray Mary Margaret   Dau. of Angus & Pricilla Ray   B. Mar 22, 1855   D. July 9, 1873  
Asleep in Jesus!  Blessed sleep from which none ever woke to weep
Ray Neill    Killed at Battle of Petersburg Va. 1865.   [Daniel, Archibald, David and Neill Ray 
share a monument]
Ray Neill Sr.   Born July 24, 1785    Died November 26, 1883
Ray Priscella   Wife of Angus Ray   Died September 19, 1858
Ray Sarah Born   Born September 7, 1775    Died October  27, 1839    Aged 64
Ray Sarah A.   Died March 28, 1868    Aged 42 Years
Ray William   Died May 18, 1849    Aged 53 yrs. 5 mos.
Ray William Edgar    Son of Duncan J. & Flora Viola Ray  B. Jan. 1, 1907   D. Feb. 1, 1907     
Asleep in Jesus   Blessed Sleep
Sarah    Consort of Neill McLauchlin   Died July 25, 1851    Aged 88
Smith Eliza   Dau. of William and Elizabeth Smith  Born Jan. 1, 1815    Died  Mar. 4, 1908
Taylor Jane   A Native of  Long Island, Bahamas   Died Nov. 14, 1812  Aged 20 years 
Universally lamented by all who knew her, This tribute of respect for her many virtues was erected as a small mark 
of affection by her cousins Angus & Archibald Taylor
Thomas James A.   Born February 5, 1879    Died May 17, 1942  God's Finger Touched Him and He Slept
Thomas W. D.   Born Nov. 6, 1885    Died Aug. 25, 1911 Gone But Not Forgotten
Worrell Cora    Daughter of J. F. & D. J. Worrell   Born  June 29, 1901   Died May 6, 1917 
Whose All Of Life A Rosy Ray  Blushed Into .... And Passed Away
Worrell Lewis A.   son of  F. F. &  D. J. Worrell   Born Feb.19, 1894    Died Oct. 7, 1900 
Asleep in Jesus  Blessed sleep
Worrell O. D.   Born July 27, 1884    Died October 22, 1918    Gone But Not Forgotten
Worrell Orialie M.   Daughter of  D. C. & S. M. Worrell     Our Beloved One 
Born January 13, 1919     Died January 16, 1919
Worrell Robert D.   Son of D. D. & S. M. Worrell     May 6, 1917 - August 8, 1918  
Safe in the arms of Jesus
A small fenced area with one marker:  About 30 Confederate Soldiers.

Dear Myrtle,
Duncan McArthur, born 1799, died 1873.
Christan Shaw McArthur, born 1809, died 1869
Susan McArthur Blake, born Feb 9, 1840, died June 29, 1905
I thought you would like to read the letter of Blake Craft's indicating what happened to the headstones 
at Longstreet Cemetery. You are no doubt familiar with the news article, but it does say that Duncan was 
buried there.  Thanks, Beverly Hall 
Letter of Blake Craft     Need Acrobat Reader
Vandals     Need Acrobat Reader

December 08, 2007

I saw your great website on the Longstreet cemetery.  At least two of
my direct ancestors are buried there, and I wanted to fill in a little
bit of missing information for you.

There is listed "McFadgen, Archibald, native of Islay, born 1754." So
far so good--this is my GGG-grandfather! The name has been spelled
MacFadyen as well as McFadyen.

His wife is also listed, and here is where I can help you.  You have
her as "B-ie, Mary, Consort of Archibald McFadyen   Died 29th day of
Nov. 1800   Aged 37 yrs"

--Her full name is only missing one letter:  it is Buie. They were
married 9/10/1790. Their son, Archibald Buie MacFadyen, is my GG

Mary Buie was the daughter of Archibald Buie of Gum Swamp (and there
were several Archie Buies, so beware!), and Catherine Shaw, daughter of
immigrant Angus Shaw.  That's as far back as I can go.

I was very delighted to find your website, and wish you every success
in your historical work!


Jonathan B. Hall
Rutherford, NJ

Longstreet Cemetery Surname List