For several years Clan Donald USA has been running a y chromosome genetic project of which I am the director. We currently have approximately 150 participants which include not only MacDonalds but also MacEachrens, Buies MacAllisters, MacKeans, MacReynolds and other historic Clan Donald names. We have not only identified the genetic markers of Somerled (who was Norse in descent) and have the markers for ClanRanald, Glengarry and Sleat but we have also identified the gaelic line which I believe is descended from the kindred of Colla Uais whose descendants founded Dal Riada. The more participants who believe the know their descent or who know the location of their emigrant ancestor who participate, the greater the usefulness to current participants.

The cost for a 25 marker test is $171. Sign up at Family Tree DNA on the internet with Donald USA as your group project. This test only works for the pure paternal line so that persons who wish to search their mother's line must arrange for a sample from a male line cousin. Let me know if you have any questions or need help.
Mark MacDonald   May 10, 2004

McDONALD CEMETERY -  Quewhiffle Township

This small family cemetery containing eight marked graves (four not legible) is located in a cleared area surrounded by woods. Plank Road is 3100 feet to the south and Turkey Road is 3600 feet to the east.

McDonald Angus    Born Sept. 1823    Died Oct. 26, 1864

McDonald Daniel    Born Dec. 1819   Died June 24, 1838   Aged 19 years.

McDonald John N.   Born March 5, 1829    Died Sept. 11, 1829

McDonald Mary    Born in Scotland 1802    Died Jan. 19, 1855   Aged 67 years